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Friday, August 24, 2012

Well, if you read my blog from July 18th /12, " A Sad, Sorry 'Tail'" you can probably guess where this one is going......

I have dogs.
I love my dogs.
My dogs are registered show dogs with several titles each.
They have been well trained, even if they are not always obedient...
Love me, love my dogs!

This is the story of two very DUMB dogs, who have no brains, no obedience training, no humans who love them enough to protect them and keep them safe.
Bad humans - bad dogs.

Remember reading those 2 paragraphs before? I remember writing them! Writing them a mere five short weeks ago! Did they learn anything about the error of their ways? I think not!

Tonight I would have to say this...

I have 3 dogs.
I used to love my dogs.
All of them.

Tonight I only love one dog.
Once again, he is the only one who doesn't reek of nasty black and white kitty.
Phoenix is the good boy! We will keep him for a long time.

We do not love the other two dogs.
We do not even like the other two dogs.
They smell really, really, really, REALLY AWFUL!!!
We are not packing their little doggie bags for them.
They do not get the luxury of having a doggie bag this time.
Maybe we will just put the two of them out at the curb each wearing THE CONE OF SHAME!

In their defense, this time they did NOT go out for the kill.....
Arwen was definitely 'tracking' something, but her tail was not in the upright ' cocked, armed, ready to bark and charge' position.

So, Meaganne put Brinx out next since it appeared to be 'safe'.....
Nope safe was not the right word at all.

Brinx got close to the big bird feeder, about twenty-five feet from the deck, and all Meaganne saw was him rearing up and back, heard him yelp, then just as he turned to race back to the safety of the house she saw that nasty, stinking black and white kitty - and smelt it.....

Meaganne said several very bad words - loudly - the kind of words that nice daughters should not say... I was out at the front of the house watering the hanging baskets and I heard those 3 little bad words very clearly. But I was still innocent. I did not know what was wrong. I could not smell anything... YET. I had to go inside the house before I smelt what had happened.

Arwen still had not come up to the house. She was waiting patiently for the black and white kitty to see her so she could share in the spray too. What a nice girl she is, not wanting her younger friend to be the only one to be in BIG TROUBLE!!!

Right now, I don't believe that Arwen thinks being nice was such a great idea after all. She is still penned in the kitchen waiting for her turn in the tub. She doesn't smell nearly as badly as Brinx, so maybe she just got caught by whatever residual spray was still airborne?

Brinx is just now finishing his 30 minutes in the tub, waiting to have the 'de-skunk- solution rinsed off. He definitely took a full hit to the mouth, as well his chest, and one eye. Then, in the process of trying to carefully lather his face, he decided to move suddenly so got a handful of the solution in the other eye. So, with our luck, and Murphy's Law, he will probably need to go the vet, or worse yet (cost wise) to the veterinary opthalmologist too, just to make sure that his eyes don't rot out of his smelly little head!

Once again, they will both be crated overnight in the living room, wet, because don't you know they will both need to be bathed again tomorrow, especially Brinx because he definitely smells the worst.

It is now 2:03 am. Brinx is in his crate. Arwen has just started her de-skunking , so it will be another 30 minutes after she is completely covered with the solution before we can start the rinsing process with her. Then off to her crate she goes.

Once she's put away, we can start the whole process of de-skunking the kitchen - again. Same as the last time.....

To add to the whole NOT AGAIN of this affair -

1. The peroxide and baking soda cost me $20 in the midnight run to the 24 hour grocery store tonight....

2. I am out of my regular dog shampoo which we need for the next bathing session tomorrow, so will have to head out in the morning to buy another jug of that - around the $50 mark.....

AND how do we make this whole experience even better?

3. Well all 3 of them just got their topical flea / heartworm medication one week ago, so that was a waste of about another 60 odd dollars washed right down the drain - literally!

I don't need to take any pictures of them this time. I can just use the same ones from 5 weeks ago..
emoticon emoticon emoticon

Once more, here is Phoenix - the very good boy! He does not smell like a skunk!

Here is Arwen. She is very sorry, but says she will do it again. She will chase ANYTHING THAT MOVES! It is her JOB!

Here is Brinx. See his sad little face. He too is very sorry, but says he will never, never, ever leave the safety of the deck again, Not even to chase the squirrels or starlings, or anything. That is Arwen's job.

Sooooooo, the moral of this "TAIL' is that the very same pair of Collies will be curbside shortly because they are never coming inside my house again!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • KAYDE53
    Oh goodness, I know it's not funny, but the way that you tell it is!!! emoticon
    3153 days ago
    Oh my Kathy, this does sound just like a repeat of your other blog! I am so sorry that some of your furchildren aren't being good right now. So glad that Phoenix is such a good dog and doesn't partake of chasing the black and white "kitty"!! Love your blog and pictures, I know it isn't funny to you but I get a chuckle when the "children" get into trouble!!!!!

