Saturday, January 26, 2013

I am hooked! Absolutely. Positively. Hooked. By accident I came across a crossfit workout while perusing pinterest earlier this week. My interest was peeked since it incorporated running, thus I "pinned" the workout and tonight I completed it. Loved. It. I mean I absolutely positively freaking loved it! Nothing complicated, nothing where I wanted to die, just intense fitness that was FUN!

Here is what I did (I'll post the link when I get to my computer, I'm on my kindle right now)

6 rounds
Run 1/2 mile - I ran this at a 5.0 mph pace.
10 pushups
20 squats - I alternated sumo squats with regular squats
30 situps - I alternated half situps, reverse sit ups, full sit ups

I completed this in roughly 40 minutes which included a 5 minute warm up and 5 minute cool down. When it was all said and done I was a complete, sweaty mess! And insanely happy! It was absolutely perfect for making a boring ole' treadmill run more interesting! I blared my music ($25 dollars later in mp3's I have a new running list) and before I knew it, I was done! I've already made up my mind that I'll be incorporating more cross fit at home workouts into my routine. About half ways through I realized I had forgotten my HRM though (good one) so I really have no idea how many calories I burned, but I know that I was way more sweaty after running 3 miles this way then when I just run the three miles.

Perfect ending to a perfect day!
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