Weigh-In and Progress Notes, New Camera, and My Pathetic Attempts at De-Stressing

Friday, August 30, 2013

Hello there!

So I was supposed to post yesterday but… sleep happened. emoticon

I always feel exhausted these days, but the times that I actually feel like I could fall asleep is so far and few in between that when it started coming on last night, I said “heck with my blog!” and dove for the covers. And slept. For hours.


Here’s what I’ve been up to:

emoticon Weigh-In emoticon

Good news: I definitely lost weight

Kinda bad news: I have no idea how much

You see all those numbers? They were all taken in a span of around ten minutes. It would seem that every time I pick up my scale and weigh myself in a different part of the house – whether it may be my bathroom, kitchen, dining room, foyer – a different number pops up. Hmm.

At the end, though, it really doesn’t matter how much, just that I did, right? Right! Sooo I’m going nail this down as a 1/2 lb loss for now. Yippee!


emoticon Progress Notes emoticon

What’s been working:

* Trusting my body over my mind. My mind can be so deceiving! While under a lot of stress, my mind continuously told me that I wasn’t hungry and that food makes me nauseous. However, when I noticed my hands shaking, my focus wavering, and my irritable levels rising, I ate despite my mind’s arguments and I actually felt so much better. Same goes with when I want to eat more after I’m done with my meal; I make myself wait ten minutes, and you know what? I can feel that I’m full.

* Forcing myself to be “less” Type A. I could have worked out anyway when I had 1000 things on my to do list, but I opted to skip the workout to accomplish my tasks. I did okay with it here and there, but there is always more to be improved in this area.

I need to work on:

* My caffeine intake. It’s been so hard to get quality sleep around here that I’ve been using coffee and Diet Coke as a crutch to get through my day. About once a year, I tend to switch from coffee to green tea for about half a year before I start to crave coffee again. I may have to make that switch, but until then, I really need to make sure I don’t drink more than one Diet Coke a week.

* Managing stress. Ugh, I am so irritable these days! I wish I could just take off to some island somewhere. I may make it a mission this weekend to do absolutely nothing but hike and spend quality time with my man and my doggy.

emoticon Wednesday Morning Mentions emoticon

I tried to “sleep in” until about six, but some morning madness concerning my man and our coffeemaker caused me to get up earlier. It’s okay though, because getting up earlier means that much more added time to my day. (Ha, how’s that for thinking positive!)

Vanilla nut coffee with soy creamer. Just what the doctor ordered. Spot the cat and dog! emoticon emoticon

emoticon Fitness emoticon

On today’s fitness agenda:

A new week, woo!

Though doable, the five minute runs felt like five hours. Bruno did okay (he did exceptionally well sprinting uphill with me chasing him from behind – ack!), but I was dyin! I was so happy when we were done finally.

It’s so weird: I’ve done the C25k program so many times, yet each time I repeat the program and come upon a new week, it still feels as mentally difficult as it did the first time. Anyone else get this way too?

emoticon Breakfast emoticon

Those beautiful bananas I bought last week at Costco are turning brown quickly, so you’ll see me repeat the Two Ingredient Pancake a few more times. I can’t believe I went from not being into this breakfast to having it almost every day. Love the protein punch!

In the pancake mix: four egg whites (taken directly from eggs), one small banana, cinnamon, and a splash of vanilla

In the Greek yogurt mix: 4 oz Greek yogurt, 1 tsp sweetener, cinnamon, and a splash of vanilla

Topped with a banana slices from another small banana.

Result: YUM.

emoticon New Camera emoticon

Sometime after breakfast, I decided to take a break and do something fun: play with my new camera!

We actually bought this Tuesday evening, but I was so tired and stressed that I didn’t even want to think about touching it until my to do list for the day was done. Although did have a ton of things to do today, I was feeling almost at the top of my “can’t take this anymore” and opted for a break.

Some practice pics I took with my new toy (still figuring out the flash – I hate flash!)

So weird on how comfortable I feel not wearing make up or doing my hair in just about every picture I post on here daily…

emoticon Lunch emoticon

Today quickly became a busy day when we received word that a prospective buyer wanted to see our house Thursday afternoon. Getting the house ready for pictures was one thing (you can always hide dust!), but having people come over and scrutinize your home? Gahhhh!

Thanks to stress, I didn’t feel hungry, but my body told me in its own ways that I needed food. I decided to whip up something with a ton of protein:

I made an impromptu veggie egg white omelette with 1 cup egg substitute + a boxed salad, and topped it with salsa and Cholula. Fantastic!

Hey, you want to see a blooper? Here it is:

Where there’s food, Bruno will always be nearby.

