FINISHED! My Newest Painting (photo)

Saturday, February 16, 2013

My Alice in Wonderland-themed painting,
TITLE: "Oh, to Go on Such an Adventure"

The art galleries of Santa Fe, NM host an "Art Feast" fundraiser for the children's arts programs each February after Valentine's Day This year's theme is "Alice In Wonderland."

The art gallery that represents my paintings in Santa Fe, Giacobbe-Fritz fine Art Gallery, stages both of their entire art galleries in the theme and costumes their staff... completely immersed in the theme. A Santa Fe chef positions himself in each participating gallery To provide the food... My understanding is, It's like a progressive dinner and art show throughout all participating galleries.

DESCRIPTION: ============
To create this painting, I imagined a little girl whose parents are in the midst of reading her the book "Alice In Wonderland." And, on this rainy day, she and her pet rabbit have been playing inside, having a tea party, and play-acting, as little girls do… dreaming of what it would be like to go on an adventure to a magical place like Wonderland. (Of course, I must have one of my 'signature' birds in the composition— this little bird positioned on the tea cup is an appropriate "house finch.")

Title: "Oh, to Go on Such an Adventure"
Artist: Camille Engel
Size: 16 x 16 inches, custom framed (18 x 18 inches with frame)
Medium: Oil on Panel

If you look closely at the painting, I positioned the "Alice in Wonderland" book just beneath the tea cup with the Two of Spades- card character* on the spine. I wanted the girl's appearance to be as if she's been playing… so, the bow on her dress is knotted and has lost it's shape… and I've created a bit of a natural untidiness to her hair. This painting signifies my first rabbit, my first windows (& rain-dripped windows), as well as my second human subject. This painting is only the second painting I've created that tells a story.

*Alice in Wonderland features a deck of cards as characters. The Queen, King and Knave of Hearts and the Two, Five and Seven of Spades are the most significant in the story, but almost all of the cards do appear.


Last year's theme was "Peter Pan" ... these are the two paintings I created for that event:

TITLE: "I Believe in Fairies" (the bird is a Fairy Wren)

TITLE: "Could It Be!?"

I'm happy to have this painting behind me now so I can move on to new paintings and incorporate exercise into my daily routine.

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