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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I've read so many blogs, and regretfully only had time to comment on a handful. Many of you have been doing so well! Even if you're struggling, you're not stopping. If you're succeeding, you're sharing your success with the rest of us, and encouraging us to keep on. That's what I really love about my Spark family here - you tell it like it is, good or bad, and keep on keepin' on.

I read several BLC blogs (you all are rockin' it, really!) and realized that, while there's nothing wrong with trying to 'go it alone' as it were, I probably need to find a challenge/team that will push me more. I love the teams I'm on now, but I recall a small private team of women I joined that introduced me to Lori and Karen and other great ladies, and helped encourage me to do more, be more. I haven't had a challenge team like that since, so I should probably seek one out again.

That's an encouraging sign, isn't it? Wanting to seek out more challenges, more encouragement, more activity and purpose and direction? I'd like to think so.

So, I got home after work yesterday, all psyched up from reading about successes and efforts and progress, determined to get out of the house and get some miles in. Yes, having plans is great - and I had plans for the week off from work to recover from the dental implant. No, I did not follow my plans - I did alright with the food, mostly, but didn't bother to leave the house but once.. ONCE.. the entire 10 days. That was pretty indulgent, lazy, and wonderful all at once.

I had messaged Bill earlier in the day, asking if he wanted to go with me. Now, keep in mind, we're in Oregon. Our rainy season has JUST started, so it's as if we're playing catch-up, all the rain we've been missing being tossed in and thrown at us now.

Anyway, Bill wasn't really feeling the need to get outside.

"You're going to get rained on," he said.

"That's been known to happen. It ~is~ Oregon," I replied, in case he'd forgotten where we lived.

I wanted to find my gloves to wear, but couldn't put my hands on them. Get it? Gloves? Hands on them?

I pulled on my current favorite pair of workout pants (they have a wide waistband that I fool myself into thinking helps hold Eunice and other various belly-jigglers in place), my Heartbreaker long-sleeve tech shirt (because it's roomy and I fool myself into thinking it helps disguise Eunice and the jiggly bits), my Hope pink ribbon baseball cap, and my Mirage runners.

If you dress the part, you're more apt to play the part.
Or something like that.

Garmin, music, and you all were with me when I stepped out the door. I have figured out a nice 3 mile route that is mostly flat except for a small hill mid-way through. I headed down toward Sandy (.5 mi from our house) with my alert set to go off every 45 seconds. I'd run one interval, then walk two. No big deal, no great effort, but it sure beats the h*ll out of schlumping on the couch.

Am I right?

I do the half mile down, and half mile back, and head to the house. It's been drizzly, thinking about raining, the whole time, but wasn't really putting anything down. Yet.

As soon as I step in the door...
"Gotta go potty?" Bill asks.

"Yep!" as I trot on by him.

Hey, stuff happens, right? LOL I had to chuckle, recalling a previous blog post about my backfield not being in motion.. ahem.. and a comment from Dee about her dogs running around in circles when ever they had to 'go' and how maybe that would help. Let's just say.. it does!

So I'm back out the door, on my way to the next mile. This is where Mother Nature decides to teach me a little lesson. I did state in my feed yesterday afternoon that rain or shine, I was getting out for some miles. She decided I needed a little more rain.

It poured.
I mean, it came down so hard, it was raining down and bouncing up! All I could do was snort and grin as I kept up with my intervals.

Remember this?

It's ok if you don't! It's from my abandoned 'why I run' blog back in March.
Anyway, that's how I felt, all bad*ss running in the deluge, laughing at the joke Mother Nature was sharing with me. I spied a patch of clear, bright skies off to the west, so I just watched it as I ran and walked my way through the mile, until the rain slowed to a drizzle then finally stopped. I glanced over my shoulder, and there was this bright rainbow.

It was lovely. I like to think that it was Mother Nature saying "ok, you didn't quit, I guess you deserve this."

I finished mile two, chugged up the small hill, and finished off mile three, feeling pretty darned good. I was getting tired, admittedly, so my endurance has waned a bit. That's ok, I can build that back up.

I finished what I started. 3.14 miles in 46 minutes. That's the same time as my very first ever 5K. That's fine by me. I'm toting around an extra 18 lbs right now. Timing will improve as the extra lbs are removed. There will be more running than walking at some point.

