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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

For me the key to getting my weight, size and physical fitness to identify and CONSTANTLY remind myself of how I really am weight and size wise and why, so I have developed the Reasons I am Fat list:

1. I overeat trying to placate my emotions with food, do not eat healthy at times, exercise much less than I should, picture in my mind’s eye a much smaller version of me that existed in the 1990’s and do not acknowledge the reality of my actual size

If the list of Reasons I am Fat were any longer I would not be able to memorize it.

To help keep me on track I have developed my My What I Am Doing About It List:

1. I WILL NOT overeat trying to placate my emotions with food, WILL eat healthy more often, WILL exercise more, picture in my mind’s eye the REAL ME AND REMIND MYSELF BY LOOKING IN THE MIRROR AND POSTING PICTURES OF ME SO THAT I WILL acknowledge the reality of my actual size

If the list of My What I Am Doing About It List were any longer I would not be able to memorize it.

I have 2 pictures of my HUGE FAT self posted in my office where I will see those most of the time. I spend most of the waking hours in my office at work every week. Now, that is DEPRESSING! I will be back in a few minutes; I need a Burger King Triple Whopper with cheese! Just kidding!

Looking at myself I realize that I truly am a GROSS FAT GUY (GFG). emoticon

The reason I avoid pictures or looking at pictures or simply looking at myself in the mirror is that I am a GFG! emoticon

Honestly I never considered that my Wife and family have to look at me as the GFG I have become. I used to picture myself in my mind’s eye as the 1990’s 164 pound Marty. emoticon

Mental notes to self:

1. Give Wife and family less grief and be as cooperative as possible, they deserve it; they have to look at the GFG

2. Do not let Wife and family know you are purposely giving them less grief and being as cooperative as possible, since they will take advantage of it… emoticon

I WILL KEEP PUSHING FORWARD AND LOSE THE GFG! The 1990’s 164 pound Marty is in there somewhere! emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    This is so funny. I can relate being in denial about my size. I think i look like i did in high school! 😂
    1944 days ago
    love your humor, especially that you can laugh at yourself.

    People take themselves way to seriously..... that said stop beating yourself up. you did not get where you are at overnight and it will take some time.

    laugh along your journey, never at your self, BUT with yourself at all that life throws at us. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3028 days ago
    self assessment is a good thing
    3028 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12108217
    Learning to love ourselves the way we are is a truly hard thing to accomplish. We can accept mediocrity in others that we would never accept from ourselves! And while I agree with another commenter about not liking the word "gross", I too know where you're coming from. I've had those thoughts about myself.
    Don't be so down on yourself, just keep pushing toward your goals! We've got to keep our heads high and resolute! We'll get there!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3037 days ago
    AWESOME!!! I like the idea of posting pictures of yourself at your current weight. I need to do that. I'm very guilty of only looking at flattering images of myself.
    3038 days ago
    emoticon emoticon

    You can do it. You are on the right track. Good luck
    3039 days ago
    oh, I'd say you were an MFICG: Mighty Fine Intelligent Considerate Guy.
    3039 days ago
  • DEBANNE1124
    Great job. You can do it.
    3039 days ago
  • FRAN0426
    emoticon Like the familiar saying one day at a time---hang in there, we all have our set backs ( yes some of us more than others--me included ) emoticon emoticon It may take us longer, but WE will succeed.
    3039 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13457147
    Ditto what everyone else said- you are not the gross fat guy-
    you are working to change your outside to match your inside and it seems like you are making steady progress. emoticon emoticon

    3039 days ago
  • FROSTY99
    Marty you are just too funny, but you do get the point across. Keep on keeping on and you will find that thin guy hiding inside there! I am looking for my "skinny" self too. I know she is in there somewhere.

    3039 days ago
    I think you're being too hard on yourself and you are definitely a funny guy!!
    3039 days ago
  • BOVEY63
    I think you are a GFG - Genuinely Funny Guy!
    We are all out own worst critics and it can be difficult to see ourselves through others' eyes.

