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Spent the day with Mom

Sunday, December 16, 2012

I've been needing to get a new phone for a bit now... it was having issues of logging off all by itself and the speaker would go on and off.... anyway yesterday was the day.

Mom had one of my older phones. Which I insisted that she take so that I can rest easier and she has a way to get a hold of me. ( she is pace maker dependent) I put her on my plan and adding her was not a big deal for me. She did not want to "PAY" for a newer phone... hence my older phone.

She is so cute at times! She was complaining to me that her phone would drop calls and sometimes not work... so when are we going for "new" phones??

Well... yesterday we did it! I got my new Android Galaxy III in RED! I told the sales guy I wanted something easy for her to use, she is exploring texting to me and grandchildren and I told the guy bigger "keys" for her to see and use.

He recommended the newer Windows phone. He and her picked out the icons that she thought she might like and he PATIENTLY went through some of the basic functions with her while I shopped for other things I needed for my new tablet. I thanked him for that and wished him a very Merry Christmas.

Next stop the AT&T tech support center where they transferred all my data from old to new, and the tech lady helped my mom learn how to "use" her new phone by putting in some phone numbers that did not transfer over from her old phone.

Next stop Cosco as she need to buy some things, walked around there for a bit. It was very crowded! She didn't buy the case of Tuna to much $ and to many cans, but we did manage to buy a few things.

From there we went to Ikea to buy a gift card for Christmas for my son ( he's furnishing a new apt) Mom also crossed him and his partner off her list. We stopped and has a glass of something cold as we were both thirsty. And visited a bit.

Next stop Walmart as she did not want to buy the large case of tuna fish from Cosco..... so Walmart it was.... she did say now where are we going? I said Walmart she aked why .. I said you wanted tuna right? so she got some things there.

Needless to say mom paid for the phone stuff after I sternly told her NO!!! Even the cashier looked to both of us! Short of pushing her out of the way..... Lot of good that did!!!!!! She is 100% German and very stubborn! So the Cosco trip and Walmart were on me and she grumbled that now she'd "owed" me the money! I told her to Stop it.....

We got home to her house, I unloaded her things and we went in, I helped her input the last of her numbers. We had a conversation about her leaving the phone on all the time. ( she worried about using minutes while phone was "on") Told her not to worry that is not what happens.... She was so cute putting in the numbers.... she was tapping very hard like an old typewriter! I touched her how lightly that you could use, and she was smiling like a kid on Christmas.

She kept telling me she, worrying how long we were gone (about 8 hours) and that I'd taken the day off work etc... I told this IS WHY I took the day off! So be quiet and enjoy it! I know I will.... seeing her happy and cute was special to me. Good Christmas memory.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    How sweet you are together!
    3055 days ago
    Sounds like a lovely and productive day!

    3059 days ago
    Indeed, a great day! So glad you can enjoy this time with your Mom and that you can bless each other so beautifully.
    3063 days ago
    That's truly awesome.. you're right. What a wonderful Christmas memory for you. Enjoy your times with her!
    3063 days ago
    OMG! I almost choked laughing @ your comment, "She is 100% German and is so stubborn!" That is the perfect description of my DAD! Now, however, the same may be said of being 100% Irish, too! Mom is 100% Irish and is stubborn as the dickens too. So . . . where the heck does that leave poor me!! emoticon REALLY stubborn I guess . . . LOL

    Glad you had a good shopping trip and got new phones. I have to bite the bullet and do that as well. Sometimes this week I think.

    3063 days ago
    What fun times with your Mom! And the sales people sound like they were very kind with her. (ok so our Verizon people are patient with me too since I'm smart phone illiterate)
    3063 days ago
  • JANEDOE12345
    Your blog is so full of love. I am sadly remembering that my mom died when I was only 25 (she was 55). I have missed the aging process and the many ways to express one's affection for a mother. I wish I still had her around. I would have spent the day just like you did and would have loved every moment, even being lightly scolded as you were. So much love and sweetness in your blog. Thank you for sharing and allowing me to imagine it was my mom and that I had spent the day with her.


    3063 days ago
    Mom's can be challenging...but bring joy. And regardless of how old we get, we are still their children & they like to 'parent' is what it enjoy...& let her enjoy parenting...
    3063 days ago
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