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There Are No Season Passes To Onederland!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

(^This is the Onederland sign I had in my Onederland pic. It hangs on my wall above my scale so I can look at it everyday to remind me that I worked to get here and have to work to stay here.)

As I said in my status yesterday, I was chatting with my BFF Susan, and we talked about how I had a couple rough days and what not, and being the sweetie she is "At least you are staying in Onederland, so that's the best part!" I told her I am finally realizing that there are no season passes to Onederland! It isn't buy a day get a year free! I wish that was the case, and there were a few times my mind started slipping and thinking I didn't have to work as hard.

When I first got to Onederland last month, it was so much fun, I couldn't believe I did it! I just squeaked on in at 199.6 and was worried that I might see 200 in some of my weighing adventures (because sometimes I get on more than once a week). But I was very lucky that I have not stepped a foot outside of Onederland since I first arrived. That is fine and dandy but it also gave me a little bit of complacency. When I first hit it I had 2 kind of "whatever days" and I recently had 2 more "whatever days", but I have to remember that I still need to DO WORK.

My mind plays tricks on me sometimes, it's like it tells me that "I've got this" and lulls me into this false sense of security where I feel like I don't have to work as hard. What drives me crazy about this is, when I started my journey this time, I was committed for life. This was the first time that I realized that you don't "diet UNTIL you get to your goal weight, then eat whatever you want." I realized I had to make permanent changes, that I could stick with forever. I knew that maintaining my weight would take the same (if not more) effort that I was using to lose weight, and I was fine with this. The kicker of course is that I am not even at maintenance. I honestly don't know when maintenance will be... I'm confident I will know it when I see it. I will wake up one day and FEEL that I am at a good weight for myself and that will be when I maintain. But even when that glorious day comes, I still need to DO WORK. My girl Susan is always good at reminding me I have to do the work. I can't let the little gremlins in my mind tell me it's okay to slack off because I've worked so hard for so long.

I am ready to kick this up a notch, I am ready to get the rest of this weight off, no matter how much weight that might be. I ordered Hip Hop Abs and I'm super excited to start that... it looks like a lot of fun and it's definitely my kind of exercise. I don't know if I have shared this publicly in a blog, but after getting to my mystical goal weight, and maintaining for a bit, I am going to have a tummy tuck. I already have the money saved up and it is a choice I have made based on my body, and the amount of hanging skin I seem to have. The "apron" as you will just continues to get worse and worse as I lose the weight. A lot of people say "you'll be fine, it'll go back up", but I can honestly say that seems very unlikely at this point. I was overweight my entire life, the skin is stretched to the point of no return in a lot of places. If I can get to goal and my body magically takes care of itself then yay, but I am prepared financially and emotionally for the inevitable and being privileged enough to have that as an option has taken a huge load off my mind. I don't know that I would be able to push forward as hard with this weight loss if I didn't have that option, because my stomach getting worse and worse would probably start to discourage me. So I'm ready emotionally and financially for that, but I'm not at my goal and so that is my focus to get the rest of this weight off once and for all. emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You are doing great and you have the right mindset! I'd love to hear your review of Hip Hop Abs after you start it!
    2703 days ago
    I know a lot of people love hip hops abs. But remember its your nutrition first before the abs will come out!
    2707 days ago
    I hear you. I tried Hip Hop Abs and it wasn't my cup of tea, too cheesy for my taste. Good for you re: the surgery. When I get to where I think I want to be, if I have the apron thing, it was be a must do for me as well.
    2707 days ago
    I'm trying not to focus on the hanging skin.. I probably won't have the money in the end to spend on it; plus, we've got other more important expenses that really, my husband needs before me [like new dentures, as he's using a temporary partial right now]. I already have sagging skin but won't give up because I know I'm going to feel better if I keep going. (I'm glad because of your youth that you planned and saved for it!!!) emoticon emoticon
    2708 days ago
    You reached a milestone and moving beyond that is always tough! But it seems you are determined to do so! You have come this far, I'm sure you can do it!

    emoticon emoticon
    2709 days ago
  • no profile photo CD11739633
    I hear ya!!
    Good luck!!
    2709 days ago
    Wonderful blog. I feel sometimes we hit plateau's in our mind. We feel awesome and motivated and then something happens and we have to re-motivate ourselves. Good for you, being prepared and knowing that this is your new lifestyle. You got this! emoticon emoticon
    2709 days ago
    Wonderful blog! I am so proud of your progress and your commitment to yourself! Keep up the hard work and you will get to that skin removal surgery!
    2709 days ago
    Another great blog, Stephanie!! You are SO right - there IS no 'Season Pass' to our weight goals. And YAY for planning ahead so you are ready for that tummy tuck if it is needed! You ROCK and you are SO inspiring to those of us out here in SparkLand who are following your journey!! emoticon emoticon You are emoticon emoticon
    2709 days ago
    You can do it!!

    2709 days ago
    You've got this and you CAN and WILL reach your goals! emoticon emoticon
    2709 days ago
    It is so true, it takes constant planning, work and dedication to get there and stay there. I love your sign above your scale. What a great visual reminder of your goal, and you achievement. emoticon
    2709 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13976750
    This is a first class post. Not only are you being honest, you are also showing that you have thought things through. I'm really looking forward to following your next steps and offering any support I can. GO FOR IT!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2710 days ago
    2710 days ago
  • DIRLI8
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2710 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13298198
    Great blog, we all need to be reminded that this is a life long committment and that we have to work for the things we really want.

    2710 days ago
    Great blog! You are so right you can not relax and let them gremlims get the best of you. I to made it to onederland not to long ago maybe 3 weeks or so ago. I have not lost since then so I am being extra careful. Guess I have been lucky that with being on all these antibiotics and steroids for the past weeks that I have no gained. Thank goodness. Just stay focused and keep your eye on the prize!
    2710 days ago
    Great attitude!
    2710 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13354694
    2710 days ago
    For the longest time my goal was to get back below 230, and I did! Then it crept back up on me and I'm over it again. Time to recommit!
    2710 days ago
    Good for you! I have a way to go before getting to my goal, but I worry about the extra skin. My stomach is not bad right now, but my arms and especially my thighs are sagging a lot. I'll have to start saving up so I can get it taken care of too.
    2710 days ago
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