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Not quite.. Sept. 10

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Almost, but no cigar.

Sept. 10 nutrition:
4:30 am
3 cups of coffee
6 tbsp creamer
1/2 serv. vanilla protein powder

7:30 am
1 thinwich
1 serv. almond cashew butter
3/4 cup fat free cottage cheese

9:30 am
3 cuties

11:30 am
1 med. sweet potato
1 serv. white bean and tomato sauce
1 med. apple

2:30 pm
1 Clif Kid Z frosted oatmeal bar

6:00 pm
6 oz boneless skinless baked chicken breast
1/2 cup brown rice
1 pat unsalted butter
2 cup steamed veggies

7:00 pm
10 Townhouse crackers
2 tbsp tzatziki sauce

8:00 pm
6 Dove dark chocolate squares

Calories In: 1897

Fitness Minutes:
2 mile run in Saucony Mirage runners, 30 min.

Calories Out: 526
266 run
260 (BodyBugg calories above Spark estimate)

Eaten 1,897
BMR* 2,158
Exercise 526
Total Burned 2,684
Differential -787
Calories in.
Alright calories out.
Well, except for the discrepancy.
Alright deficit.
Karen offered a great suggestion of a big healthy smoothy to have available during the day to help ward off the grazing that's been happening on weekends. It is a great idea. Whether or not I would grab that as opposed to a bag of granola, a pear, some lunch meat, some cheese, crackers, dip, etc. etc. is iffy. Nothing seemed to satisfy over the weekend, hence the grazing and trying to different things. It's like my mind goes "period = free-for-all to sooth the mouth craving" since my stomach wasn't really all that hungry.

Ah well. It's an ongoing battle that I'll have to thwart at some point.

Yesterday was goodish, for a while at least. Work and being on a schedule helps keep my mind and my hands busy. Getting home, I laced up new Mirage runners and gave them a try. They were on sale on the Team Estrogen site and well.. I bit. It's a way to give minimalist running a try without going for full blow Vibrams, etc. It was an interesting experience. I recalled other folks going minimalist and the fact that they broke themselves into the process slowly, so I figured a nice slow 2 miles would be about right. I tossed in a few extra walk intervals after my shins started aching yet again. Due to the shoes or due to my not running consistently (this has happened before) it's hard to say, so I'll continue to give them a try and see how things shake out. My ankles are making themselves a bit more known this morning than they ever have before, so I'll take that into consideration as time goes on.

Once I finished off the run (and felt unjustifiably righteous) I had a delish dinner of baked chicken and rice and veggies. I was really satisfied and sated. But.. my mouth, my hormones, my bad attitude, my whatever decided it wanted to munch a bit more. I opted for crackers and tzatziki, which is better than crackers and peanut butter. Then, as if by rights of TOM I am entitled to a serving of chocolate Just Because.. yep, I tossed them in as well.

Not a great eating day, but eaking closer to being within range again. That BodyBugg read-out is problematic as well. It shows a good calorie burn for the day, even with only a 2 mile run, and is higher than Spark's estimate. So then I look at it, and at my calories in and think 'not so bad' but it really is. If I want to see real movement, in the appropriate direction, on the scale then I need to work harder at a better deficit.

Yes yes, a constant work in progress. I'm working it.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    .....and as long as your working it..... you are headed in the right direction!

    I sure do hope the shoes work out but try not to force it and end up with injuries.
    Nothing wrong with treating ourselves to a little dark chocolate .... we deserve it!
    Keep your chin up kiddo - you've got this!
    3206 days ago
    you are doing so are an inspiration!!!
    3206 days ago
    I think in this time of our life - cravings are worse! At least that's what I'm saying! teehee. I do the sugar-salt, sugar-salt thing like crazy. And to have that again two weeks later is so unfair. Have you ever tried protein powder? You could add a little to your smoothie and I find that really makes me not hungry/cravey (I think I just made that word up) at all. Just a thought!
    3206 days ago
    One of the great things with getting older, no more TOM=chocolate and salt cravings! Anxious to hear more about the shoe.
    3207 days ago
    I just got the Mirages about a month ago and I'm loving them. BUT I also found out that my previous shoes were more minimal (more minimal? LOL!) than those. I've been messing around for about 8 months on shoes that should have been more supportive. GEE Maybe that's why my knees gave me trouble. The Mirages were a step up with the same drop as my others. Since I'm mostly used to minimal-ish, I didn't want to go up to full support. Anyway, good luck with your shoes and I hope your ankles quiet down soon.

    And good luck with the grazing. I'm having a tough time but it's because I am running on a heck of a lot of stress.

    Keep up the work in progress!

    3207 days ago
    See me raising my hand from the back of the class...............Work In Progress..............that's me too! Every day! emoticon
    3207 days ago
    Yeah, the chocolate wasn't so perfect, but looking over the last few weeks, you are slowly reclaiming. Baby stepping it is the way to go. Keep building.

    Today's smoothie: coffee, spinach, mixed berry blend from CostCo, apple, 2 apricots. Coffee makes it a little smokey which is nice for variety. 12 oz coffee was probably more than I'd do another time, but that was what was left in my pot.

    I tell you that because you wrote in your post you wanted to know what smoothie I was drinking didn't you?

    Anyway there you go!
    3207 days ago
    At least you are headed in the right direction. Reach back here and give me a good yank. I wanna go in the right direction too!

    I've looked at the Body Bug. Haven't invested yet tho. Pricey! Have to save up.

    I hope those new shoes turn out to be a great tool. I hate it when shoes hurt my feet. That is NOT their role in my life. LOL

    Keep going. You're doing well!

    3207 days ago
    First, I find it so totally impressive that you're able to work through your tracking at this level and be consistent with it - nice job! Second, I bought a similar Saucony sneaker recently thinking about how nice and light they felt in the store and then tried them and had lots of ankle, shin, and knee pain. I don't run but I walk. A lot. I've unfortunately had to stop wearing the sneakers (which I also got on a great sale) for something a little more stable. I'll be interested in hearing about your experience.

    Keep up the good work and remember that we all need a little 'treat' now and then!
    3207 days ago
    We are all a work in progress; this is a process, and some days are better than others. That doesn't look like too bad a day to me, but you know what it takes for your body to cooperate with losing best. Going minimalist, you really do have to ease into it slowly; your calves, ankles, and feet will feel it if you do too much too soon. I love my Brooks PureGrit shoes, minimal heel rise and roomy toe box. They have become me go-to shoes for running, walking, hiking and camping. Keep at it, you're on the right track!
    3207 days ago
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