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Mid August Mindset

Friday, August 16, 2013

Here in Oregon we've been enjoying a wonderful summer. Today, though, reminds me that fall is coming. It is cloudy. Still warm, but a cloud cover. Yesterday was cloudy with a brief bit of rain. was 80+ degrees. I can't quite get used to that cloudy but warm weather for Oregon. It reminds me that fall is coming.

This year has been a struggle for me physically and weightwise. I weighed 151.2 pounds last December 5th. Today I weighed 152.4. What you don't see inbetween those numbers are the inbetween times and ups and downs. I travelled a lot in May and June and July. My weighed has been close to 160. Never below 150 although I think I got within site of that a couple of days ago.

To put that into perspective, I weighed 166 in Dec. 2009 and reached an all time low of 134.6 in October 2010. If I tick off my weight since then, it has been a steady climb of 5 pounds or more per year. It has dropped when I took a hard line and really became conscientous tracking my food. I was 139 in June 2011, 9 months later in March 2012 was 147....By Nov 2012 I was up to 153.6....

So you can see it is an up and then down battle. In hindsight, this year has been a "hold the line" year for me weightwise.

But not physically. I am still training for the Portland Marathon, but I have been struggling a bit. I have a nagging achilles problem that actually might be getting better. Now I am dealing with numb toes (that might be getting better, too). I spend time rolling and stretching nearly every day. I ice and stretch pretty religiously. This week my energy level has been fairly low. I'm coming off of a 2 week summer cold (thankfully, that is gone now) and an 18 mile group run last week that was very slow for me (I did lots of walking).

And now I have a 14 miler tomorrow. My goal: try to run (even if very slowly) up all the hills. And only walk when I am taking in some Gu or water. We'll see how that goes.

I am also (mostly) on the South Beach Phase I Gluten free diet for this past week. I should be moving on to Phase II, but I pushed that back a week to shed the weight I gained while attending a conference all week in Nashville the week before. So...between traveling and eating on the road (did I mention that there was hardly any gluten free food available at the conference and that for snacks they had really unhealthy stuff!)...this year has been challenging.

Like most people, when I'm put in front of mounds of food for days on end, it wears down my resistance to it/ determination to eat healthy. I do what I can. But I am not immune to my surroundings.

Next weekend is another challenge: We will be crewing our daughter's 100 mile race in the Cascades. She will be doing this solo and needs all our help she can get. But we too will be up and driving around back country roads at odd hours of the day and night (not running, but finding checkpoints) is pretty exhausting and I am hoping that I don't snack myself into oblivion. But I have to watch it. Fatigue/tiredness/anxiety/slee
plessness can mess up my eating. So I will do my best.

So here it is, a little past mid August.

I'm not giving up on my weight loss goals. I want to get below 150 before October and the Marathon. I'd like to get back to 147. So that is going to require extra attention and tracking on my part. I'm up for it. And I want to keep my goal of running the Portland Marathon again this year. But I will evaluate that goal after my 21 mile benchmark run the first weekend of September. Realistically, if I am not going to be able to finish it in under 6 hours, I am not sure I want to be out there on the course that long. I hope I can achieve last year's 5 hours and 31 minutes. But I don't know yet. My achilles and toes have to keep improving. And my stamina, too.

This is maybe not as upbeat a post as I was hoping for. But my mantra for today (and the rest of the month) is this: Do your best. Keeping reminding yourself that you want to stay healthy, strong and be lighter. It is so worth it!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Sherwood, I read your blogs and posts and I see incredible determination in your run through pain, you religiously do whatever is needed to nurse your wounds, and you go at it with a fiery energy. What happens to that when it comes to your eating? You don't let your Achilles problem hold you back, and not those numb toes either. But a day of difficult food choices sends you down the river. I am not scolding, I just want to point out that the determination to meet you weight goals is definitely in you, but for whatever reason its gotten lost. I remember when you got down to the 130's, and you were so happy. I remember you posting about a size 8, or was it 6, that you had just purchased. What were you doing, feeling, thinking then that you have lost sight of, because it is clearly there inside of you.
    Please do not take this post as criticism...I see your potential for success, and I want you to have that success. So maybe see that handful of nuts as a sore Achilles heel you have to attend to, or those foods you know will put weight on as those numb toes you have to take care of....and then GO GIRL GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sent with affection from Oaxaca1....
    2907 days ago
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