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26 weeks

Sunday, November 25, 2012

I'm having a rough time. I cried five times yesterday. Five! And it was over the silliest things. I have been really depressed and can't seem to shake it. It's like all the problems I was having in my first trimester seem to be returning as I enter into the third trimester. I suppose it happens this way for most people...I'm just trying to get through it. My eating has been really bad. It's like I'm sinking into this dark hole and the only thing that makes me feel better is lots and lots of food.

On a happier note, I have been getting excited looking at baby items and getting ready for a baby shower. I am having my first one (with only 5 people, lol) at the end of December. My girlfriends from NC are coming to visit and we will be having a girls' weekend in Myrtle Beach with a mini informal baby shower of sorts. I am really, really looking forward to that! I get excited when I check my registry and find things that say "Purchased"! I already have received a diaper bag, some receiving blankets, some baby wipes, and a $50 gift certificate in the mail from my friends that are too far away to attend any baby showers.

All I can say is, ONLY 14 MORE WEEKS TO GO. I hope this hormonal rollercoaster will start to be done then, with no major post-partum issues. I'm interested to hear about anyone's "baby stories" and how you felt during/after childbirth and how you settled into motherhood... any information you can tell me is good, good stuff.
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    I find myself crying more often over silly things. I even cried while laughing at a part in the tv show Scrubs. I'm like... why was that sad and why am I crying? I hope your hormones give you some release and you feel better! How exciting to have a mini shower! Time sure is flying!! And the food part sucks. I just went shopping and restocked my house with healthier food because I was getting out of control.
    3155 days ago
  • BAKER1009
    First off, you look fabulous! Such a beautiful glow to you!
    Second off, you know I can 100% relate to you right now, because you've been reading my blogs, LOL! I can tell you from experience (remember, this is my 4th!) that every pregnancy is different, even for the same person. I was super emotional with my daughter (she's 15 now). With both of my sons (12 & 4) I was fine emotionally and other than the normal aches and pains of pregnancy, I felt pretty good throughout those pregnancies.
    We were not able to find out the gender of this baby, but I swear by my emotions it has to be another girl, LOL! Remind you know what you are having? Might help prove my theory if you're carrying a girl, LOL!

    I just said to my husband as he was leaving for work this morning that I can not wait until I feel like myself again. Lately I've even been feeling insecure about our relationship, which I know is 100% pure crazy talk, it's just my hormones. However, I am realistic about when I will return to "normal". Know that it takes your hormones a good amount of time to really get back to where they were. Expect 6 more weeks of being emotional before starting to feel "normal" again. It might not take that long, every one is different, but if you expect at least the 6, you are really preparing yourself. Things like breastfeeding can make a difference. That process can mess with your hormones, though I believe it's worth it. But it doesn't do that to everyone.
    I can't stress enough, every one is different. So hearing this stories can prepare you for some things you might run into, but then again, you might not have any of them either!

    You and I sound so identical through these pregnancies, with emotions and stuff. Like you, I did pretty good through my 2nd trimester, but when I started my 3rd it was like my 1st trimester all over again! During my 1st trimester I had a lot of issues with food, and that came back to haunt me for a little while too. It's better now, though still not great.

    I'm here for you though! Hang in there, you're getting down to these last few months and your little bundle of joy will be here before you know it!!

    3158 days ago
  • CANNIE50
    You are entering the "baby bubble" zone. Your world will shrink to include just you and your little baby, with visits from your husband and others who love you - but mainly it is just you and your wee baby. Life boils down to some very simple things - nutritious food for you and baby, rest for both of you, letting people help you as much as possible, and asking for help if they don't realize you need it. Hopefully, your nesting urge will kick in before too long and you will be filled with nurturing energy and a determined focus to have things ready. Until then, I hope you take time to revel in naps and good books and uninterrupted tv/movie viewing - things that will be in shorter supply after your beautiful baby debuts. Perhaps lowering your expectations of yourself and others (not easy, but do-able if one makes the decision) will allow you to be more gentle with yourself and others. I wish you well - take care!!
    3160 days ago
    MissLisa had a good idea - talk to your doctor to see if (s)he has any suggestions, advice, or solutions.

    I'm not a momma, so I don't have any words of wisdom. However, it does make me worry about the depression turning into post-partum depression after the baby comes. In which case, please please please be sure to talk to you doctor then. And maybe discuss post-partum with your husband beforehand so he can be looking out for warning signs and help you seek medical help at that time.

    I'm sending lots of love your way - I care about you, girl!
    3162 days ago
    Here's my pregnancy story: I hated everything about being pregnant. I had "pregnancy mask" really bad - it looked like I had a red beard, and I felt out of control. I told people it felt like an alien pod had taken over my body. During pregnancy, there was no controlling weight, appetite, feelings, NOTHING. Toward the end I would lay in bed and try to will myself into labor. HAHAHA!

    Then, after they were out of me, and I felt human again, I would sit and stare at my babies in amazement for hours, because, well, it's a freaking amazing process.

    You look fantastic, and I'm sorry you are having a rough time, but it's pretty normal. It always made me feel better to know that all the stuff I felt was normal. Those people who talked about feeling like goddesses and whatnot made me feel like an abnormal crazy person, but now I know they were probably the crazy ones :)

    3162 days ago
  • MISSLISA1973
    Congratulations! Hormones can be crazy. If it gets to be too much, talk to your doctor.

    emoticon Lisa
    3163 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5573306
    Such a pretty lady ;-) I hope you enjoy your baby shower, and these 14 weeks will be over before you know it.
    3163 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8467616
    All of us have tons of pregnancy/birth/post-partum stories to tell, but everyone makes her own choices and has her own journey. Your hormones are going nuts right now. I always say the baby is eating your brain cells, and there's some truth to that. The best of your physical self is being diverted to support the baby. That's why some people find even their hair and nails not as strong as before. As for choices, mine included natural birth and breast feeding. I'm happy with my choices but every woman has to decide for herself. The same goes with how to treat the baby after it's born. There's a lot of books out there (I like Dr. Sears) but how you deal with the reality depends on you and how you feel. Is there someone (your mom or someone else) who will come and stay for awhile after the baby is born? If you ever want to sleep again, it's great to have someone there that you trust.

    I know you don't want to hear this, but eating junk makes your emotional roller-coaster worse.

    Other than that, the good thing to know is that the moment you see your baby, you will totally fall in love.
    3163 days ago
    Aww, you look great! Have an awesome time at your showers = )
    3163 days ago
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