I hesitated about blogging this, because what if.. what if I lose my groove again? What if this good feelings falls away? What if 18 becomes 25? What if?
But I've got to start (or resume) somewhere, right? Why not right here, right now. Here's to moving forward.
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  • ROXIT22222
    Way to go! That rain is something that is making us have to want it for sure. Hope you got some more run's in this week. I'm getting ready to head out for mine this morning.
    3164 days ago
    I happy to hear at the end you got in your planned walked/run and over 3 miles to boot. Way to girl.

    Hope you find that encouraging team of people you are seeking. I am still after 2 and a half years searching for a energy buddy but to no avail. Not a virtual one a actual real live person. Oh well, such is life.

    3164 days ago
    I just love reading your blogs. I haven't been over here to see you in awhile and decided to drop by for some reason today and I'm so glad I did. You are AMAZING! You had me smiling at the bathroom part. Generally happens to me when I run on the treadmill at home and dh says about the same thing. Gotta love our men.

    Let me know when you find that challenge group as I myself would like to find one also.

    In the meantime, keep at friend. So what if you have a few extra pounds today that weren't there awhile ago? You got out there and did something about it. That's what counts right now, today. Yesterday is gone and now it's water under the bridge. But today, that's what you can control.

    You rock! Keep up the good work. And I hope you find those gloves soon.
    3164 days ago
    if you lose your groove we will be here to help you find it!! I think its a great blog and i really enjoyed reading it!!
    3164 days ago
    Thank you for sharing where you are, no matter where you were or where you will be! It's great to get your update and to be able to use it as inspiration!

    emoticon emoticon

    I had a favorite wide-banded exercise pants that I LOVED for holding in my Eunice. Oh how I miss those pants and I haven't seen others like them.

    That reminds me that I need to figure out what to wear for cooler walk/runs in the rain because I NEED to go outside periodically. And I'm quite positive that it will be less than ideal weather on Thanksgiving for my next 5k (where I WILL run the entire thing-she says with more confidence than she feels).

    By the way, love that Bill told you that you would "get rained on" quickly we forget that getting rained on IS the norm in this part of the world! Too cute!

    Your blog makes me smile!

    You totally deserved the rainbow! emoticon

    And don't think about the what ifs...just one day, one hour, one minute, one step at a time.

    Congrats on starting (or resuming) right where you are!

    3164 days ago
    That is so awesome! I say screw the "what if's" and let's just do it. I'm still up 15 which is better than the 20 I was... Like Irish said, you (and her too) inspire me every day. No matter what - good or bad - you just keep on pushing. Thanks for the inspiration!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3165 days ago
    Way to go GF!
    3165 days ago
    Candy, I've said it many times.. and it bears repeating - you inspire me.

    You have (more than once) been the force that pushes me to say.. "ok I can't quit. Candy didn't"

    No pressure in that statement, by the way.

    And one of my biggest thrills was when someone told me they were facing a hurdle and said to themselves "Ok I can't quit. Irish didn't".

    THAT sums up SP for me in the simplest terms. People inspiring people.

    Thank you for being my inspiration


    lan to work and work your plan*
    3165 days ago
    Wow. You're my hero. Raining that hard and you kept on going. I think there's a sparkly star in your near future!!! WTG!

    3165 days ago
    Don't focus on the what if's...focus on the here and now. What you're doing today to feel better and stay active. Sticking through in spite of a down pour is impressive - I usually high tail it for home right about then. I do wish, however, that there were more rainbows. Darn those things put a smile on my face!
    3165 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    Love your blogs. emoticon
    3165 days ago
    Friggin awesome blog!

    Can I e-hug you? I wanna e-hug you emoticon

    Nothing like the satisfaction that comes from pushing past obstacles and GETTING IT DONE!
    3165 days ago
    OMG - gloves - hands - dogs running is circles when they have to pee - bad a$$ running.......
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    (I just read this with a gigantic smile on my face)
    This is why you are my FAVORITE and I have missed yous so much! Your stories and recounts are priceless! What if? What if you just get your a$$ back in gear and take it one day at a time???

    You're the emoticon
    3166 days ago
    emoticon who cares what the future is - right here, right now you did awesome! And that counts! emoticon
    3166 days ago
  • FARRAH511
    emoticon emoticon

    ´¨¨)) -:¦:-
    ¸.•´ .•´¨¨))
    ((¸¸.•´ ..•´ - -:¦:-
    -:¦:- ((¸¸.•´* Farrah -:¦:-

    3166 days ago
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