HM race report and hiatus

Saturday, April 13, 2013

My third HM was a big race on a famous bridge with many of my friends. This was an impromptu race with the least training. Since I was coming off my PR-attempt HM about a month earlier, I went from recovery to taper with no long runs over 10 miles and no speed or strength work.

DH and I stayed in the City and did some walking to take in the sights and enjoy some Dungeness Crab, one of my all-time favorite eats! Usually we drive to the race the same morning so the walking around to see the sights was a departure from my usual pre-race routine of home-cooking a meal and resting. It did take my mind off any pre-race jitters.

The next morning in the early dark, we joined up (serendipitously) with all of our teammates as we all headed for the start. Compared to the smaller races I'd been doing, it was a busy and crowded start but the waves went off on time. DH was riding his bike to try to catch us at various points, and I was running with my running buddy.

We got a hearty--and somewhat surprising--cheer from DH at about 1.5 miles in, then we settled in to attack the rise to the bridge. The course lived up to its name and was beautiful, we enjoyed the scenery!

Throughout the race, there were many other runners and most like my my buddy took lots of pictures along the way.

My other HMs were flat but this one required some short-but-steep climbs and drops to get up to the bridge, then back under and up to the other side. I started to feel the lack of hillwork at the final climb to take the bridge back, but the cold breeze once I got on the bridge braced me, as did the welcoming views of the city.

At mile 10 I started to feel my endurance fade but I hung on; my buddy was feeling strong and pulled ahead at the final mile (should have done some speedwork!) but we both finished feeling good.

This was the first race where we had blankets, and we all needed them! We joined up with the rest of our buddies to share the post-race afterglow

I'm now taking a break from HMs while windsurfing season starts (hopefully soon!), but I signed up for my next on in mid-November. It'll be another scenic course with hills and alot of walking the day before, so I'll have to design my training program accordingly.
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