    I do like the idea of keeping a picture of what we don't want to be anymore where we can see it. I have heard of putting one on the fridge, but one that is visible more often may keep me from snacking as much; and that is my biggest problem.
    emoticon emoticon
    3039 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4199227
    3039 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13354694
    3039 days ago
  • -POOKIE-
    We can be hard on ourselves... just make sure it doesn't get into being TOO horrible to ourselves.

    You are a great guy, regardless of size, your wife is lucky to have such humour in her life even if she cannot always appreciate it!
    3039 days ago
    Hey Marty you are loved for who you are. Not what you weigh.
    You will be slim and svelte in no time my friend. With your humour and dedication the pounds will come laughing off.
    Hugs my friend.
    3039 days ago
    Marty,i think you are being too hard on yourself.You are losing the weight slow and steady.Congratulations!Being the hardest critics on ourselves is often the case..and you are not a GFG. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3039 days ago
  • DRB13_1
    Keeping the humor in mind, maybe we could do two things -
    get a "skinny mirror" that reflects how we see ourselves and
    keep on Sparking...yes, the fitter us is in there trying to get out.

    Seriously though,
    Don't forget to take your measurements and celebrate the NSVs.
    3039 days ago
    3039 days ago
    Keep at it! You will get back where you want to be!
    3040 days ago
    I'm not a fan of the word gross, but I get where you are coming from.

    You can do this. I know you can. We got this.
    Just think that I might just one day come out dressed as a clown with a chain saw.
    emoticon emoticon
    You probably want to be able to out run me.
    3040 days ago
    I do think your blog hits home how we are our worst critic! I also think it hits close to home how we become overweight because we keep looking at ourselves with these rose colored glasses and refuse to see the weight gain.

    We all now you are not the GFG you are a human with flaws, as such as we all are, and everyday is an opportunity to work on them! Love your daily updates! Have a great day!
    3040 days ago

    I can identify with the reasons you have listed for becomming bigger. I have the same problems. I have to remind myself lately that healthy eating can also be nice and tasty.

    Well done on your progress and thank you for motivating me to set goals and stick to them.
    3040 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3468195
    Goodness Marty! You have been working hard I see all the pounds lost and I did lose count. I would call you LFG, Lovable funny guy. I think that suits you better. emoticon
    3040 days ago
    First don't be so hard on yourself. Hey, we've all been there or we wouldn't be here!

    Second, I love your humor. That really will help you along the way. Sometime I think my humor is the only thing that gets me through the days.

    Finally, you are correct. Do NOT let wife/family you are conscience of the amount of grief you are dealing out. It could cause you GREAT pains!
    3040 days ago
    I also kick my own butt....keep going, step for step, choice for choice and you will get there. You sound like a great guy, so lose the F in the middle.
    3040 days ago
    lol, stop it , you are not gross ! I don't see my real size either but things vary, sometimes I see myself bigger than I am , sometimes smaller.
    3040 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2856573
    Ditto with the being too hard on yourself.

    Find what you love about yourself and do more of it.

    Get your wife and kids involved. emoticon
    3040 days ago
    I'm a big fan of being blunt with myself to keep myself on track. I give it to myself right between the eyes quite often.

    Everyone here is right, don't forget to look at the positives too. You should focus on your strong points on a daily basis!

    I agree on the great sense of humor point!

    3040 days ago
    I'm married to a guy who is at least 40-50 pounds overweight and I NEVER think of him as the GFG. Please don't be too hard on yourself...I'm sure your family appreciates your humor, caring, and many other qualities more than your waist size. That said, I'm also pretty sure they want you to be healthy, active and to feel good about yourself. So, go for it!
    3040 days ago
    Very good blog! But I think you are being too hard on yourself. In addition to the things you are trying to change (like weight) -- also remember the positives about yourself! (sense of humor! nice smile! nice eyes! good SparkFriend)

    3040 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1479887
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3040 days ago
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