Part 3 Bay to Breakers 2013

Friday, May 31, 2013

We continue towards 9th Street

A look behind to see how everybody is doing

Coming up to 9th Street and getting ready to go the the right

Heading west on 9th Street headed towards Market Street

Some sidewalk music blasting right through the headphones and I can feel it thumping my chest, woohoo!! Awesome city participation.

wow sooo loud its hard to hold the camera still

continuing on

We crossed Market back a bit and are on Hayes and getting ready to start climbing a little bit ahead the Salmon group that runs the race in reverse is approaching.

Here is the Salmon group getting a bunch of High fives from the folks

Continuing up Hayes

Getting a little steeper

Were at the Top of Hayes Hill, Sweat is flowing a little bit here

Dang they have some big Bee's out here

Continuing down Hayes Street headed for Divisadero Street

Turning left and heading over to Fell Street then turning right again onto Fell

Ok we have gone 4 miles now and the day is awesome,

This is the end of this part only one more part to go, I will post tomorrow. Hope you like it so far.

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