Post-lunch was a little weird. I think between exhaustion, stress, and finally feeding my hunger my body became overwhelmed and shut itself down. I remember feeling like I had to lay down, and before I knew it, I somehow awoke on a pillow that I’d drooled all over? (eh, sorry for the TMI) It was not a nap by my choice, but it managed to supply me with a slight zap of energy to help me continue down my long To Do list.

emoticon Dinner emoticon

Later in the afternoon, we did a bit of house hunting. The houses we saw were so depressing that I almost asked my fiance to stop by a gas station for me to buy two bags of Gardetto’s. What saved us was the brisket cooking itself pretty in the slower cooker at home – saved by the brisket!

That would be tender, moist brisket with a stewed carrots, steamed green beans and bucketload of cauliflower rice (seasoned with garlic powder, onion powder, salt and pepper). Best.Dinner.Everrrrrrrr.

My brisket dinner was promptly followed by frozen grapes and then some good, hard zzzz’s. *happy*

emoticon Thursday Morning Mentions emoticon

I woke up extra bright and early this a.m. in anticipation for the first showing of our house! I was so anxious about all the things I had to do that I was actually the first one up, i think. Now that never happens around here, at least not in the last couple of years.

(By the way, the term “bright and early” is so deceiving, as the sun was nowhere near up! It was more “dark and early.” Just a thought.)

Coffeeeeeeee, get into meeeeeeee. Spot the cat! emoticon

Some happenings around the house this a.m.:

Where there’s fur, there’s action around here. emoticon

emoticon Thursday Breakfast emoticon

There was no fitness today because I was too busy! Plus, my entire morning was spent wiping, mopping, dusting, lifting, stashing, and pushing, so who’s to say that isn’t a workout in itself? emoticon

Two Ingredient Pancake … again. Yup. Let’s just say I’m making good progress on those bananas. emoticon

emoticon Lunch emoticon

Lunch didn’t get eaten until very late – like 3 pm late! – because of the noon showing of our house plus some work I had to do. I probably would have went through the day without eating lunch, but I forced myself to eat. I sure am glad I did because it turns out I was pretty hungry!

One of my boxed salads tossed with balsamic vinegar then topped with shredded chicken thigh and ground black pepper. Delish!

And guess who was waiting patiently nearby while I took my food pics?

If it’s not Bruno, it’s ways Zack. Always one or the other with these two.

Some afternoon shenanigans:

That would be about how I look when i’m tired, stressed and anxious. emoticon

emoticon Dinner emoticon

So here I was – 4 pm and alone in the house at last! – with big plans to veg on the couch, eat some dinner, blog and then maybe pass out when I got this text about how someone else wanted to see the house in two hours.


Just when I put my house back together, I flew off the couch to put my house back into showcase condition, wiped down things that I touched, re-swept the floor (three pets shed a TON of fur in just minutes, especially against a dark wood floor), and re-stashed my entire life back into cabinets. I nuked my dinner and flew out the door just in time with the dog. (Kitties stay at home)

That would be my lovely leftover brisket dinner that I would have loved to eat on a plate but instead ate out of a plastic container in the car a block away from my house.

Such a glamorous life.

By the time I finally made it back to my house, fed the dog, and put the house back together, I was BUSHED! And a bit peeved that I’d been going non-stop since 5 am until I sat down at almost 8 pm. I tell ya, when we end up selling this house, I am going to hold my own private dance party with my animals and then pass out for 14 hours. Big fancy plans there, you just wait!

And yes, frozen grapes did follow dinner. emoticon

Well, those are my two days! I hope you are had a happy, healthy day. See ya tomorrow!


P.S. Posting pics of my house tomorrow emoticon
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  • no profile photo CD14126107

    My scale does the same! If I weigh myself in front of our apt. by the windows, I've gained 2 pounds, if I weigh myself closer to the door of our apt. It says I lost 2 pounds. I'd like to say I lost the two pounds. Hehehe.

    Wow, I felt like I had a work out just reading all those activities. LOL.

    Nice house!

    Good luck with the house-selling. Good job with the weight loss!
    2737 days ago
    I will try those pancakes myself this morning. I might sub in some pumpkin puree for the bananas, and add some nutmeg gratings, 'cause I missed the banana sale. emoticon
    Thanks for all of your sharing pics, I hope you get a lot of joy from the new camera!
    2741 days ago
  • LUVS2BIKE101
    You have me re-thinking my plans for this upcoming, rain-predicted weekend. Early morning start-ups, pancake breakfast, slow cooker meals, and produce shopping for great salads! Thanks for the much-needed motivation!
    2741 days ago
    I love your pictures..Your animals are sweet. Your meals look yummy and healthy. You look great. What a great two days!

    I hope your stress goes down. Your exercise will definitely help. Good news on the half pound down.

    2742 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/30/2013 7:31:45 AM
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