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Saturday, October 13, 2012

emoticon Good Morning to all my emoticon 's. My weigh in was this morning and was so positive with all the hard work this week of emoticon and strength emoticon but guess what emoticon I gained 4 lbs emoticon .

So I went out on line to see if I could find anything relating to my problem, so it is not my thyroid I take medicine for that and I have a clean bill of health so I am thinking after reading this article that I am not going to weigh emoticon again until Nov 3rd.
This is the article I found on line and it was actually an article from Spark People which I thought was Fantastic.
emoticon emoticon emoticon

I just started exercising to lose weight, but I've gained weight. Why did this happen?

It's true that many people either gain a little weight or don't see any change on the scale for as long as 4-6 weeks after making a significant change in their level of exercise. This is often explained as "gaining muscle while losing fat" but that isn't quite accurate. This extra weight is usually water.

When you start doing more exercise, your body begins storing more fuel in your muscle cells, where it can be used easily and quickly to fuel your workouts. The process of converting glucose (carbohydrates) into fuel that your muscles actually store and use (glycogen) requires three molecules of water for every molecule of glucose. As your muscles are building up glycogen stores, your body has to retain extra water for this purpose. That's what causes most of the initial weight gain or lack of weight loss. This is a good thing—not something to worry about.

However, despite what the scale says, you are actually losing fat during this time. The extra water retention will stop once your body has adjusted to its new activity level. At that point, the scale should start moving down. You'll end up with less fat, and muscles that can handle a larger amount of work.

That is the link above if you would like to see it. Talk about wanting a cigarette this morning lol but I have not. emoticon
Yeah! to me...I hope this article helps anyone that is going thru the same as me.

Lots of emoticon emoticon emoticon Hope you all have a beautiful weekend emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
My newest addition of exercise games for my ps3

and of course I am doing Mel B on the ps3 too.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You have a great blog. I know you can reach your goals because you have such a positive and realistic spirit.

    Gaining weight seems to be half my battle right now. I'm gong to look up that article. I'm going to focus hard to the total program this week. Thanks for reminding me of something so important.
    3200 days ago
    Good luck on your journey to health. You have a lot on your plate so be kind to yourself and don't give up. emoticon Perhaps you could think of another way to measure your daily progress, i.e. energy level, glasses of water per day, fruits and vegetables per day, or exercise minutes and stop focusing on the scale. Menopause is tough but in my experience it lead to more self acceptance and happiness. I hope it does the same for you. emoticon
    3203 days ago
    Good that you are researching about weight gain like that. Others might just cry and give up, but you didn't. Awesome.

    3205 days ago
    Great attitude and research! emoticon
    3206 days ago
    Your perseverence is to be applauded. It takes motivation alone sometimes to continue. Wow, I needed the motivation your blog gave me today. After seeing no change in weight, /i was beginning to feel real down.
    3206 days ago
  • MYAN1959
    Thank you so much everybody for dropping by, Dee I do get my 1200 to 1500 calories a day in I just think it is what the article is saying and the demons of menapause and hormones that I am going to beat down until they leave me emoticon
    emoticon Well at the Fair on Saturday I traded my funnel cake for a turkey sausage with onions and peppers emoticon
    emoticon that was different for me but felt great after eating it emoticon
    Hope you all have a beautiful week emoticon emoticon
    3206 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/15/2012 5:53:54 AM
  • DEE107
    hugs and it could be you are not eating enough too if you dont eat your calories or you are doing a lot of exercise and not adding calories you can gain weight
    3207 days ago
    Good blog! Thanks for sharing!
    3207 days ago
  • MICHELE142
    Excellent blog an encouragement for others. That scale at times can be an enemy an not a friend. Learned a long time ago to weigh less frequently, just use how your clothes fit you.
    That keeps my anxiety level more even. I weight now about once a month, daily water weight can blow your mind if you weigh to often. Then again do what feels comfortable when dropping that weight or quitting that nasty habit. Anything is possible when you put your mind to it. emoticon an in time you will.
    3207 days ago
    That is encouraging for those times when we've done things right, but the scale shows otherwise. Thank you.
    3208 days ago
  • MYAN1959
    Hi Nancy just getting on for a minute, just had to re weigh again for kicks and giggles it is 3 lbs not 4. Still lol wishing it would have been the other way emoticon oh yes not giving up that is for sure. Have a beautiful day emoticon
    3208 days ago
    Well, 4 lbs in the wrong direction is daunting. I applaud you for taking it in stride and being realistic. Hey: you KNOW you're doing things right! Go with the feeling, not with the scale!
    3208 days ago
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