Chapter 5 "winning while losing" Stay in the game!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Chapter 5 "winning while losing" Stay in the game!
Tuesday, September 11, 2012
Hi sparklers, I wrote this series in June/July and never finished it, got injured and put on my back for the whole summer, I am recently back and thought now is a good time to finish what I started. Here goes!

Chap 5- Stay in the game! "You have to play to win" *The hardest won victory is over self.

Maintance Plan: You will have bumps in the road, good and bad (promotions, new relationships, etc, disappointments, disasters etc.) You will need solid coping skills, or you will be thrown for a loop which may cause you to make unhealthy choices. You need a Plan when your plan fails!!!

"How to Beat the big D's! “Decisions, deadlines, disappointments, & disasters. "
Don't get stuck in the problems look for solutions instead!, Everyday look and take notice how your life has improved!, Celebrate success's! Truly don't get caught in the muck and it will not over welm you and cause you to flee from reality into food!

The biggest brkdowns can lead to the biggest brkthroughs if you stay focused on your goals (stay in the game)

*Time to commit to a "no matter what" promise to yourself to keep the wt off, put it in writing!

It is ok to have a planned timeout occasionally, it's even ok to slip every once in a while, What is not ok is to let your time out/slip keep you down. You must acknowledge that there will be times when you want to give in or give up, You do have the power and options to deal w/those times.

When changes happen for the worse, it can drain a lot of your energy and trigger your old desire to decompress, numb out, and sooth yourself w/food. When things change for the better it can make you feel elated and pumped up and trigger your desire to celebrate w/food.

When you hit a low pt, find something that appeals to any of your 5 senses, except taste. What will make you feel good involving touch, smell, sight or hearing.
touch- massage, warm bath, pedi / mani, lotions, etc
smell- flowers, perfume, candles, scents, etc.
sight- museums, art, window shopping, magazines, etc.
hearing- music, radio, TV, waves, etc.
(Taste w/o eating)- Herbal teas, low fat hot cocoa, etc.

If you keep wanting to soothe yourself w/food wait 30 min, exercise before you eat, do housework (vacuum or dust) , dance, take a walk, your body will release endorphins and you won't be so likely to binge as much. Drink water before you eat!

Exercise is one of the things you can count on to automatically change your emotional state. Accept you won't want to do it, and do it anyways!

Recreate your want to overeat a certain food. substitute it, ex. fudgesicle for chocolate, baked apple for apple pie, yogurt for ice crm, etc.

If you must eat something off your plan, than plan it! Do not eat high cal foods at home alone, winners at wt loss eat in public!

If you binge or eat over cals, do not skip exercise or meals, If you keep to your plan you will get right back on track. Exercise can stop the binge, changes your mood, and keeps you from doing more cal damage. Physically and emotionally you can also decide before hand what you want to indulge in and do an extra workout before.

Treats- think smaller portions and/or healthier substitutes. examples:
Cake- angel food
Candy- swt fruits, sugar free hard candies.
Cheese- string chz
Choc- lo fat choc milk, small amt of dark choc.
Cookies- choose sugar free or fat free
Ice Cream- Yogurt, mini ice crms, fruit pops.
Pie- Sugar free jello/pudding, baked apples w/cinn.
Pot chips- Pretzels, popcorn, baked mini bags.

Pick a # on the scale and make a plan for when you go over that #. examples:
# of cals, add exercise, make some rules to follow, no fried foods etc.

Anticipate bumps ahead: Have a plan for them ahead of time, Remember most things are temporary!

*Make a bag of tricks (a mental, and physical first aid kit for your mind, body and spirit) include things like:
winning thoughts/quotes/behaviors, games, activities to keep your mind off eating, magazines to read, a note from you about your goals, Phone #s of people to call, breath fresheners, Lo cal snacks, Fav Photos, List of things you love to do. etc.

