Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hello to all my SP friends
I had to take a break from stuff. I had to de-stress, re-evaluate and re-focus. I have been up and down, in and out, confused, tired stressed and frustrated. The only thing that I did consistently was work.

Fast forward to today. My my life is still in shambles the factors that has caused all of this stress has not changed. But I am changing my response to to everything. I thought before that I was doing that and perhaps I did on a certain level. What I know now is this is not a one time thing, The work has to continue. So as I have said regarding other things. I am a work in progress. I am evolving every day.

There are some potential major changes that may happen in the next 30-60 days. There are two ways they can go. No matter which way it goes I will be just fine. I am trusting is that God is working everything for my good. It is up to me to believe. I will not let His work in my life be in vain. I am believing that the Universe is conspiring for my good. I am dealing with the NOW! I have a tendency to looking at everything from a woe is me perspective and not seeing the GIFT!

I am working my way back to complete my weight loss goals and I have decided to work through the pain instead of run away.

Shout out to the Turquoise Titans BL team! I walked away from the team in the midst of the challenge and they have been so kind to me! I am forever grateful to them and all of my SP friends who have posted on my page.

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