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Friday, July 13, 2012

I finally remember to weigh and take my measurements today. I'm down one pound to 159. That's 5 pounds since June 1. Since I haven't been completely on top of my game, I was pretty proud of this measly loss. But the real good news came from my measurements.

I'm down 5 inches all around since 6/1/12! Which makes my body fat percentage down .8%!! I'm at 23.7% body fat. *Happy Dance* That's AWESOME!!!

According to the chart I saw a white woman's average body fat is 22% and an athlete is 18% at the top of the range. I'm getting there!!

I'm doing my body fat off my measurements so I'm not sure if it's accurate. But I figure the trend is better than the actual number anyway.

This is proof that the scale is not the best indicator of your success. I've only lost one pound in the entire last month. But obviously my body has been changing!

Happy Friday 13th! Have a wonderful weekend!!
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