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Life is moving forward. I can't let myself be left behind!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Wow Sept 13th already. Friday the 13th! Oooooo! I wouldn't mind seeing a black cat though, because they are adorable :)

Sometimes it seems like I am stuck or dragging my feet even when I am moving forward on paper. I have a lot of goals right now. I am reaching some of them, but I don't feel like I accomplished anything after I get there. I don't want to keep adding more goals, because I KNOW I Won't be able to complete all of them. But then again, I want to feel more satisfied. I am trying to learn to be happy with what I have! There are a few BIG goals I want in my personal life, and I think not achieving them may be causing me to hold back a little bit. The inner stress is causing me to not be 100% happy with my life! I know I just need to relax and let time take its crazy course, but that isn't easy! One day and Some day plans are nice to have, but not knowing when it will actually happen drives me a little crazy.

For most of you that don't know me that well - I made To Do Lists for my To Do Lists! I like to plan things, and I make sure they get done. When I cross things off any of my lists, I feel better. There are some things I would love to do now, but it just isn't possible! For example, I want to move out of my parent's house and get my own place. I have been researching, but it will still take a while before it actually happens. Even though I KNOW it won't be happening today, I still do not like the fact that it has been on my Overall To Do List for a long time now! I would like to change how I feel about having big things on my List, but I just don't know how to do it! Some days it doesn't bother me, but other days like today... I just feel funky & I don't know how to fix it!

I haven't given myself any rewards lately because I can't think of anything to give myself that doesn't cost money. Even though I could do food as a reward, I already know my limits and I do have "bad" foods randomly as long as my stomach can handle them. I tried giving myself time to relax, but usually I find something to do during that time anyways! So I am a little stuck about what to do as a reward. Will a reward even help me feel better about achieving my goals? It used to but, maybe it won't now...

Most days I am perfectly happy with how my life is now-a-days. I deal with my stressful situations without freaking out. There are many things I cannot control, and I try my best to handle it maturely! But some days like today... I am moping around a little. Nothing different happened to make me feel this way, but I do! I tried all of my normal pick-me-ups, but nothing helped yet!

I think I need to hold on tight to the crazy life train and hope for the best. Hopefully I can learn how to do this! I don't want to miss out on anything while feeling off! I don't want to get rid of my goals, but I also don't want to think they mean nothing!

Hopefully kickboxing will help put me back on the right track. Maybe I am just missing my exercise! I may not reach my 1500 fitness minutes goal this month, but I won't give up now just because I am behind. I see other Spark members getting 2,000 and 2,500 minutes already! 2500 minutes in 13 days comes out to be 192 minutes per day. I am glad they can do that much, but I just don't have the time to do that much without it interfering with my normal routine!

Sorry for the funky blog. Maybe some of you have some advice or suggestions on what I could do? Thanks for all of the support! I appreciate it :)

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    I am glad your life is moving forward! You have a beau ti ful journey ahead of yourself, Kimp!
    2798 days ago
    Free treats:

    Get together with a friend and paint each others' nails

    Go visit an animal shelter and pet lots of dogs/cats

    Look for free aps to play with

    Do seasonal decorating in your room

    Go for a noticing walk, the sort I took with my grandmother. Count how many different wildflowers you see.

    Treat yourself to a picnic in a park with or without company. Surely you have financially strapped friends too.

    Get together with a friend and corn-row each others' hair. I did this once, and the third girlfriend we dropped in on screamed when she saw us!

    Make a list of everything you can think of for fun that's free. Good luck, and have fun!

    2801 days ago
    I only track fitness minutes that I really feel I have worked for - i.e. swimming, jogging, dancing fast, strength training and heavy work in the garden. I try not to compare myself to other People, because overall everybody is in a different situation. I often reward myself with Spark Goodies - they are fun, can be meaningful and I have earned them in a non-monetary way! Dancing to funky music in the sitting room often helps me to get out of dark places! You have come a l emoticon ong, Long way - there is light on the horizon!
    2802 days ago
    Some goals do take a lot longer to complete - that's what makes them all that much sweeter when one finally achieves them.
    2803 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7773457
    The wanting to be on your own is a sign that you have grown up and that when the time is right you will have no problem leaving the nest.
    No money rewards ... I use to call them extra play time things you would loved to do as a child a picnic some where special, go to a new park, take time to do a "junk" crafts to give at the holidays or maybe it is time to replace rewards with finding a life passion. Time to explore those things in life that made you stop and wonder how do they do that and then find someone willing to trade or barter you the knowledge. Life is full of so many interesting things to do. Time to put your explorers hat on and head out the door. You can do any thing. Have a great weekend. Hugs Susie
    2803 days ago
  • DALID414
    How about breaking down the Overall To Do List into smaller goals that will ultimately lead to the big picture?
    2804 days ago

    I think we all go through phases where we are less content with our methods of doing things. I don't really have any advice except to keep your chin up, and keep trying to find things to do that make you happy.
    2804 days ago
    I think at some point, reaching the goal itself IS the reward, and an external reward like food or a new pair of shoes isn't needed. Since you're a list-maker, I'm sure you have a list of things for when you move into your own place. Maybe you would find it satisfying to work on some sort of arts or crafts piece that you would be able to use in your future place, like a quilt or something for the wall? It wouldn't have to cost much, if anything, but would be sort of a tangible symbol of working towards your goal. I read somewhere that if you really want a long-term goal, to do at least one thing towards it each day, and maybe this would fit. Just a thought because I know you're a crafty type.
    2804 days ago
    I am happy with a min here and min there by the end of the day it adds up
    2804 days ago
    Just remember those high numbers for minutes might be skewed if they have a synced fitbit. I often reach 500 minutes the third day of the month but I certainly didn't workout 166 minutes a day. I've tried un-syncing it but I didn't like that either. I know that doesn't help your overall duldrums right now but it does add a little perspective.
    2804 days ago
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