Springing Challenge Week 1

Monday, February 18, 2013

This is my blog entry for the Bahama Mamas Challenge for week 1.

~My name is Cheryl.
~I am 34 years old.
~I am married and we have been married for 5 1/2 years.
~I have 2 kiddos. My daughter Erica is 8. My son Avery is 3 (4 in one month!).
~I am an infant teacher in a preschool. Have worked there for 6 years.
~I live near the ocean(Delaware) and LOVE it! Moved here 8 years ago from Northern VA.
~I am currently following a gluten free, dairy free, processed tomato free, soda free, and zero fast food way of eating. I am non-Celiac gluten intolerant, with a serious sensitivity (more like allergy) to dairy. It is not lactose intolerance. It does cause serious sinus problems for me.
~I have been purely focused on weight loss FOREVER! I am no longer focused on weight. I am focused on health and doing what is right for my body and you know what? The weight will follow :)
~I have PCOS. My hormones are screwed up. I get cysts that are huge. I also have fibroids. I am in pain a lot of the time.
~I am a fighter. I push through pain when I can.
~My current goals are this: Be a runner and be strong.
~The plan:I am training for my first 5k in April. I want to do 4 5k's this year :) I am also working on lifting weights and building muscle. It makes me feel good. It makes me feel powerful. It makes me feel strong.
~I am actively involved in making the health of each member of my family better. If you want to follow how this is going or want to see how I am doing with it all please check out my Facebook pages:
. I am very excited about the second page as it really goes into my journey. But I would love new friends on either. :) (My link to my personal page is not seeming to work. You can look me up by email though,

I am super excited about this challenge and the new friends I will make, as well as the getting to know current friends better. :)
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