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Thursday, September 05, 2013

Hello and Happy Hump Day already!

Aren't short weeks great? One day in and then - BAM! - it's already Hump Day. Reminds me of when I used to work 10-4 shifts - every week is a doable week when Friday is *that* close!

And even better: after an indulgent long weekend + Tuesday, I am BACK on the wagon and ready to rock. It was fun eating whatever I pleased and sleeping 14 hours a day, but now it's back to how I want things to be: healthy, less bloat-y, and ready to take on the world. emoticon

emoticon Morning Mentions emoticon

Ugh, it's been hot hot HOT around here.

I know, I know. It's August, isn't that normal?

Last night, we thought it was peculiar that we were still a sweaty mess even with the AC on. When I went to look at the thermostat, it showed that the room was still 83 degrees! I ended up dragging a dusty fan to whirl the air around the room a little. It didn't completely solve our problems, but it at least made it somewhat comfortable enough to sleep. (FYI, it would seem that cats dislike fans, as neither slept with me last night)

Six years ago, I moved from inland LA - where it gets atrociously hot - to the beach and experienced deliciously moderate temps that flowed nicely between 60s in the winter to low-to-mid 70s in the summer, save for the last two weeks in August and first two weeks in September when it would "roast" to the upper 80s. And every year since then, I'd die a little when it'd hit this time of year and I would silently cry a little at how much of an oven it'd feel when I'd step a toe outside.

Kind of crazy considering I went to college in Santa Clarita, where 100+ degrees was considered a day in the life ...

After a somewhat uncomfortable night of sleeping, I woke up dark and early and started my day with a cup joe. Spot the cat!

By the way, is this not the thinnest newspaper ever?

You would think that with all that's going on with the world - Syria, Egypt, India, etc. it would be at least three times thicker. *scratches head*

emoticon Fitness emoticon

I almost didn't take the dog with me on my workout because he did this all morning:

But then as I started to gather my things together, he perked up:

Okay, Bruno! It looks like you're coming with after all.

On the fitness agenda today:

My first run/walk in a week! The dog and I did okay - it was hot. Actually, when I say that it was hot, I mean that Bruno and I are spoiled creatures who do not appreciate running when it's 72 degrees and humid (at 8 am); we are more ... 65 degrees perhaps? At any rate, I was sweating like a pig in the sun and Bruno thankfully didn't race up every hill and instead trotted along with me. We survived.

I will say though that I sorta missed running, but missed running with Bruno more... And I think he did too! When I went to grab my sneakers, he quickly went towards the front door in "position" for me to put the collar on him. He is usually good about waiting for me to be ready to leave, but today the minute I opened the door, he jetted out with me flying behind - straight out of a comedy. Ah, I love this dog. emoticon

emoticon Breakfast emoticon

Yesterday's Two Ingredient Pumpkin Cookies was such a success that I decided to try the original Two Ingredient Cookies: banana + oatmeal.

In the mix: large banana + 1/2 cup oatmeal, chopped + cinnamon + vanilla extract. (No sweetener, being that the banana was already deliciously black) Bake 15 min @ 350.

Verdict: It was good, but it didn't make me go gaga like yesterday's cookies. I think it needed something ... like nuts or chocolate chips. It was also considerably wetter than the pumpkin cookies, so I could have added a tad bit more oatmeal or baked it for another five minutes.

By the way, check out these babelicious nanners:

Hubba hubba! They are just begging to be made into banana bread, muffins or some sort. I may just have to whip up a Two Ingredient Pancake for brekkie tomorrow just to taste these beauties!

emoticon Fitness II emoticon

With my new September goal in mind, I fit in a little ST today.

I wasn't totally prepared on what to do today, so I just pushed a few buttons on my Nike app and did the Sweat + Shape program again. Can I just say that after two weeks of no ST, it kicked my bootay? Not as much as the first time, but I was panting and sweating up a storm! And just to let you know how sweaty crazy I must have looked, the dog came into my little room and started panting just watching me. No joke!

Post ST, I completed a relaxing stretching sesh... And OMG - I am so excited to tell you and show you: After almost a year of working on the plow pose, I can finally touch the floor with my toes! Check it out:

Umm, sorry it's crooked; I couldn't exactly turn my head in this pose to take a proper pic, heh. I also promise I look way more graceful and my back looks straighter when I'm not trying to take a pic. Well, actually I'm not so sure, since the position doesn't allow me to see very well, but it's just my brilliant deductive reasoning. emoticon

Flexibility was always one of my weakest points. I love the craziness and rush of furious aerobic activity that stretching seemed like a waste of time to me. As a result, touching my toes for a long time was a distant reality. Fast-forward a few years and not only can I touch my toes, I can press the flat part of all my fingers on the floor and am now working on getting my palms down there too! The down dog was also one of my nemesis moves and now my left heel can press firmly onto the floor and the right is about half an inch away (maybe 100% by the end of the year?). And now the plow... This is all absolutely breathless to me, breathless.

emoticon Lunch emoticon

Mid-day meal was to be on the road, so I chopped up a hard boiled egg and tossed it onto my last boxed salad:

By the way, my experiment of placing the spinach leaves on top was a success. Even today, a week later, the leaves were still crispy and fresh-tasting. Glad that little problem of soggy spinach was easily solvable!

emoticon Dinner emoticon

I had plans this evening to have dinner with the girls - so much fun gabbing and catching up with them!

While I waited for them to come over, I snacked on a container of frozen grapes - PERFECT to cool me down on a hot day.

As for my meal, there is no pic, but here are my wins for the night:

* I skipped the wine! (I was driving anyway)
* Knowing that my meal was going to be... HUGE, I skipped the appetizer salad.
*I created my own pasta by sub'g out the noodles for mixed vegetables, adding turkey Italian sausage, and ordering Marinara for my sauce. Delish!
* I skipped dessert when I noticed that they did not offer any sugar free items or fruit.

I did, however, eat a bunch of bread with butter ... And oh was it good. That was my only cheat for the evening!

By the way, I typically do schedule in a cheat meal when I'm out having my monthly dinner with the girls because I'd rather have a great time with them instead of focusing on my calorie counting for the evening and I'm one of those weird people who eats when she's happy (and these girls make me deliriously happy so...). However, after an indulgent long weekend + Tuesday, I was so over eating all that high caloric food and eager to eat healthy again. I am so proud of myself to not let my good time get away from me and pig out like my usual self!

emoticon Scenes From Today emoticon

I hope you had a GREAT day today, and if you didn't, hold on! Tomorrow is Thursday which mean Friday is almost here. See ya tomorrow!

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  • PROT358
    So jealous about that plow pose! You are flexible! (And fit too!) I think I'm adding that to the bucket list . . .
    2839 days ago
    Yay for getting back on track! You are doing great!
    2840 days ago
    2840 days ago
    Glad to hear you are doing well. Your blog is the best ... 'hubba hubba' bahhahaha I'm still cracking up. I starting pre-making my salads and it's been a huge success. So much more convenient and time saving.
    2840 days ago
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