    Is there any chance they will learn from their mistakes?????? emoticon
    3153 days ago
    Whoa! lady! Inside the house is the safe, black-and-white kitty-free zone!!! Instead of keeping them out, I'd be keeping them in!!!! emoticon So, I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, but have you done a search and learn mission in your yard yet? 2 things....how are they getting in the yard? and ....... is there any way you can keep them from getting in you yard? (the skunk, that is......hehe) The only other pooch-saving (from stink) method I can think of is to (increasing yours and your DD's cardio) put them on leash and walk them daily instead of giving them run of the yard. Of course, this negates the nice fenced in back yard! I think I'd look into trying to keep the skunks out of your yard! Have you tried getting a consult from a good exterminator? They may have a low-cost answer to this problem, b/c the dogs are not going to not go after the "b&w kitties"!! Hope you find a solution good for everyone, notwithstanding the skunks!!! emoticon emoticon
    3153 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8158758
    My goodness! I would be saying loud words like your daughter said too! BAD dogs! Or should I say BAD skunk! Is there anyone who could set a trap for you to get rid of these varmits for you? I know they do have them around here-it isn't cheap! But, neither is doing this every week!!! I feel for you! That would be a back breaking, awful job! Sorry you had to go through it again!
    3153 days ago
  • CRICKET251
    Oh Kathy!!!! I know it's not so funny for you but thank you my dear friend for the good laugh! I have so needed a good chuckle and you gave it to me! I just get such a kick out of those sad faces in the tub! They look like police mug shots! LOL I will message you soon, promise! Hugs,hugs and more hugs! Gery
    3153 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12166968
    I think what we really would have love to see is the picture of you when this happened. I think it would be worth 10,000 words! Honestly, so sorry Kathy! Hugs, Mai
    3154 days ago
    LOL --sorry but you made me laugh so hard ..

    but it must be awful --poor you!!!

    emoticon emoticon
    3155 days ago
    Oh Kathy,
    The tale of the 3 collies continue...your log made me smile on a tired day...thanks for sharing the story of your gruesome twosome & the good boy too!!!
    3155 days ago
  • SUSAN134
    Oh no! I knew as soon as I read the title of your blog on my friend feed that these two rascals had tried to play with the black and white kitty again! I am so sorry that this happened AGAIN!! but I'm also glad cause we were treated once more to your very humorous account of
    another skunking episode!

    Regardless of what happened in the early morning hours (and the laughter it has brought us, your blog readers), I'm hoping you have a wonderful (and skunk-free) weekend.

    3155 days ago
    Kathy, they say a picture is worth 1000 words! I can only imagine what you were going through at 2:30 AM. Thank you for sharing that story I just loved it. I will trade you 1 husband for the two dogs. Deal?! emoticon
    3155 days ago
    Well, I told you FLASH LIGHT-- big beautiful FLASH LIGHT ,it has saved us more times then I can count against both SKUNKS & COONS. Although we had a cat get it 2 weeks ago but He was laying nicely on the deck when he must have wondered off to the yard, I try to remember to always have them in before dusk.

    I do feel so bad for you and Meaganne.

    The smell is enough to turn you sick when you have to wet it.

    You write with such humor, luv it, but then I know you and your sense of humor. emoticon

    Love Mary
    3155 days ago
    Oh Kathy... your blog is so funny! Not that it's funny that they got skunked again, but written with humor and love.... yes, I know you say you don't love them at the moment.... and you did it at 2 in the morning in the midst of all that smelly bathing. Congrats to you for keeping your sense of humor about it all. I can hear Meags saying those three bad words too! I guess nice daughters don't count for much when the dogs are in stinky trouble! LOL

    On the upside.... my vet says the topical stuff for fleas and heartworms is okay for bathing after 24 hours. So if they had it last week, maybe you didn't wash the $60 down the drain? $20 for peroxide and baking soda though? Wow....
    3155 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7023171
    Good Lord... not again... Sorry you're dogs love those black and white kitties so much.
    Our new neighbours have two bulldogs and a Westie... and it's the Westie who will chase those kitties right into their pool, or into our yard, where the dang thing skunks the Westie right beside our drier vent. The stink came right through the vent and stank out our entire house. The bulldogs, so I heard, spent the night vomiting. Awwwwhhhh The great Outdoors!!! emoticon
    3155 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4114015
    AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW I'm so emoticon They ARE beautiful!
    3155 days ago
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