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Monday, May 20, 2013

I was so looking for the soccer season to be over because things would slow down! Well they have in that respect but now my stress levels are so high now that I'm physically exhausted and it's taking everything I have to get through my weeks! First my husband gets into his car accident and the car has been totaled! Then we find out that our insurance decided to pay their (the people who hit my husband) 900.00 bill because the insurance decided it was my husbands fault. No ticket was issued but they felt with the drivers lies that my husband hit him :/ Then at the beginning of May we received a lot of work with resets in Safeway. My first week into them we get news that the middle of May we have to start Kroger resets! Since the time frame is so tight and I had about 25 stores to do with Safeway that's all I did for 2 weeks, low and behold this is now my 2nd. week into my Kings resets and I find out this morning that the 4 stores that we did last week we have to go back to and redo because the big wigs decided to change the flow. Are you freakin kidding me, get it right the first time before we start, I think they need to be charged by the vendors on this and not get free help! Oh yeah, did I mention I have to do these 4 days a week for 5 weeks! Then today I found out that one of our full timers has decided to retire and move to Texas. I'm happy for him he deserves to be with his kids and grand kids! Now we're being told that they are going to hire in 2 part timers to take his place. This normally wouldn't worry me but over the last week or so other companies that are in the same business are cutting all of their full timers to part time (under 30 hours a week) so they don't have to pay insurance under the new health care plan. Once he's gone there will be 4 part timers and 2 full timers not counting 1 part time office and 2 full time office personale, they which don't work the stores. The other full timer and I and now being told that our jobs will probably change now (i.e. more work no raise) more managerial responsibility and so on. Now I'm more stressed than ever because of the money issue! It was bad at the beginning of the year and now this is compounding it not knowing if I'm going to be cut at least 10 hours a week. I can't afford another pay cut! I love my job but I've already told both of my bosses that if I get dropped that I'll have to find something else because I won't be able to pay my bills.. Just waiting for corporate to slowly make the decision of what affects other offices in other states.....
Right now I have to say that I'm very stressed out and very saddened to see that a lot of companies are moving a lot of full time to part time so they don't have to pay for the health care plan. I'm more saddened that they are treating their employees like that even with a long run of service. I've never been in this position before and I think that what troubles me the most, no control! It's usually me making my own decisions instead of them being made for me and without my consent....

I really have to vent and blow of some steam, I can't share this with a lot of people but I know that I have good friends that I can find support from here, then I come home and see the news and my problems and issues seem so petty, people have lost their lives, their homes and their neighborhoods, and I'm sitting here complaining about my job and things I can't control!

I hope this wasn't a downer for a whole lot of people! Just trying to work it through!!

Take care and have a great week, for all of those in the Kansas and Oklahoma area may God Bless you and help you through a speedy recover and I do hope that you're able to get back on your feet as quick as possible!


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    Wow - the things you are going through at this time. It is good to let out what you are feeling and it does help. We are here for you emoticon

    You are doing the best you can and you are taking it day by to day to see what will happen next. You can decide at that time if you need leave to get a better full time job.

    2994 days ago
    I hope things get better for you! Hang in there! emoticon Take some deep breaths!
    2996 days ago
    So sorry for all your stress!!!! Will send prayers your way so that you can still have a full time job and for it to be emoticon less hectic...
    Believe me I know what companys can do to their employees (especially long timers and older) since they did it to my Husband. Which is why we are still here in Upstate, NY going on 8 months and counting.
    I've learned to take all of life one day at a time.
    May your life be slow and steady.... emoticon
    2996 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5707126
    emoticon and emoticon for all that you are having to deal with.
    2996 days ago
  • AUNTB63
    You are right...YOU can vent here any time about anything. Better to try sorting your thoughts on paper than keep them running around in your head. Sorry things are just not going well for you. I do remember what it's like to get "projects" thrown at you just to have them change things while you are in mid stream of the original plan.
    This thing that companies are doing...taking full time people and making them part time is really running rampid. you hear this all over the place. What I can't figure out is my understanding is these companies are suppose to be getting subsidies for implementing the health plan....and the numbers aren't even out as to what it is going to cost those employers.....been keeping in contact with people in the know about this and this is really a sham to create a more unstable economy.
    Hope your day goes better.....take a couple of deep breaths and do the best you can. When things are out of our control we can't try to change them. Sending good thoughts and prayers for you and your family. emoticon
    2996 days ago
  • SHARON10002
    Sounds like you are feeling very overwhelmed. . . give it all to God. What will happen will, and no amount of worry will help or change the outcome. I know this is hard for you with all of the uncertainty, but you've got to change your perspective so you don't ruin your health. Sometimes a change in perspective can have a dramatic effect on what you experiences. You’ll have to cultivate them because some of them will be buried very deeply by those negative thoughts through your recent life experiences. As soon as you begin to focus your thinking in this new direction, you’ll begin seeing things from a different perspective, and problems will no longer seem so overwhelming to you. Work to get there - I know emoticon !
    2997 days ago
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