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Saturday, August 25, 2012

This go 'round with the whole weight loss thing is different for me.

First, I'm older and wiser (but we won't talk about that - be glad you're making the changes you are now, my 20 and 30 something friends!).

Second, I'm looking at changing my life instead of my pant size.

It's been interesting...slow, I push forward and then slide back...but never to the point of losing the war. So I make progress. That makes it worthwhile.

Every once in a while though, and my friends we all know this, it's frustrating and you just want to throw in the towel and reach for the cookies.

The last few days have been like that for me. I've let myself off the hook on sugar a bit too often, there were cookies in the house (danger...danger...danger insert klaxon sound here) and my schedule has been a bit screwy. It's a formula that can derail the best intentions.

So, as I sit here feeling like I have a hangover (it's often the way I feel if I don't eat right or I eat too much) I'm trying to figure a way back. I keep going through the motions - tracking food, workout...but it's been kind of half hearted for the past couple of days.

It occurred to me that I'm playing the longest game of golf in my life - for my life. This isn't a team sport (that is not to imply that having a team of supporters isn't key - but let's face it, in the end it's up to the individual to do or not do what needs to be done) and I'm only competing with myself.

No wonder I suck at golf. Seriously, you need to watch your ankles when I play - it's more like field hockey than golf.

Golf is an interesting sport - it's all about and up to you, you can do it cheaply or you can spend millions, you can be as competitive as you like (but it only makes you crazy)....sound familiar? With all the plans, drugs, devices and ways to compare ourselves to those with perfect bodies this could be the story of weight loss in the new century.

There's one key thing that I learned about golf (in the few times I've played) and that is to set it up, relax and let it happen.

Once you figure out the form, you just gotta swing through and be relaxed about it. It doesn't always fly straight, but it will fly.

If you're too lackadaisical you're not playing golf - you're just ruining some grass. If you nut up about it, you'll ruin the grass and you're day.

As soon as you start half hearting it you start to swing badly, then starts the negative self talk and things really go to hell. If you don't stop, hit the reset button and realize what's happening you'll have a rotten day. Throwing your clubs isn't all that helpful.

In a life change scenario that bad day can become a bad month and then you're starting over.

I don't want to start over. So this is me hitting the reset button before things get out of hand.

And there's one key lesson from my times through this weight loss gristmill...recognition needs to be followed by acceptance, then you can get back to action.

Y'all have a good weekend. I'm going to get off my ass and do something. Check in later.

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    I hear you on this. I was doing well for weeks and then I went easy on myself for a day . Somehow that became three days. I didn't go crazy, I just wasn't paying attention to what I was eating. I didn't care much. No tracking, no blogging, no gym.
    So today it was back to basics. I figure it will take 3 days to make up for the 3 stupid days I had. I am drinking extra water, went to the gym, ate my veggies. I am trying not to think of this as a set back. It is not a diet, it is my life.
    There is an ebb and flow to this journey .
    3180 days ago
    It's funny, but when you said golf is a solo sport, the one thing that came to mind is just how important a caddy can be to some players (professional players, anyway) to help keep them on a little more balanced keel. The support system around us can be that - the caddy calmly handing us the next club and stowing away the bent and broken one, the hushed audience clapping when we do make a good shot or make or beat par.

    Nicely written!
    3180 days ago
  • PATTERD707
    I like the line "I want to change more about my life than my pant size." That's awesome.

    I also get the golf analogy. Recently, I took my kids fishing and it wasn't happening. My wife noticed that the other dads around me were relaxed and they were killing it.
    3180 days ago
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