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Friday, November 02, 2012

Hi all! Sorry I haven't popped in til now, but I know you will understand things have been rough here. My block and neighborhood actually HAVE power, but as I was chatting on webcam to a friend in Finland and showing him the storm live, a MASSIVE old tree in my front yard went down and his last image of me was a frightened face and me saying OH SH*T! ( I texted I was ok but he didn't get it, and I mailed him the next day when I found someone who had power and wifi).

Anyway, since my last blog, Warren next door loaned us a bigger extension cord (ginormous, really) that will carry even a speck more juice, so I can power my fridge OR oven OR (as I discovered yesterday, with 3 more extension cords to reach my basement) my washer, along with one lamp and 2 laptops. I can't watch dvds or videos or Warren's partner's internet might slow down some and Warren asked us not to tell her he let us have their password cos she has no clue how it works and feared we'd use up all her internet LOL! We're going to thank them by paying their electric bill for the month and get them a gift certificate to the finest Italian restaurant on LI.

I have a radio and plenty of batteries, too. I miss tv and live news coverage. I have offered for the Lindas and their families to come here even though we have so little, cos it's more than they have. Maybe tonight, they will come, cos it's gotten cold! Thank goodness for a fireplace and the oven!

I swept the carpets clear of leaves that blew in yesterday, then hand-picked what I could, dusted, and mopped, so I feel some semblance of normalcy now. I also did 2 loads of laundry that are now on hangers and drying racks around the house. Barry has gone to work the past 2 days and worked from a coworkers house up the street Tues. and Wed., where I also hung out to use her wifi and play with her 9 year old daughter while they worked. Shannon, my new pal, is into crocheting (showed her a lot of stitches), drawing (we sketched together in a special sketching book she made with a furry pink cover), and gardening! She was telling me about a flower she loved outside but didn't know what it what called, so we went outside and took a cutting of the red begonia that's her fave and put it in water in the house in a window that gets decent sun. Her mom, Lisa, mailed me to say she and Shannon miss having me around so I might pop over later and bring Shannon some crochet patterns.

Barry knows at least 5 people from work who lost their houses to trees crushing them, and 4 whose cars were crushed. Lines for gasoline are up to 3 hours long because a lot of stations have no power with which to even pump the gas they have. I made my best meatballs ever the other night, in semi-darkness LOL! on my gas stove (gas oven requires electricity to keep the gas valve open or it shuts off automatically, so if I need the oven for heat, I unplug the fridge, and have a system down emoticon ). Barry ate it again last night for dinner (my fave restaurant re-opened and my stomach was off so I ate pasta with way less garlic LOL), and then asked if he could take the rest to work. I said that could probably feed him and 4 or 5 other people. He told me that was the plan, cos the ones who lost their houses also had no food. So of course I said take it, plus the leftover Italian bread from the restaurant. I also gave Lisa's son, who has a hernia, painkillers cos the dopey doctor he saw forgot to write the dosage of vicodin on the Rx he wrote him, and the pharmacy couldn't fill it and needed them to return to the doctor they saw right before the hurricane hit and get a new piece of paper due to the fact that it's a controlled substance. Well... the roads were impassable! Luckily, I had a bunch left over from my hernia op that were still good, and her son is feeling so much better for it.

You REALLY find out people's true character in situations like this. My other next door neighbor, Angelo, who had 2 SUVs my tree hit in his driveway and another tree of mine now resting on his garage roof has been so nice about it all! He knows I have a tree guy here regularly and kept telling me to stop apologizing, these things happen, and even offered me another extension cord to power my tv. I have no cable, but I could watch a downloaded movie on my laptop (I have about 20 from Kent! emoticon ) and connect to the tv. He swears his generator could handle another line, but I can do without tv, I'm seeing emoticon . I miss the news, mainly. And Warren of course, has been an absolute star! But the widow across the street, on whom I checked Sun. and Mon. before I lost power, and who has an electric stove and oven and I offered pre-storm to let her cook off ours if we lost power, has been a disappointment. I phoned Vi after I lost power and hers was going in and out, and checked on her and then when it appeared her power was ok, I asked if I could possibly come over on Tues. to charge my phone, so my kids would be able to reach me and hear I'm ok. Her reply was, "Let's see how things look tomorrow". F**KING SERIOUSLY?!?! I have looked after this woman in too many ways to list since her husband, with whom I was friendly, died almost 10 years ago. Her 55 yr old son is fairly useless around the house, while I am Mrs. Fix-It. I only JUST got a voicemail from her yesterday morning, 3 days later, saying she hasn't heard from me and wondered what was going on, told me her granddaughter left her a message they got power back (like I care, they live 20 minutes or so east of us), give her a call, let her know how everything is going, and finished with, "I don't know what I can do for you, but thinking about you".

Not quite a "let me know if there's anything you need I can help with", is it? I haven't called her back and don't plant to. I was outside for an hour yesterday, talking to FEMA guys in a truck in front of her house who were noting for the town where all the trees in the roadway were, for removal (one lane is still blocked by a tree limb hanging off a tree across the street next to Vi's house)

As I stood there talking to them for 10 minutes, offering to make them coffee, give them water, or let them use my bathroom (these guys have been out all night!), Vi didn't come outside. Nor did she come out for the half hour I was hauling wood into my house, limping with a breaking back, nor when Cable guys stopped in front of my house (offered them the same as the FEMA guys) and stood chatting to them for 10-15 minutes. She didn't come out when I got my mail, either (yes, mail delivery resumed Wed. LOL! The bills pay Sandy no mind!) I did see her go out to get HER mail not 5 minutes after I was in my house and had closed my door. Now I know her true colors.

It's become annoying that people are stopping their cars outside my house and getting out to take pictures. I was in my nightgown hanging laundry on drying racks in front of my fireplace when one such prize parked her car and sat there for 20 minutes. My sheer curtains don't wanna budge on the rod to close, so I grabbed a hair clip and clipped them together after flipping her the bird. LMAO!

I know it won't look it when you see the pics, but I am feeling REALLY lucky and very grateful for what little I have now.

and at another friend named Lisa's house 2 blocks over, which had the added worry of a live wire down for over a day, maybe longer:

(wisely copies before posting emoticon )
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  • COUPONS0216
    OMG! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    I will keep you in my thoughts, I am SO VERY THANKFUL that you are ok!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3190 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10464769
    Seeing these photos always makes me so grateful you are okay!!
    Love ya!!

    3190 days ago
    WOW...that's all I can say...stay safe...:D
    3190 days ago
    So glad that you are OK and everyone is helping out. Yes, it is true that you do see people's true character during time like this. You still have your sense of humor.
    3190 days ago
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