Be a "During!" always learning something new and working on making improvements. Silence the neg self talk by visiting where you have been and how good you are gonna feel when you get to where you are going. Know you are in the middle!

Rejection: Look at it from a different perspective, Don’t take things to personally. Make a conscious choice about what you talk about and share. If you need constant assurance or have high expectations, people are more likely to back away than to stay. Or it may be the other person’s pattern to back away from relationships and have nothing to do with you at all. You may also have offended or hurt them w/o your knowledge and need to clear something up. Apologize, and don't tear the relationship down, Keep things light and easy!

Beating the Big D's!
1. Decisions- what should I do?
2. Deadlines- change of routine, deadlines for your time.
3. Disappointments- Events that knock you out!
4. Disasters- most devastating things in life.

To reduce your level of suffering- Acknowledge your pain, "recognizing something painful has happened and that you are experiencing the emotions associated w/it is an important part of staying in touch w/yourself and being able to move on".

Validate your feelings- tell someone who will understand what your experiencing. Feel the pain w/them! Journal, whatever it takes to try to feel it out!

When your going through Hell- Just keep going!!! say to yourself, "this sucks, but i'm going to get through it!" No one gets a pain free life, Don't give up! Keep your plan, daily routine, decide a minimum and do it! Pick at least one productive thing and do it! Just keep one foot in front of the other.

* If it's just to hard- take a planned time out! (no more than 3 days) Remember eating good, exercising, and feeling well about yourself will help you get through the challenging time best! Focus on staying in the game and doing some or most of your plan. Plan small wins, Just keep going, you'll keep winning that way. When you take your time out, write down your intentions, plan something each day you must do that makes you feel good, productive, do something for someone else. or something soothing to the senses.

Here is a wonderful thing to do whenever stress starts to take over:
Water Healing Process- 30 min.
While in warm water, imagine it washing away all your troubles, rebirthing you, and enjoy it loving your body. wash away negative/ rejuvenate w/positive. Become the joy filled grateful you. Create a peaceful environment- candles, music, use a warm washcloth, soap up, imagine light is healing you, radiating from the wash cloth, breath deeply, softly repeating to yourself.
"I am letting go of negative thoughts and feelings, I am worthy of love"
You have the power inside you to help transform and heal your body , mind and spirit. Have yourself a Liz Taylor bubble bath to help you feel beautiful!

If your time out exceeds 3 days, Tell someone "I need help" people who care about you want to help. Find a way to get out of the funk and back into life again!

Top 10 ways to stay winning the game of wt loss:
1. Ask for help if needed.
2. Be a kind to yourself as you would to your BF!
3. Understand you do not have to go back to old behaviors.
4. Train yourself to get back on track fast!
5. Make exercise a positive! Talk nice about it!
6. Be patient w/yourself, Get someone to help , ask directions!
7. Stay in the "Now"!
8. Believe you are winning at wt loss!
9. Stop negative thinking about past failures!
10. Put you and your health #1! This helps your loved ones too!

Step 6- "win one day at a time, start fresh, finish strong!" coming next wk! Hope you enjoyed this series, if this is your first time reading these blogs, chap 1-4 are on my sparkpage under Maci's blogs. Print them all, read them when bored, inline, at stop lights etc. they are written from people who have won at the game of wt loss. Good luck on your journey!

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    Maci, thanks for all the wonderful tips and reminders. I just had yogurt instead of ice cream. Is your 12 lbs by 12'12/12 on the Fit by 50 group? guess I need to re-join, I really wanna do that challenge! Love you, and so inspired to re-start.
    sorry to hear about your summer of down-time but glad you're back strong! kim
    3135 days ago
    Glad I went back and found this. I need to revisit this also further down the line; it's one thing meeting your goals but striving and maintaining them will be a whole other Challenge!! Thanks for sharing!! emoticon
    3142 days ago
    emoticon Maci, sounds like a good plan!
    3163 days ago
    Wow, lots of advice there and all good! emoticon
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