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Thursday, August 08, 2013

Okay, so I might be super obnoxiously happy lately, but I can't help it! emoticon I have had tons of blogs in the past where I was feeling crappy, so it is nice to be on the up swing with no signs of slowing!

I lost 1.8 pounds this week, while on TOM, and I have managed to lose weight every single week for10 weeks! After being on a horrible plateau and gaining a losing the same 5-10 pounds for 6 months that is a great feeling! emoticon

My yearly physical is in September, and my Doctor wanted me to get my blood work done before the visit. Last year, my A1C was a 5.8 and depending on who you ask, it can be considered pre-diabetes. I found a lot of conflicting information on what exactly is considered pre-diabetes, but either way I knew it wanted to be lower. My Grandma and Uncle on my mom's side have it, as does my Dad. The craziest part is my Dad has always been a healthy weight and active, so I was extra concerned I'd have it with my weight issues.

It has been 9 months since that test and I am now at a 5.3! emoticon I'm so happy to see that. My fasting glucose was great, my cholesterol is great, and my "good cholesterol" is up to 72 which when I googled found out that over 60 was the best possible range. emoticon

Disclaimer: I know that just because I am currently healthy, it doesn't mean that I can't get diabetes in the future, especially with it running in my family. All I can do is continue to get healthier and do what I'm doing and hope for the best.

In other news, I will say that it has been a huge transition in terms of the way I think. It has been hard work from going from thinking "You can't do it, you will always be fat!" to thinking "I can do this, I can TRY my hardest and see what happens", all the way to "You are doing this, and you aren't turning back!"

This weight loss stuff is hard, and we all need to have that confidence in ourselves to KNOW that we can do this. But it seems that confidence gets built in time, and it comes from actually doing this and losing weight and seeing the progress. It almost seems like a vicious circle, but if we can take that first step and lose 5, 10, 20 pounds, we can build this momentum and get to the point where we are unstoppable! I just had to learn that I had to spend just as much time on the emotional/mental journey (if not more) as I did on the physical journey.

I am finally feeling confident in my abilities to lose this weight, to keep it off, to get healthier, and getting back confidence in myself that I was losing with each pound I was gaining. I actually am starting to feel smaller, and the way I'm carrying myself with more confidence is showing and people are starting to notice. emoticon

Fun tidbit of the day: When I came into work last night, a male coworker (who has lost weight himself through gastric bypass) turns to the girl next to him, who is my friend and skinny, and says "If she loses anymore weight, she's going to have to wear your clothes!" emoticon I just said "I wish", but it definitely made me feel good. emoticon

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