Learning a new game!!!

Saturday, May 04, 2013

I am cheating on this blog: I am rewriting a blog I just read using tennis instead of baseball because I want it forever to be in my blogs. I loved it!

Have you ever played tennisl? When you were learning to play did you hit the ball every time? Did you always hit the ball straight to the person you were hitting it to? Did you always hit the ball in when you were serving ? I didn't think so. It takes time and lots of practice to get good and even then you will not , hit the ball good every time. So what makes you think you can start a new eating and exercise program and get it perfect all the time? You can't. Think of it as learning a new game. You practice, practice and more practice but even then you will make mistakes. Sometimes you miss the ball. But, keep on playing. You WILL get better.

Preety soon you will be able do it (eat right, and hit the ball better) in every situation, and in different more inventive ways, you will be able to plan your next shot, you will be able to move w/grace and style on the courts and in any eating situation, you will be able to make better choices & hit balls you are amazed you could never do & hit before, the same will happen when you practice your new spark way of life, it will get easier and you will get better at it.

Today I am a champion league playing tennis player, (really our team won our division) 6 yrs ago I was a overwt mom who couldn't find a way to exercise that I could stand, I am on the way to becoming a champ w/my body now too! One practice day at a time! emoticon
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