Chap 4- Appreciate the small victories!

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Appreciating every small step y0u take in the right direction and all the "lil things" life has to offer are two of the smartest things you can do

Shift your attn. from Neg to Positive, by celebrating your victories! Appreciate the small pleasures in life. The little things have the power to change your life and make you the happiest! the trick is to acknowledge and celebrate your small victories by, slowing down enough to enjoy life's simple pleasures!

*Document and share your victories, Daily!!! Keep a list of small victories and share your wins with fam & Friends. This will help you stay motivated, it also keeps you remembering simple things done well and small steps that add up to major personal growth & progress. (Some ex) Trying new things, going new places, making new friends, reigniting romance are all worth celebrating. It's easy to overlook some of these new things if you don't keep track. You will come to realize the little things are everything and your daily life will become happier, more meaningful, and fun.

*Record your small victories! - (personal journal) the reason you should keep track of each and everything , no matter how small, is to train your mind to notice and pay attn. to all the small but significant things you accomplish each day!

*Share small victories w/others- (in conversations) The people who care about you will want to know the good things you are experiencing, Plus it will help you appreciate them more, Everyday take notice and appreciate how you and your life have improved!

Enjoy what you used to Dread! Notice these things- examples: looking in mirrors, trying on clothes, Sex, the scale, stairs, etc...

Building your emotional muscles takes times time and Practice: Keeping the weight off is HARDER than getting it off! The 1st yr or so, maybe more painful and difficult and you may wonder, what you have to appreciate or celebrate. Sometimes life may seem worse instead of better, applauding yourself for the small things will help y0u make it to the 5 yr mark and beyond. Everything new you do takes learning and practice, NO matter how well or long you do it, you are not going to be perfect! Progress not Perfection! You will get better and better!

Learning to pay as much attn to the good things as You used to pay to the bad ones is the hardest part of keeping the wt off. Hang on, pay attn to the things y0u are grateful for! Make a gratitude Journal! write 10 things everynight that made you feel good! ex. the sunshine, the feel of ....., the sound of..... , the taste of......, seeing...., y0u get it! Things that make you go Aw.....!

No matter how hard it is in the beginning the key to succeeding is to remember the longer you keep it up, the easier it will get!
Don't let the inner critic discourage y0u, Keep practicing giving yourself praise!

FEAR= "F"alse "E"vidence "A"ppearing "R"eal.
Stopping yourself and cking to compare feelings with facts is an important exercise for building emotional muscles.
Another important exercise to do is to stop yourself when you start beating yourself up and turn your attn to things you've done well.
Being willing to feel grateful to yourself for all the work you've achieved so far= emotional strength!

Giving yourself credit and appreciating yourself for the changes you've made can solidify your sence of self esteem and give you the power to keep going. Beating yourself up only leads to less control the next day!

Count the good days, Not the bad! Practicing patience is Vital, with yourself and others!

***Vanity is my Sanity! *** (let that be your motto!)_
- Drinking Water- Drink lots! water will give you glowing skin!
- Eating right- Will make you feel younger and look preetier! Thinner too!
- Exercising- tone people look best in clothes!
- Thinking positive- positive people smile more, which makes you shine!

Your accomplishments are worth celebrating- you can find personal growth and accomplishments everyday, in every area of your life,
*List 10 things you've accomplished so far!

-Work to stop sneak eating- winners at wt loss, eat out loud!
-Learn to nip a binge in the bud!- Rebound quickly from a binge, one binge won't do you in, celebrate the accomplishment of learning to change these behaviors. Getting right back on track is worth celebrating! Being able to accomplish bouncing back quickly gives you more confidence and serenity.
-Practice Moderation- Find pleasure in small treats and know that practicing moderation is form of maturity!

Maintaining isn't about coasting, it's about staying "on top" of your game. Know when it's time to make changes.

Growing in comfort, confidence, and Self respect will help you with others- The better you feel about yourself on the inside , the easier it is to express to those good feelings on the outside. Practice deleting self critical thoughts and instantly replace them w/thoughts that are more affirming. Behaviors too!

Setting and keeping smart boundries is the ultimate goal. if you need others to help you it's Ok, just ask for help. Practice the things you want to accomplish until you get good at them.

*Choose 1 person in your life to be your "phone a friend" for positive feedback. BE your own champion but sometimes you need a backup . Sometimes we need a cheerleader to help us stay focused and centered.

"ACT AS IF!" Be confindant, happy an friendly even when you don't feel like it, to achieve your goals.

The joy of simple pleasures- Learn to notice and feel grateful for the simple pleasures that are part of your life, Opening up to Joy is a way to feed your heart and Mind. While losing wt slowdown and be more in the present, w/all the wonderful things around you. Take all the things that make you happy and let them warm and feed you. Be a person who shares happiness, appreciation, excitement, and positive things. Walk away from Neg people in a polite way! saying "Have a nice day" works. Neg people are like gum they try to stick to you, spit out the gum and enjoy a lifesaver instead!
*Start a list of simple pleasures and add 1 item a day in your journal! Count everyday as a victory! Live Life, Love it, and be the best that you can be.

10 sm victorys worth Celebrating!
1. seeing your feet better, and tying your shoes easier
2. Ordering Salad instead of FF. because that's what you want!
3. Finding cute things to wear, and looking good in them!
4. Becoming a more approachable likeable person!
5. Saying Thank You w/ease when you get complimented!
6. Deciding "when" to exercise, instead of "IF"
7. Choosing to say "No thank you", to certain foods because you choose to!
8. Feeling good in a swimsuit at the pool or beach.
9. Achieving greater serenity w/food. (instead of fighting it)
10. Enjoying doing things you love, because you can!

Please print this posting, along with chapters 1,2,3. Parts 1&2. It is from a book called :Winning after losing by Stacy Halprin. She has been on the oprah show many times and has a wealth to share w/all of us. She lost 350 pds over 10 yrs ago and kept it off, this is a collaboration of her thoughts,actions and of those other "winners of wt loss" who have done the same.

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    emoticon Very beautiful words! Vanity is the one I like..I will use your words... emoticon emoticon
    3201 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/5/2012 12:23:08 PM
    emoticon blog!

    I especially love your 10 small victories worth Celebrating! I struggled for a long time being a slave to my scale. I have learned to celebrate the NSVs.
    3222 days ago
    This entire blog is great. I especially like:

    FEAR= "F"alse "E"vidence "A"ppearing "R"eal.
    3236 days ago
    Another great blog Maci!! I'll be printing this read over and over until I get in the groove again!! emoticon emoticon
    3236 days ago
  • PJ2222
    A Positive attitude is all it takes!

    Good luck and best wishes!

    May all your dreams come true!

    3236 days ago
    Great ideas... I particularly agree with sharing the victories. I'm a high school teacher and started with Spark People in January.. while I didn't make a big deal of it at school, my students noted when I started losing and became my cheerleaders.. the day I hit 50 pounds lost they were as excited as I was... and several of them began to ask me for healthy eating tips. It was very helpful.
    I'm going to start my own victory list.... thanks!~

    3236 days ago
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