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September Goals - Super Fitness for the next 10 weeks!

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Happy September Sparkfriends! Here is a short blog about my goals for September!

I reached my August goal of 1300 minutes - barely !!! I got 1328 for the month of August. Since I will be doing so much exercise this month, I want to reach a goal of 1500. Of course it is the 3rd already, and I am slacking BUT I should be able to do it!! I didn't get to play tennis, but I did try Frisbee golf and indoor archery! They were both very fun! I should be able to reach my goal with cardio kickboxing twice a week AND 5k training AND maybe pilates with that too! I won't have a lot of free time to do nothing, but at least the exercise is ME time!

My next 5K will be 10/26! I will need to do a lot of training. Two of my friends signed up with me, and I definitely want to keep up with them. One never did a 5k before, but she walks & runs a few miles almost every day! The other friend has done one 5K before and she is starting her training again. The cardio kickboxing will help with my endurance, but it definitely is much different running for 3 miles straight compared to kicking a bag for 5 minutes and then taking a 1 minute breather. I do notice that I catch my breath much faster now, and that is with kickboxing only once a week!

It has been tough staying away from dairy. So many random items have milk or cheese in it. Even random things I eat like Fat free Parmesan ranch croutons or my favorite dressing - Light Parmesan Peppercorn! I didn't get any results from the Dr yet. I will have to call Friday if I don't hear anything yet.

I am still so close to my weight loss goal - but I can't seem to get below 158 anymore. If I stay 160 or under, I will be happy. My stomach is still flubby, but as long as I keep exercising and eating mostly healthy, I am content! My life has changed so much over the past two years. My lifestyle is certainly different! I used to play video games every night, and I never exercised. Now, I go to a class at least once a week, and I am trying many new things which involve exercise!

September Fitness & Food Goals:

-Cardio Kickboxing Mon & Fri for 10 weeks
-Pilates - Wednesdays, maybe?
-Train for my 5K 10/26
-Get at least 1500 fitness minutes this month
-Try new recipes (without dairy)
-Stay under 160 pounds
-Keep tracking my food
-Eat less french fries & tortilla chips & other junk snack food
-Stay positive the best I can
-Eat on a semi-normal routine so I don't get as grumpy

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