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8 Week Reflection Blog

Sunday, March 17, 2013

This is me these days. It's hard to see anything, because it's winter! Guess that's why I like winter!

Can you believe that we have already finished 8 weeks of BLC21? I hope all of you have lost more weight than I have! In some ways, I'm really unhappy with my lack of progress, but I'm also glad that I'm still keeping off the bulk of weight I've lost.

Things that have been going well these past 8 weeks:
I've discovered MyFitnessPal, which was a free app for my phone. It makes tracking much easier (and dare I say a little fun)
There have been several days that I have consumed 8 or more glasses of water(I'm usually a camel)
I'm getting a basic level of exercise

Things that have not been going so well:
I've had several cheat days
I've had several days where I haven't eaten much of anything
I've had an increase in stress in my personal life
I'm not happy with the number on the scale
I'm not happy with the general appearance of my body

Goals for the next 4 weeks (3.5??):
I want to make a simple plan for myself, because then I know I can do it.

Food: Track every day in MyFitnessPal, even if I go outside my calorie range. I think that by tracking my goofs, I will have an honest record (not mentally inflated or deflated)

Exercise: Continue with current exercise, add some daily pushups and situps and keep up with my team's exercises! If my old injury acts up, I just will exchange something else for step-ups. I'm also going to work on getting at least 20 minutes of exercise done in the morning. I like morning exercise, but I'm usually a night exerciser.

Reducing stress: Give up TV at home for the next 4 weeks. If I read for my free time, I generally feel happier than if I spend the same amount of time watching TV. I'm also going to take at least one yoga class this month. I usually don't like yoga, but I should give it another shot.

OK, well that's all for now! Ganbarimasu! (that means "I'll do my best")
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