1/2 lb. = 5 inches? and the dinner hubby made

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Last week I did great! Ate well, exercised like crazy, only lost a half pound, but I measured and last month I lost five inches of my waist!!! How does that even happen with only a half pound lost in the last six weeks? Must be building muscle? Well- I am A-Okay with losing only a half pound if it means five inches off my waist! (plus 1" off hips, 1" off upper arms, 1" off thigh, and 1/2" off calves!)

I was feeling good, super motivated... then Monday my motivation disappeared- I ate junk junk junk... Tuesday didn't start off much better. We'd had McDonalds for dinner Monday and honestly I was planning on just picking up Taco Bell for dinner Tuesday. Ya- motivation gone. Anyways, Mike must've sensed I was spiraling because after he asked what was for dinner and I said "nothing sounds good- I'm just gonna pick up tacos" so he volunteered to cook something...

Check out what he made! Grilled steak, steamed purple cabbage (from our garden), steamed summer squash (also from our garden), roasted and pureed acorn squash, and sautéed onions and mushrooms!
It was soooooo good! And it ended my short detour off the healthy road. Detours aren't the end of the road, they're just part of the journey. And maybe they make the journey a little slower, but who says it's a race?
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