To clarify, I'm not completely against junk food or think it's evil, I swear!

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

So I feel kind of bad...I *did* come off rather cranky in my last blog about National Bacon Day. And now I'm going to ramble about it some more! So fair warning to you - this is going to be another long and boring sort of blog.

So I'm not particularly against the concept of bacon or junk food or treat food or whatever. I eat some kind of dessert every day, and it ain't always whole-wheat-oatmeal-organic-da
-butter. :) I guess my problem with "National ____ Day" is that A) I don't like making a holiday purely to boost sales that benefit an industry's profits; holidays should be for the celebration of something REAL, like Father's Day or the Fourth of July or Veterans Day! and B) I don't like that these industry-driven holidays are prioritizing their profits over people's health. It's like making a "National Cigarette Day" or something to me (although perhaps a bit less gross than that would be) - people can smoke if they want to, but let's not make a party out of it. With National Bacon Day or National Donut Day or whatever these things always are, I guess my issue is that I am very uncomfortable with being actively encouraged to think of something that isn't actually good for me as some kind of thing to celebrate purely for its own self, its own existence, just to boost business profits. I totally eat donuts. I would eat bacon more often, if it didn't kind of gross me out to know the general fat-to-meat ratio. I just reserve things like that for treats, and I don't like some industry telling me I ought to eat them just because that industry designated a particular day to celebrate its own product. I think it's less that I'm anti-treats and more that I just don't like being told what to do. :) Especially when what I'm being told to do is eat junk food; I will indulge, sure, but on my own schedule! And then I feel uncomfortable with all the other people out there who haven't started on a healthy lifestyle trajectory themselves getting this kind of pressure. I used to be susceptible to this kind of thing and take any excuse to eat something unhealthy. But it just isn't good for anyone but the high-ranking people running these industries, so it seems really selfish to me - push people to eat more of something they might not otherwise have thought to eat any time soon, and sacrifice their health (because over time, all these Days add up!) just to boost profits. I am all in favor of people eating anything in moderation; I've had people talk to me about my dietary choices and assume I don't eat anything fun and I tell them that oh no, I eat treats all the time, in a way - I just watch the portions. (Though the whole pregnancy thing is making that a bit tougher these days...but I try, and I do okay on the whole!) But a lot of people don't understand portion control and moderation. Given the obesity stats, most Americans seem to fall into this category. If we were all a nation of people who were easily capable of "everything in moderation" then I don't think I'd mind this sort of thing so much.

I guess I am totally being an individual version of "the nanny state." LOL I don't want industries telling me what to do, but I sure want to tell THEM what to do! So I have thought and thought about this kind of thing, and I still just don't like the idea of encouraging a behavior that in some people would be totally harmless but in most of my fellow Americans is a poorly or uncontrolled vice that they need some support in overcoming, not encouragement to indulge in.

And now that this topic, which is really not THAT big a deal, has been given way more time and opposition than it really deserves...I'm off to finish my salad and PBJ, take a walk after work, eat my vegetable barley soup dinner...and then totally eat leftover cake and candy from my baby shower. But because I choose to, not because someone gave me the excuse that it's Black Bottom Cupcake and Fun Size Heath Bar Day! :)
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    I find that everything boils down to some corporate hack making huge profits off of human suffering in all ways, in all things.

    So, if it's a matter of Smithfield making some extra money because more people eat BLT's or breakfast for dinner because it's bacon day, while its not great for anyone, it's better than the slow grinding grinding march through the industrial war complex we are all being forced to pay for.

    I understand your view.

    Mine is simply that there is very little joy in life for millions of people, especially right now, bacon day or cupcake day or any day is better than 'we are declaring war' day or we are 'cutting all funding for preschool" day, etc. Small potatoes in the big picture of what is wrong with this country. :-(
    2643 days ago
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