Little Victories

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

If it's to be, it's up to me.

I just had a feeling of such joy and peace, in spite of the chaos in my world. A world in transition. Things don't always go exactly as you think they will, don't always go according to plan. The key for me is knowing where I want to go, and why. Taking the steps I know are effective to reaching my goals.

My goal is ambitious, and attainable. As of today, I'm 96 pounds from my stated goal. The goal may change but for now, it's 96 pounds away. I can reach it one step - ha ha - one bite at a time! The journey of a thousand miles, right?

So the positive me knows that to get the workout in after work requires me to put on the workout clothes, sneakers and all, as soon as I get home. This works for me and many other people. My mental game isn't strong enough just yet to do anything else so I do this thing consistently and the workout follows. I've done the mind trick 'just do five minutes' too, this works as well.

It is so easy to blame people, places and things for failing to do things. I couldn't go here, I had to take her there. We're on vacation, we just moved.

In the end, when we're alone and honest because we really can't hide from the truth, we know it's because we did because we wanted to. Or didn't because we didn't want to. Excuses wear thin and get you nowhere.

So I do the little things that I know will work while my determination to see my way to my goal grows stronger. My motivation increases as my little victories begin to pile up. The pounds are beginning to slip away.

I determine my success; no one else, nothing else.
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