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Saturday, September 21, 2013

I have made alot of changes in about one month's time. On the BL Lime Summer Challenge, during the last week (about a month ago), we had a "word" challenge. We were to think of a positive/uplifting word and post it, and what made us think of that word, then share how it changed your day the next day. Well, between reading the words of others and my own, it was like all of a sudden I was awakened from my slumber. I realized I had not been dedicated to me, my dreams, my life and once I realized that, it fueled my desires to see my dreams come to fruition. I wrote a blog August 29th about how life was about to get busier... that was me taking the first steps to being dedicated to me, to life again!

It's like one step led to another and another and another and here I sit almost a month later and it's like my entire mindset has changed and I'm not sure how it happened! This whole morning routine thing seemed to almost happen by mistake as I don't recall consciously thinking "I need a morning routine" until it began to happen. Sure, in the past I would say I needed to get up earlier, and could never stick with it. Or, in the past I would want to do something, know I needed too, but it was such a struggle and now, it's like change is happening in lightening speed for me even though I am taking babysteps!

Here are some of the changes over the past month...

~ I used to sleep until the last minute before I had to go to work or whatever, I would get Jonah up at 6 for school and go back to bed. Well, one day as i was walking down the hall to get Jonah up, the thought occurred to me... "I might as well stay up, because if I am gonna be a sub, I will have to get up earlier than this anyway! So, i started getting up at 6 and drinking coffee and what have. A few naps here and there, but I got used to getting up. Well, then I thought, since I have to get up earlier to sub, why not take this time to get used to it? So, then I took the time to 5:30. I really struggled with staying awake all day that first week at 5:30, so decided to take two weeks at 5:30. It got easier and then I started feeling "unaccomplished". So, I thought about it and my friend was getting up and going to the fitness center each morning, so I told her I was going to get up and exercise right away each morning. In the meantime, on the Lime team we had started our walk 100 mile challenge and someone had mentioned Leslie Sansone. I did her video one day to get a mile in and then for some reason, skipped it a few days and then all of a sudden, when I told my friend Susie I was going to exercise in the morning, it became a commitment.

~ Then, I noticed I was feeling really sick and yucky about an hour or two after working out, took me a few days and talking to others and Susie to realize, it was breakfast I was missing. So, then I tried to start eating breakfast, missed a day or two, then it became a priority. Susie also asked me if I was drinking my water because of my headaches. About the same time, it was pledge week on the Limes, so I pledged to drink more water. Now, I find myself limiting my pops, almost as if I decided to, but it's like an automatic response almost.

~ Next came getting up at 5am... really rough the first couple of days, but I was getting up, exercising, and eating breakfast routinely. I still felt kind of sick and not "with it" and I had thought eating breakfast within 60 minutes would be good (I saw it online). Then, my aunt, (who is knowledgeable in all this) told me to eat within 30 minutes of getting up and you burn more calories. So, here is the new schedule: Up at 5am, dressed to exercise, breakfast, exercise. After a solid week of exercising every morning (except Sunday) and drinking more water (and finally starting TOM), I lost 8.4 pounds and don't you know that has fueled me even more!

There are more components I want to add to my morning routine, such as hitting the shower as soon as I finish exercising and spending more time with God before I head out the door to start my day. This will require me getting up earlier, or cutting out some PC time, especially on days I sub, but I am getting there slowly.

Today is Saturday and I decided to sleep in 2 hours and got up at 7, I STILL ate breakfast and exercised. In fact, I did 2 miles instead of just 1! :) The plan is to (for now) keep my get up time at 5, maybe sleep in some on Saturday and Sundays AND, I don't exercise on Sundays, that's my one day of rest and I plan on doing the 2 mile video one day/week while doing the 1 mile the other days and eventually work up to doing 2 miles every day.

Anyway, I am rambling now, but I have gained alot of confidence from this. Soon after I decided to start staying up on my own, I read something I shared on here about layers of behavioral change and how it's about becoming the person you want to be or viewing yourself a certain way and that has helped to cement what I am doing! I have always been a night owl, but now, I am becoming a morning person. In fact, somewhere during the getting up at 5:30 I started to LIKE being up in the mornings. I was shocked on Thursday, it was a day off, I did not take a nap and I going all day long, busy, busy, busy, BUT, I felt like I was alive, and ABLE and I wasn't wishing I had the day to just relax, I was excited to be able to be so busy and still feel alert and present.

