BLC 22 Halfway recap

Saturday, July 20, 2013

After 6 weeks on The Biggest Loser Challenge #22, I have lost 11.9 pounds!! Almost 12 pounds! This could be my best round in over a year! What makes this round so productive? Could it be the team? Could it be that I am finally focused? Could it be that I had no other clothes in my closet that I could fit into? It's possible that it could be a combination of all of those. All I know is: This Girl's in a Zone!! I am more focused right now, to lose weight!!

I am doing everything I planned for this round so far. Everything that I posted in an earlier blog. I am eating healthy and using the SP tracking tools to help me stay focused. I have increased my fitness up over 400 mins per week. I have added Strength Training 2-3 times per week.

I've cut out all "added" sugars and almost all breads. If I eat bread, I only eat whole wheat. My Rice is always brown or Quinoa but I don't eat a lot of that. I eat lots of fruit & veggies. My lunch meal is generally the biggest meal of day. The meat I eat is mostly Turkey & Fish. I do a couple Protein shakes for Dinner (on Monday & Tuesdays) prior to my weigh-in.

My clothes that I wore 6 weeks ago (size 18) are getting loose and baggy. I am able to fit into some of my 16's now. (which I have a closet full of 16's & 14's)

I will continue on the same track as these past 6 weeks. (as long as my body continues to react positively) My goal will be to lose another 6-8 pounds. (or more, of course!)

I, Paulette, pledge to do everything in my power to become healthier this week. I will watch the quality and quantity of my food, EVERYDAY! I will move more than last week. I will not make excuses. It will not be easy. I will be tempted. BUT, I will stay strong and continue to be focused because I deserve to be skinny and I am worth the work!!
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