Broken Streaks or A New Opportunity

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Well, I was chugging along on Christmas Eve, trying to get in everything I needed and wanted to get in. I did all my baking, finished cleaning the house, and managed to get ready for Christmas Eve celebrations at my in-laws in record time. We had a lovely evening together, we came home and my immediate family and I spent time together all cozy in the livingroom.

I then had a wonderful Christmas Day with my crew, as well as the extended family on my side. Fabulous!

We were most of the way through Christmas Day when I realized that I had not exercised on Christmas Eve. emoticon

Oh no! After 89 days of my exercise streak, I actually forgot a day!


I was so hoping to get to 100.


BUT ...

I have to take a step back and remember *why* I was doing this. It was to create a habit. It was for a healthier lifestyle. It was to have some fun competition with myself.

None of that has changed simply because I forgot a day.

I simply re-start a new streak. Today.

emoticon of my new exercise streak!

Cheer me on! This time I will get to 100 days!

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