Back after being out for almost a month from a herniated disk.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Hey everyone! It's been a while since I've logged onto SparkPeople! It feels nice to be back into the swing of things :) I had a strained back about two-four months ago and I kept working out and pushing myself to get fit and lose weight. I thought that I was just sleeping funny or I wasn't stretching enough before and after my workouts. I had no idea that it would become sciatic nerve pain which then escalated shortly after my spinning class I took, into a herniated disk. I was out for a week and a half of work because I was in so much pain, I couldn't sit, stand, walk or drive my car. The only position that relieved me from super excruciating pain was laying down on my stomach with my legs out. I went to my chiropractor when it was sciatic pain and took steps in prevention and to correct my L4 and L5 from pinching to keep the burning pain, the sharp pain and the numbness down my leg and butt from getting any worse. I finally lost my mind when I was on my way to my chiropractor appointment and I could not sit in my car for more than 5 seconds at a time because of the shooting pain in my butt and leg. I wasn't even able to put my foot on the gas pedal because the sciatic pain was just unbearable, to the point that sometimes I felt like I had sprained my ankle. I ended up calling my doc saying I was running late. I was 45 minutes late. The pain was so bad but I knew that I HAD to get to my chiropractor to get some relief. I finally got there after basically crying the entire way there and driving with the cruise control on for about 90% of the time (so totally not safe, but I was desperate!) I walked in, with my hair all crazy, my face all puffy from crying, still crying and bent over. I ended up getting an xray to be able to get an MRI (that in itself was just crazy) and found out I had a herniated disk. I was assigned to get an injection of pain blocks to be able to function like a semi normal person and I have been going on the decompression table at my chiro's office to get that disk back into place. Long story short, I am taking 5 pills at a time, going to see the chiro three days a week, I am scheduled for another pain block injection into my spine and I am afraid to work out...I haven't even asked anyone if I can workout, I am just so afraid I am going to re-injure myself. AND on top of that, I owe a crap ton of money to a lot of people for all of this craziness. aaaaaaaaaah.
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  • FOST40
    I've been diagnosed with a herniated disc, arthritis in my facet joints and si joint issues.. Fortunately for me, I'm still able to work and function, but, can't work out at the gym at the same intensity. The elliptical machine seems to be my only friend there. I have had facet joint injections and si joint injections. I'm going to have a transformable (not spelled correctly) epidural injection in my spine. I hope you begin to feel better. I understand the pain that you are feeling. Do you mind me asking what pills that you are taking? I'm taking over the counter medicine such as aleve and over the counter ointments such as bengay, etc. I was prescribed Tramadol but it made me dizzy so I didn't take but one dose. I have to admit that it did help. Hang in there!!! Take care.
    3182 days ago
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