Life Lessons and Restoring Order

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Lately, I have been pounded hard by life lessons. The crazy thing is, these are lessons I should have learned a long time ago. It's funny what loneliness and unhappiness will do to you. After spending 10 plus years in a toxic relationship with my daughter's dad, I am really rusty when it comes to dating. Now times have changed and so have people's values. Guys seem to no longer be pursuing wholesome girls, because there are so many loose ones around everywhere. It seems as if all I've been running into are liars and pretenders.

I opened myself up to dating back around April. Since then, I've met a psycho that could not understand why I was still so chummy with my ex's family. I was like, "Dude, I broke up with him, not the family and besides, this is my daughter's family!" Then I met a pretender that was always in crisis and looking for a hand out. I was like, "Dude, I don't take care of dudes!" Johnny Come Lately has been the liar. We met and conversed for a week or so before our first date. He told me that he had never been married and had no children. Since he works a factory job at night and of course I work days, the only time we got to spend with each other was on the weekend. Well after dating for a couple of weeks, he introduced me to his mom. On an outing with his mom to WalMart this past weekend, she revealed that he does in fact work the factory job at night, but he also has to report back to the Halfway House he's in during the week until the weekend when he uses his pass to come home. o_O Say whaaa!!! She also talked about his teenage daughter and young son. o_O Say who!!! Needless to say, he's history!!!

This really got me to doing some soul searching and wondering if my intuition was really that off for me not to see the BS coming a mile away. I am usually like a blood hound when it comes to sniffing it out. Then I realized that I was really in a vulnerable state. I am not happy about the way a lot of things are progressing in my life, and it has had me a little bit off my game. I was looking for happiness in other places to offset how I was really feeling. Well, since obviously that didn't work, I have made the decision to restore order in my life and start working on me again.

First order of business, a vision board. Weight loss has been a constant struggle for me. I have struggled because I have not been fully committed to the process. I have all the tools to be successful, but I lack confidence and motivation. For me, it is all mental. I think a vision board can help me in that area. I will be making one for home and a smaller one for work. I am thinking of even putting one somewhere visible in my car. I need to be conscious of my goals all the time, so that I can stay on track.

Second order of business, get my house back in order. I am not OCD, but when things in my house are in disarray, it seems to affect my mood and irritate me mentally. I have been away from home the past two weekends, which is when I usually clean up and restore order, so I have a bit of chaos going on right now. When things are organized, I function better. So restoration must happen this weekend.

Third, I will spend Sunday planning and prepping meals for the week ahead. I will also be researching ways to make my meals more appealing. I want to try new veggie combinations. I also need to add more protein to my diet. I'm going to be more adventurous with my recipes and get my daughter involved in the process.

Finally, I will be making time for exercise. I will be doing my Walk Away The Pounds video in the morning before I shower, so if I don't make it to the "Y" for water aerobics in the evening, I will have gotten my workout in that morning. I will also use my free weights and resistance bands at home too. A little exercise is much better than none at all!

Wish me luck Sparkies!!!
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    I know i am all late but can I just say LMAO @ your o_O Say whaaa!!! and o_O Say who!!! Trust me some of those men are over here too. I have did like you and recommitted myself to focus on me and my health.
    You can do it, we just have to stay motivated and make ourselves a top priority. I have the vision board and I try to read over it daily. Good luck ttyl
    3184 days ago
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