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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Ok, I broke the 215 plateau just to find it again. So, I'm back at 215 second week in a row. BUT, I have had alot going on physically between surgery on my arm and then oral surgery that didn't go as smoothly as planned...I'm just glad I'm still there, actually.

However, I have decided to set some goals up for myself to reach by the new year. I'm not going to go crazy and try to drop a ton of weight just to be disappointed. I'm going to be realistic and see how I do.

1). I see my psych. on the 29th she is supposed to get me off one med that is NOTORIOUS for weight gain.
2.) if she gets me off of that I will still have to battle ONE drug that is also known for weight gain but atleast it will be more of a fair fight.
3.) Right now, I have lost 5lbs. taking both so I believe I can do it!
4/) my first goal that I have set is to start journaling what I eat, why I'm eating (hunger, depression, anxiety, impulse, emotional)
5.) I want to exercise for 40 min. a day 6 days a week. Not a far stretch from what I'm doing.
6.) Every 2 days I want to review my journal and see where I can improve
7.) I want to buy more fruits and veggies at the grocery store and eat and use them.
8.) I want to make this a family journey to good health
9,) I want to quit smoking--working on that
10.) pound wise--I would be happy with a pound a week--ecstatic with 2 a week. I hope once that med is gone 2 may be possible.
11.) So I guess ultimate goal weight by 12/31 would be to lose about 4.3 lbs or 8,6 if all goes well. Basically, I would love to lose 10lbs. my XMAs..I swear that would make me cry!

So, those are my goals pertaining to my weight. Oh, don't worry, I have many more, like save money, stop buying clothes cuz you're losng weight, and stop buying handbags, I've got too many!

Thanks for reading!

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    Great goals, but I'm worried about goal #1.
    If you are taken off the medication that causes weight gain, can it be replaced with another medication that doesn't cause weight gain? Is this medication needed for your ailments? And how will it affect you not taking it?

    Oh, my gosh, if you check out my info page, you will see where I talk about purses. I also love to buy clothes at resale shops and head to the clearance racks. How can you pass up a $58.90 jacket on sale for $5.89 at Kohl's Department Store. I bought two, one black and one blue. My mother keeps asking me, is that a new coat or I've never seen that purse before.

    I have MS and I battle fatigue everyday on a regular basis. My mind is going a mile a minute of all the things I want to do, but my body says: No can do. It's so frustrating. Then when I should go to bed, I'm fighting the fatigue and take meds to try to fall asleep. A fitful sleep it is so I never feel fully rested.

    I believe in the weight loss plan of only weighing myself once a month. I can tell I'm losing weight by how my clothes fit. But everyone has different techniques for this.

    This is getting pretty long so I better go.
    2998 days ago
    3013 days ago
    Give up buying clothes, purses, AND cigies, wow, that is a huge goal and I hope you achieve it!
    3020 days ago
    Good goals! emoticon
    3021 days ago
    I'm a purse and clothes junkie too I know it's hard to resist but with Christmas coming I have to buy presents. Your goals sound very resonable and attainable so go for it! Without the one med you shoul fly right through your weight loss and make your goal! I know you can do it once you recover from both of your surgeries! don't push your self to hard wait till your are healed before pursueing so fast. I know you can do it you have done it before SP. Good luck on your journey! Lucinda
    3021 days ago
  • LARISSA238
    *hugs* You can do it! I know how hard you work on getting healthy, once you get off that med you will be dropping it like crazy. I need a med increase, not decrease, but I'm going to work on it too. We can do this together!
    3022 days ago
    Your freggie goal is a great one. As well as the others. Increasing them isn't actually so hard. I went from 2 freggies a day through my first Spark year, jumping to 5 at the year mark, and not having any trouble keeping up with it since I started it in July. The water in veggies helps me fill up and I know I'm doing something great for my body.

    I know it helped me lose weight when I got off one med that was keeping me from losing. At that time I went from 210 to 170 in 3 months.

    3022 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10913570
    3022 days ago
    These goals are very ambitious, especially working out six days a week. I get in four or five depending how I feel physically. Make sure to modify if you feel overwhelmed. That's a valuable lesson I learned the hard way. With that said, I think losing 6-10 lbs. by Christmas is totally doable. Good luck! You can do it.
    3022 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5707126
    emoticon emoticon I understand your goals and am sending some emoticon your way for that extra push. We are going to get through all the obstacles and find our way to the finish line! emoticon
    3023 days ago
    Great goals, I know you can do it!
    3023 days ago
    Sounds like a good plan!! I think the thing that has been most important for me is to set realistic goals. I would set these outrageous goals with good intentions but could never keep up; would get frustrated and quit. Then I would whine how I couldn't lose weight. I have definitely lowered my expectations; I feel good about myself because I am meeting those goals and I've lost 5 pounds!!!! Baby steps is the way to go. Removing a med may help which will be a bonus!!! You've got a plan; hang in there!!!
    3023 days ago
    Sounds promising if you're coming off that medication!
    I like number 7 - I have a habit of buying all these freggies and then just leaving them on the counter to go rotten. So maybe I should add that 'eat and use them' to my goal too.
    3023 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4630076
    Aw girl! SO proud of you! You've set out some great goals for yourself. Stick to them as best as you can---but don't expect perfection---and you WILL see may not be all at once, but you are on a journey to being healthier, and this has ALREADY started!!! Yay!!! for you. :) If its the med I'm thinking of--the same one I was one--I dropped a few lbs right away. So theres hope! :) At least as you said, it'll make it a more fair fight! :)))) You can do it girl! I'm cheering you on and wanting the very best for you!!! emoticon

    3023 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    3023 days ago
    You can so do this although I fpound doing one thing at a time was enough....l8ike losing weight or giving up smoking....I didn't achieve the two together at all very well
    3023 days ago
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