Friday, February 01, 2013

Ok. today i had an issue with Google chrome so i asked a techy what to do. he said go to the tools and go to extentions and unclick the program that was hijacking the home page. so, JUST now i was on here and i wondered if my Blog would work. it didnt. so i went to the tools and went to extentions and just unclicked the weird programs that were enabled by 3rd parties. and voh-la! it came back up and STAYED up without blanking out!! whooo hooo! i'm back!

For those that don't know, my blog and comment box would blank out after i clicked to add it. and i couldnt blog or comment. :( and the Help on spark people never got back nor did any of the FAQ cover that issue. NOW you know! * in case it ever happens to you!

wow, its been MONTHS since i could blog. i reset all my settings and everything. lol wish i knew it was so simple! lol live and learn right?

Since my last blog I have moved forward in my fitness and health! I have decided how much I love being involved with the Beachbody products and people that i myself became a Coach!! :) i've been wanting to for a long time but i needed to be "ready" and for me, i wanted to have results. :)
I started POWER 90 the first of Novemeber, its the precurser to p90x. It ended yesterday! and I cant tell you how how much more endurance i have and how much stronger i've gotten! :) Today i started another program called Body Gospel! I think its great! :) Its a more of a dancy aerobic type workout, where as the Power 90 was more cut and dry with the moves.

I'm excited to be a coach because i can use the things i've learned and (still learning!) and be an encouragement to those who sign up for my challenge groups! I also have a general health and fitness support group on my FB for anyone who wants to be part of it. Its just more personalized with the challenge groups and more involvement from me. :)

anyway thats whats new with me lately! doing good, still massaging 3 days a week at a great hotel here in anchorage and enjoying that as well!

I have about 14 pounds to go till my goal weight. its slower going now but i'm so happy to be healthy and fitter and bringing it! :)

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