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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Our amazing friend IrishBeanerGal posted a picture on her blog the other day, displaying her desk and water pitcher, and a motivational phrase that works for her.

She inspired me! Here's a shot of one of the walls in my cube.

What you're seeing is a short wall upon which I have taped motivational sayings from the SparkPeople Desk Calendar 2011 - among other clutter.
I also have a frisbee, which we don't use but I would love to toss it down our cube alley.
I have a stress ball which I squeeze the cr*p out of sometimes.
Yes, that's a bowl of rubber bands. Guess what I do with those??
I have a headset next to my phone that I don't use nearly enough. I should wear it more often, and get up and pace during phone calls. Of course I'm usually typing during a call, transcribing what someone is telling me (I work HelpDesk - if you have a problem with your computer, hardware or software, or your phone or other various information services-related stuff, you call me).

The motivational quotes/phrases that speak to me are, from left to right:
Stop and think. Before every action, ask yourself if this "solution" will really help you in the long run. If not, choose a different option - one that will help you become successful.

Think about the qualities of others who have achieved your goal. Is there any reason why you can't behave like that right now? Behave like a successful person and you will become one!

Find meaningful work. The nature of your job isn't as important as how you approach it. A positive attitude and a focus on the meaning behind your work make it more rewarding.

"There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs."
- Unknown

"Everyone is an athlete. The only difference is that some of us are in training and some are not."
- George Sheehan

The meaningful work one is tough for me sometimes, although my attitude about my job is improving so far this year. That's a good thing.

Tuesday, Feb. 5:
Morning Coffee
Organic Valley Organic Half & Half, 4 tbsp 80
Optimum Gold Standard Natural 100% Whey Vanilla 0.5 serving 65
Regular Coffee, 2 cup (8 fl oz) 5
Kirkland Daily Multivitamin, 1 serving 0
Total: 150

Blackberries, fresh, 0.5 cup 37
Raspberries, 20 raspberries 19
Blueberries, fresh, 22 berries 17
greek god's greek yogurt traditional plain, 1 serving 130
Total: 203

Grapes, 20 grape, seedless 39
Bok Choy, raw-shreaded, 1 cup 10
Ore Ida Mini Tater Tots (19 pieces), 1 serving 190
Costco- Trident Seafood's Wild Alaskan Salmon Burger, 1 170
Total: 409

Afternoon Snack
Banana, fresh, 1 small (6" to 6-7/8" long) 93
Total: 93

Chicken Thigh, 85 grams 101
Chicken Breast (cooked), no skin, 5 ounces 170
Roasted vegetables, 1 serving 186
Total: 458

Evening Snack
Cashew Nuts (raw, unsalted), 30 gram 172
Total: 172

Daily total: 1484
Calorie Range per SparkPeople - 1800 - 2150
This is for a goal of losing 1 lb a week, burning 2550 cals a week to reach 199 by the first week of December, 2013.

Calorie Differential:
Eaten 1,484
BMR* 2,186
Exercise 915
Total Burned 3,101
Differential -1,617

Closer to my range, though still under it. Of course, things are righting themselves and my calories will increase. I'm looking for patterns to try and understand what my body does at various times of the month, not just during TOM. I'm starting to, after what? nearly 3 years? LOL figure it out. Maybe. Or maybe not!

Here's my 'challenge' to you. Show us your workspace!
Do you have motivational pictures up? Sayings? What do you surround yourself with daily that helps keep you on the right path?
emoticon emoticon

Many thanks to Irish for the inspiration!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Thanks for the tour of your desk! Love it! And love the quotes you have posted.

    My workspace - I'm currently mostly mobile and we don't have assigned desks at work. We check in to whatever desk we want that is open each day. That miminmizes personalization. I have a desk at home but we're in the middle of redoing the area so I don't have anything "up" beyond my vision collages and a few quotes. I will accept your challenge once I officially move to my "fixed up" space.

    Love this idea and I can't wait to see what others share!

    3057 days ago
  • DOUGZ69
    You all are doing so well. I thought I was the only one who left and came back :(. Thank you for your encouraging words and just knowing we are moving along together.
    3057 days ago
    Excellent idea! I need to remind myself to get up and walk while stuck at my desk.
    3057 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8532529
    Candy...That's a good idea....ok I'm going to have to clean my work space first. A few of my quotes around my desk I found when I was going through a really difficult time. 1. Happiness is in the heart and not in the circumstances! 2. You need to be uncomfortable to grow! Something that I do to help keep a positive attitude at work is to listen to peppy music and to drown out my coworkers inane chatter!!! Must she speak out loud every thought that comes into her head??? She's really good at her job though and makes my life I just turn the music up!!! Can you believe good we are both doing! I wanna pinch myself and figure out how to get back here when I lose motivation. I'm also finding music very motivating right on the country station on the way home yesterday and on the way to work today....they played that song On a gets me thinking about summer and how I want to look in my shorts and bathing suit. And then I heard a really good couples dance song. Reggie bought us dancing lessons for Christmas....again....I think about how I want to feel when I'm dancing with him. And looking forward to events that are coming up and how I want to look and feel.

    So happy that we are both doing well!! Hugs and love to you...Robin
    3058 days ago
    Irish! emoticon You're in good company, I fumble EVERYONE's names LOL
    Corrected - so sorry!
    3058 days ago
    Hey Candy!

    So glad to hear that you were inspired - because you inspire ME! I accept your challenge and will be posting a picture of my desk soon!


    (ps - it's IrishbeanerGAL - lol)
    3058 days ago
    Very nice, love the motivational quotes! Like CATBEFIT, I have a little cleanup to do before I can post anything, though. For a long, long time, I had this posted on a sticky note on the bottom of my computer screen:

    The choice is mine to make.

    That little reminder--that I CHOOSE to eat well or poorly, be active or be a sloth, was the key trigger for me that got me seriously going on this journey. It reminded me that I am in control, I'm not a 'victim' when it comes to what I eat and do. The sticky finally wore off and the computer monitor has been replaced several times, so it is no longer posted, but it's permanently etched in my brain. Amazing what those reminders can do for us, isn't it?

    3058 days ago
    LOL -- I would have to spend a week cleaning up my workspace before I'd post a photo!! Love the motivational notes!
    3058 days ago
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