My Weight Loss Journey Recap (-127 lbs) with Before/After Pics

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I've met a few people recently that don't really know about my weight loss journey. When I mention it to them, I get an amazing compliment that they almost don't believe that I was ever overweight because of my size and running now.

Trust me, I was. Weighed in 127 pounds heavier than I am now at 252 pounds...A lot on a 5'0, petite frame. I did not have any other health issues at that point, but I know they would have developed.

I started my journey with the motivation to look good in a wedding dress and start my married life on a healthy note and it's given me so much more than that. It's given me a life that I could not imagine. It's given me the opportunity to speak to others and inspire them about health. It's given me the chance to do things I would have never thought imaginable- come on, I'm doing a marathon in February! It's given me the freedom to go into any store and buy something off the rack.

But most of all, it's given me time with my family. I was blessed with great pregnancy/delivery experiences and two healthy baby boys. I love being able to run around with Parkie and Reid...hide in Parkie's tent (even if he only lets me stay in there for 2 minutes before saying, "Parkie push Mommy out.") I can keep up with them and know we have an awesome future of playdates and I always want to show them what a healthy mommy is.

I love running, hiking, riding bikes and doing whatever with Steve...we could have never done those things while dating. He's loved me the whole time, but I know he is proud and happy with who I am now.

For those of you that have made it to the end of this (especially those of you on your own weight loss journey), your future is what you make of it. You can do anything you set your mind's all about choices. I make time to exercise and have grown to love it. I make healthy eating choices 90% of the time so that I can have what I want in the other 10%. Every morning I wake up knowing God has blessed me with another day- I want to make those days count!
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