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March update/ 2013 Goals progress

Sunday, March 10, 2013

So February lacked a check-in but I have actually been pretty consistent all around. On Jan 1st a made a shlew of goals for the year - blogging more was one of my goals so I apparently I need to try a teeny bit harder in that aspect.

As of March things have been turned into whirlwind mode and everything is moving so quickly!!!! For a long time now we have been dreaming of buying a house of our own - we did not want to go the apartment/ condo route (I've been really adamant about not having "wall/ floor neighbors" and I honestly don't see the logic in paying rent every month and not being anywhere closer to owning it straight out but that's just me).

I have been watching the housing market in the city we've been looking to live in for a solid year or so at this point and in January sometime I found a home on Craigslist. Exactly what we we're looking for as far as a timeline, location (right on the opposite end of the lake I currently live off of), there we're a couple things that needed updating but it's nothing we didn't expect from a house built in the '50s. I emailed the Craigslist post in response but didn't hear anything for like a month so I let it go.....

Fast forward like a month later and the guy found my email, called me and left a voicemail.
I listened to it, played it for my parents, and then my mom heard the guys name. She goes "if this is the same guy that I think this is, I already know him!". So I called the guy and started a dialogue with him. The next day I applied for a mortgage pre-approval. I honestly expected the process to take some time but it was within like a day and a half I heard back I was pre-approved!! I really didn't think it was going to be so quickly.

So last weekend I set it up for myself, the hubby and my parents to go there and check it out in person. We get there... it's like 10 mins n 3 miles from my current house now! It's a little bit of maze to get down through the neighborhood but it is really peaceful and quiet and just so perfect. Turns out, this guy actually does know my mom AND my dad separately! (He went to school with my dad's older bro n sis) And it also turns out that because I found it through Craigslist first, it's a for sale by owner situation so we don't have to pay a realtor fee!

This weekend we ended up back at that house 3 times - Saturday w a sewer guy and couple general contractor friends to address a couple concerns (but we got a thumbs up - it's all easy fixes for someone in that field). Tonight we went back and put down a deposit and signed the agreement of purchase - THE BALL IS ROLLING - WE BOUGHT A FREAKIN HOUSE HOLYS#!TTHATSUNFRIGGINREAL!!!!

So yeah.... whirlwind is the appropriate descriptive. It has been 2 weekends since I found out I was pre-approved and now it's in motion!!!! June 3rd is our closing date as of this moment (contingent on financial stuff) it just feels so unreal right now. Like I felt like I was going to throw up all night from anxiety.

As far as my 2013 Goals...

- Lose weight: CW: 133.5 ---> GW: 115 - 18.5 lbs Total Difference
- Gain muscle: CBF%: 30.6 ---> GBF%: 25 - 5.6 % Total Difference
- Learn to give myself credit for the work I've put in!
- Accept you are only human and NO ONE is perfect!

~.~As far as Body Image is concerned: I feel like I'm finally making progress. This morning I was 129.4 and my BMI was 25.3. I've been noticing how much lifting a little heavier than I had been is really defining my muscle tone a ton. I really like feeling strong and when I lift that bar I feel like an animal! That's def giving myself credit/ acceptance and I'm really proud of my consistency right now - M-Th 7 hours total (2 zumba, 5 kickboxing).

- Fully complete all 4 weeks of January Jumpstart Challenge
- Continue kickboxing 4x/week M-TH
- Continue zumba 2x/week M&W
- Incorporate extra exercise whenever possible (mainly weekends): Zumba Abs, Windsor 20 Minute Pilates (can be found on youtube), Various JM DVDs

~.~As far as Exercise is concerned: I'm FREAKING KILLING IT! Like I said above, I do 2 hrs of zumba and 5 hrs of KB every week.... I still feel like a crazy person but I seriously love it. PLUS!! I'm helping teach 3 of those 7 hrs! As far as the other 2 parts of my exercise section (ie: January Jumpstart and weekend exercise)... I've been crazy busy - January Jumpstart is a lost cause.

Jan 1 - FOOD:
- Drink 8+ cups (4+ bottles) water/ day
- Make new dinner recipe at least once/ week
- Restart food tracking frequently
- Cut down on carbs/ sugar!!! Will eat as much fruit/ veggies as possible - buying healthy snacks to substitute junk snacks: apples, grapes, yogurts, trail mix etc.
- Eat more foods with protein (requires some research...)
- Watch coffee intake - Max 3 coffees/ day - Aiming for 2
- No booze/ soda: This one should be pretty easy - it's already down to minimal but must keep it up!
- Stop buying party bags of Reeses!! (self explanatory)

~.~As far as Food is concerned: it's still like a 75/25 right now. I haven't been going over my coffee limit at all, I haven't had any desire to drink anything with booze or soda, I've been eating a yogurt with granola first thing when I get to work with a bottle of water before I make my 2nd cup of coffee for the day with breakfast (for a while now I've been doing blueberries/ strawberries/ banana with 1 packet of plain oatmeal and I look forward to it every day). I still bring salads with deli turkey and hard boiled eggs in it and I keep light honey dijon salad dressing in the fridge n crutons at work. (this is lunch #2 at like...430pm).

Lunch #1 is either a light progresso soup or teddies PB & sugarfree raspberry jelly on light oatmeal bread (also look forward to this everytime!) I still have a crazy sweet tooth but I think I've been doing a little better with moderation.

- Continue to log-in on SP daily
- Continue frequent check-ins with my texting SP friends!
- Blog monthly with update (if not more often)

~.~As far as motivation is concerned: my sister has been back on board the healthy lifestyle bandwagon (and killing it I might add) and we talk a lot about everything related to this topic. I really havent been too consistent w my texting SP friends - but I will try and fix that soon. I log in to SP everyday and I've been logging my fitness minutes like it's my job!

I just love this site - it's been such a tool along this whole journey and I can't beleive how much change can happen in 1 year (let alone the 4 years I've been actually working towards where I am now!)

I can honestly say that 2013 really is still on the right track, an exciting path and I have absolutley WORKED for it!!! I feel so blessed to have everything falling into place the way it has so far and I really REALLY hope everything finance-wise goes just as smooth!! Fingers crossed
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    Congrats, dear! A new house! That is awesome! I am glad that things came together for you and your hubby the way they did.
    2982 days ago
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