I have also noticed that there is more time in my day and am looking at doing some projects I have put off for years. Of course, when I sub all day and work all night, the energy and time will be sucked away, but you usually do not sub EVERY day and I will have some days off from DGM.

You know, it seems that things have changed suddenly for me, and it really seems/feels like lasting change. However, I don't think it was really all that sudden. I think it was years in the making, all the times of trying and failing and learning and trying again and listening to different viewpoints and then suddenly, it took root, like reading the bible, the same passage many times and then one day, it changed your whole way of thinking. It was never giving up hope for change. I gave up on me a few times in the process, but I held on to that sliver of hope that one day it would come to fruition. Everything isn't how I want it, and I have fears that I will let this newfound routine that feels like freedom slip away from me, but I keep thinking about how far I have come, about my successes and how much farther I will be NEXT month!

I truly feel like the sleep has been wiped from my eyes and I am awake for the first time in a LONG time. I will admit, that when the alarm goes off, I often want to go back to bed, but I just say, "Come on Shan, you can do this!" I remind myself that it does not take that long, and then I can have a reward, like the PC or a cup of coffee, or talking to my friend Susie or whatever and by the time I talk through all of that, i have used the bathroom , put on the clothes I laid out the night before and am putting on my shoes, well, i might as well stay up and do it at that point, right?

I hope this was not too long and that is was halfway logical to read, haha!
Hugs to all,

P.S. I have noticed that since I started exercising, I am eating better and I like feeling good, so I am eating to FEEL better MORE than eating to lose, how crazy is that??
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    emoticon emoticon
    2748 days ago
  • -LORI-B
    Oh Than.. this is truly amazing. I am so happy for you. I sorta had same realization this year when I finally started dropping weight. Now will take advice from you and start finding routines that work for me. Am happy for you girl! Hugs
    2748 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2783 days ago
    Great Job on what you are doing. So proud of you, and yes it takes a lot of trying and failing to get to the right mindset, and actually be ready for the change. I am so happy for all you have accomplished!
    2805 days ago
    This is an excellent blog. I am really proud of all the changes that you have made for yourself. I know that you are going to reap the benefits. It is definitely showing on the scale. emoticon
    2826 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13423281
    emoticon This really spoke to me Shannon. I am back today for the first time in a long time and I am feeling many of the same feelings that you are.
    I loved this.....'' I think it was years in the making, all the times of trying and failing and learning and trying again and listening to different viewpoints and then suddenly, it took root''

    So happy for you!
    2827 days ago
    Shan, I am SO proud of you! You have taken the phrase DO IT NOW to heart and have made so may new habits as 30 days help make your habit!!I am not a morning exerciser but so glad you are getting it done.

    I KNOW having more confidence and waiting something to happen is a great motivator. I get the spark quote of the day on my phone. today it was about getting rid of doubt as doubt can take away your confidence. Sounds to me like believing in you ahs really help also!!

    emoticon emoticon

    Can't wait to see how your confidence moves you forward in the next month.
    2829 days ago
    Awesome job, Shannon! I am so so proud of you! What awesome changes. Mind set has a lot to do with it! Please Please, keep up with the great work! You will be blessed with marvelous things beyond anything you can comprehend right now, but you will understand in time exactly what I am talking about, but you will be blessed.
    2829 days ago
    I absolutely LOVED reading this blog, Shan! You can tell the difference in your attitude! You got this, girl!! emoticon
    2829 days ago
    2829 days ago
    It gave me the chills to read this, Shan. So HAPPY for you! I have always been fascinated by that key that suddenly turns, & wondered why it turns when it does. You are right, it's a cumulative process with many, many components, but the turning of the key is a mystery of the Spirit.

    May you continue to find your mornings filled with blessing!

    emoticon Lots of love to you.
    2829 days ago
    You are doing great, Shan!
    2829 days ago
    Wow! I am so very proud of you! Now, I need to get in a mindset for me! Lord Jesus, please help me!

    2829 days ago
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