Wednesday Weigh-In and Progress Notes

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Aaaaaand it's Hump Day! Which means...

It's Weigh-In Wednesday!

emoticon Weigh In emoticon

Starting Weight: 119.4

- 7/31 Weigh In: 117.9 (-1.5 lbs)
- 8/7 Weigh In: 115.7 (-2.2 lbs)
- 8/15 Weigh In: 114.5 (-1.2)

Today's Weigh In:

Er ... That would be the same EXACT weight as last week, down to the 10th of a pound. Jeez.

First things that came to mind:

1) DOMS. After all, my calves still feel shot from Monday's ST session.
2) Didn't I add salt to the taco meat last night? I only sometimes eat things with salt now (like once a week?) that just the smallest bit bloats me.

But oh man - WHO AM I KIDDING? Of course I didn't lose any weight this week. When your BMR is only around 1100, you aim to burn 1200 calories a week and then for a day you eat around 3000 calories (not an exaggeration), my weight makes absolute sense. I should just be happy that I didn't gain weight!


What I really need to do now is buckle down and stop sampling my fiance's food.all.the.time because it probably costs me anywhere from 100-200 calories a day. I also need a much better cheat strategy - although I think I would have been fine without that cheesecake because that lead to hurricane of sweets that I could not stop over multiple days. (Btw - I'm on Day 2 of being sugar free. And look: I start sweets again and the weight loss stops. Coincidence? I think not.) And lastly, I need to be more honest with myself!

I'm annoyed but I'm not going to hang on to it. The minute I publish this post, I will be turning a new page and focusing on NOW. It's all I can do, as dwelling in the past is completely useless, IMO.

What's Working:

- Creating new-to-me recipes from ingredients on-hand i.e. Veggie Frittata and Two Ingredient Pancakes
- Making time for SparkPeople - I feel so much less lonely in my endeavor
- Going to bed earlier - sleep is like a magical pill
- Waking up earlier - Some people can wake up and workout right away, but I am not one of those people. It helps me so much to be up for two hours working and doing chores before working out with the dog.
- Blogging! I love having an online "diary." I look back quite often and it helps me in the motivation department to actually see how far I've come.

I Need to Work on:

- NO MORE SUGAR, DARN IT! I need to accept that I just can't handle the stuff.
- My cheat meal strategies... Just in time for another baseball game this Friday :-o
- Drinking agua first thing in the morning (before coffee), as I keep waking up feeling very dehydrated.
- Keeping my emotional stress in check.
- Creating my 25th hour
- Figuring out an ST plan that I am actually excited about

emoticon Morning Mentions emoticon

I woke up super bright and early after going to bed at another decent hour. I am still exhausted - possibly from the emotional stress I'm currently carrying - but it's doable with the sleep I am finally getting.

I started my morning with a cup of Butterscotch Toffee coffee but ... I forgot to take a pic! Prime example of how tired I've been.

(Recycled photo)

Some pics of my furry entourage this a.m.:


emoticon Fitness emoticon

Despite his sleepyhead self, Bruno was excited to workout today:

That's my beast when he heard me grabbing my running shoes. Isn't it amazing how dogs can train themselves? emoticon

On the fitness agenda today:

Um, how about the fact that my dog kicked my boot-ay?!

After all the complaining I used to do about how I thought my dog hated running, I think he's starting to not just like it, but love it. Unfortunately for me, he in particular loves to run uphill. Ha, for me. I typically do not run until my Garmin finishes beeping to do so, but I noticed today that upon the first sound, Bruno is off and running. And if we happen be right before a hill? He doesn't run, he sprints up it. By the time we were done with this workout, I could barely breathe! Upon uploading my stats up into my computer, I found out why: we were running in the 8 minute mile range in the most hilly areas. HOLY DOG! No wonder I felt like I was about to die. *cries a little*

Moral of the story: be careful of what you wish for. I've always wanted a dog to run with, but now that I think I have one, it's more like me chasing him uphill. Talk about spontaneous speed work!

I WAS planning on ST today, but after a busy morning, my body was shot. My calves were still a bit sore in a non-good way and I think my run with Bruno took more out of me than I thought, so I'll postpone it to Friday for now. I think once I get more fit, I will be able to take on a more MW schedule.

emoticon Breakfast emoticon

Today's breakfast was new-to-me: Breakfast Banana Split! I had one very ripe banana that I split in a medium bowl. In a small bowl, I sliced a peach into wedges and microwaved it for one minute. While the peaches were cooking, I mixed together in another small bowl 4 oz of plain Greek yogurt, 1 tsp sweetener, cinnamon and vanilla extract, and then topped the banana with it. When the peaches stopped cooking, I put the peaches on the Greek yogurt - along with the yummy peach juice! I garnished it with almonds and ate the delicious thing. It was so good, I didn't even mind that I forgot to add 1 tbsp of jelly. Yummy brekkie on a summer morning. emoticon

If I could afford the calories, I would top it off with granola instead of almonds for texture. Soon, perhaps.

emoticon Lunch emoticon

Post breakfast was super busy around here, so I didn't have time to get a lunch together exactly. It's a good thing for those boxed salads I have in the fridge!

For protein, I used leftover taco meat from last night's dinner and then added salsa. Wish I remembered the Cholula though... It was good regardless. emoticon

emoticon Dinner emoticon

Chili dogs and fries were on the menu this evening, but none for me thanks!

Instead, I sliced two hot dogs length-wise, then pan fried them until the ends curled. When they were cooked, I diced them and added them into my salad. A splash of balsamic vinegar and my delicious dinner was ready to be inhaled. emoticon I have to say, the raisins in my salad made a nice contrast to the hot dogs.

I also snuck in many, many spoonfuls of the chili. It was good, but very, very salty. (Not made by me) How did I used to eat this stuff and not feel dehydrated after?

For dessert, I took down my usual serving of frozen grapes. emoticon

emoticon Furry Tuesday Night emoticon

After I posted my blog last night of yesterday's events, I caught a couple furry events:

That would be Bruno and Mya laying and hanging out together. Squeee! All I need is for them to spoon and my life will be complete.

The pictures are grainy because I took them while the living room was very dark. That would be my Mya snoozing next to her step-dad. These cats have the life. *sigh*

Well that concludes my day today. I am looking forward to an early night followed by the hardest honksoos I can muster. emoticon

I hope you had a great day, I'll see ya tomorrow!

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