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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Ok, not quite,but I decided to FINALLY pose in a bathing suit, this is something that I have NEVER done before, but I thought that it would be an appropriate way to end the summer! I did very well this summer losing 12 lbs and a combined 13 inches! I had hoped to lose more, but then I realized that it took me a whole year to gain 18 lbs, so losing 25 lbs did not seem so realistic after all. I am very proud of my success, and I know it will help boast me into the the hardest part of the year- The dreaded HOLIDAY season!!!!

This is a pic of me right before my Birthday on 5/15/2012

Now...... for the Catwalk *slight cringe* LOLZ

I would NEVER have done this before! I am actually pretty proud of pics although there is still MUCH more work to be DONE!

Here is a Summer Before and After!

I still hate that I gained the weight last year, but I have already constructed a game plan to prevent that from happening this time! I start my Sophomore fall semester on Tuesday and I have already prepared a pre-chopped all of my veggies to grab on the go.

I am also preparing a fruit salad in quick and easy portion controlled containers as well.

This time I shall NOT fall!!! I know this is going to be hard since I will on campus all day 5 days a week, but I REFUSE TO give up my myself!

We can find a way to OVERCOME and BECOME anything as long as we NEVER give up!

I am proving that I can BECOME the woman that I want to be one day at a time! I am 82 lbs DONE and so HAPPY!!!! emoticon emoticon

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