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39 Weeks

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Well I am afraid we are still hovering in baby limbo. Although I am all set to go at any possible second, Sproutlette is taking her sweet time. I have been dilated to a 4 for the last 3 weeks, and as of my appointment last Thursday I am, not surprisingly, exactly the same. This makes sense because more than that and it would be fairly unheard of to be walking around like a normal person. Although the midwife says you can technically get up to 7 before you start being in serious labor generally the stages go like this:

Latent phase: 0-3 centimeters
Active Labor: 4-7 centimeters
Transition: 8-10 centimeters
Complete: 10 centimeters. Delivery of the infant takes place shortly after this stage is reached (although the mother does not always push right away.)

So essentially I am a time bomb. Teetering precariously on the edge of labor, waiting to go at any possible second. Will it be an hour? A day? Another 3 weeks? We don't know. And of course, the false labor continues with lots of braxton hicks contractions making me constantly think "this could be it" only to have them fizzle out in a most unsatisfying manner.

Thus, here is a quick look into how I go through my days:

The rational side of my brain says: Every day inside is a day that makes this sweet girl bigger and stronger and more ready to meet the world. She is still "a week early" if she was born at this point. Sprout WILL be here in the next 3 weeks, someday this limbo will actually come to an end and then you will have an adorable pudgy cheeked ball of tiny sweetness for real. She will scream and cry and dirty up a hundred million diapers and there will be moments all you wish for is a few minutes of that belly time where she was so quite and content and if only you could go back to being pregnant for a few short minutes you would, so you ENJOY this, you wont get this time back.

The hormone-laden pregnant part of my brain says: Get out! Get out! Get out! Get out of meeee! I am going to be pregnant FOREVER. I will be the first woman in the history of all time pregnant with a teenager and I am already a cripple! My feet are swollen, my back hurts, I can't get from point a to point b without theatrical grunting and waddling, don't even get me started about the true misery of trying to roll over at night, and every kick causes a contraction and every contraction causes a kick and a poor pregnant girl can only take so much alien baby bone jabbing before it becomes too much. Oh and because you are such a bad sport at being pregnant, you are also going to be a failure at motherhood and probably life in general.

Or if that is too much to understand here it is in pictures:

Rational Brain: You are a pregnancy goddess, bringing life into the world, all is right and how it should be with nature, your body and your baby:

(p.s. I would totally snort allium flowers while caressing my naked belly in a field like this lady if I thought it would start labor)

Hormone soaked pregnancy brain: You are the human equivalent to this cat, and it WILL NEVER END. You will die a horrible death; crushing yourself by your own fat while simultaneously being knifed with boney weapons from the inside out.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I love this thanks for keeping your humor-it is a true sign you will be a great mom!
    3103 days ago
  • MRS.NG.06
    God I can SO relate to that time!! I kept as busy as possible cuz the thoughts of knowing how close I was to having the little guy kept me up at nights...well that and peeing every hour and being tired cuz I couldnt get comfy and not sleeping...and heartburn. It hurts to even remember...but then your body will be ALL yours again....sorta ; )

    and your right, the longer she's in, the more developed and strong she will be...it'll be relief to have her here and your body yours..and then starts a new chapter in your book of life xooxox

    I cant wait to see your next post "she's here!" : )
    3104 days ago
    girl i feel you!! went through the same thing! good news is no matter what she WILL be here soon!! One thing that i miss about being pregnant was how close i felt to my daughter. No one else could have her during those 9 months....she was all MINE. It's a bit selfish way of thinking i know; but i didn't want to share her with anyone. It was just the two of us and i loved that i could feel her every moment and no one could take her from me.

    buuuutttttt you do reach that breaking point where your 41 weeks preggo and STILL only dilated to a pinky tip and your like "ok, i dont care what you do, GET THIS CHILD OUT OF ME NOW! " ....and an induction is perfectly acceptable haha =)

    hope that little sproutlette comes out soon!!
    3105 days ago
    I am sure you are most uncomfortable but trust that everything is happening as it should. It is an exciting time. Rest as much as you can. Now is a good time to stock up on ready made meals or make some pots of soup. Chin up ( or rest it on your boobs!). Congratulations!
    3106 days ago
    This is literally how I felt. And I felt awful for feeling it. I told everyone I'd be pregnant forever, an hour felt like 24, and a day felt like a week. I personally thought this was the most challenging part of pregnancy.
    I know your mind can't rest, but you can try! Distract yourself, do something relaxing.
    Giant hugs! emoticon
    3106 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2415256
    You are almost there...you can make it emoticon (like the icon hehe) The end seems like forever and then your little girl will be here and it will seem like your pregnancy was so short. I know it's hard to but try to enjoy the last few days of peace and quiet in your home. The lovely crazyness will begin shortly emoticon
    3106 days ago
  • IRP1114
    Lol I totally remember feeling like I would be pregnant for ever! Thanks for the update. Glad you are doing well. I was also dialated 3-4c for a month before finally giving birth to Santiago. Along with that was also actual measurable contractions that whole month! Even during the night at least one an hour if not more. Drove me nuts but by labor I was so use to them none felt that strong anymore lol!

    Good luck with the last few days. Sleep as much as possible right now. Enjoy quiet. And the feeling of knowing she is safe while you sleep!!! That will never happen again. Trust me once they are out you always have them in mind even while you sleep. For ever really but especially those first few months. So enjoy!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    And good luck with labor too! Hope all goes as smooth as possible for the both of you!
    3106 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/18/2012 4:30:19 PM
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