The Cost of Not Joining Spark People

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Hi Gang.

Just a note to follow up on IndyGirl's latest email blast.

I can offer you the male perspective of her story as of this writing I'm down 252lbs. based on the benchmark we established when I went to visit my orthopedic surgeon. I think though that the number is actually a bit higher but 252 is nothing to sneeze at.

Fortunately, I did not have to deal with maladies such as diabetes and fibromyalgia which is quite miraculous, but the other challenges such as OA, Joint failures, back problems and the like I have had to endure. Presently on 9/25/2013 I am going into the hospital for my 5th knee replacement, in fact my 4th knee replacement prevented me from attending the June SparkRally in Indianapolis.

Paying the price is what we are always doing when we carry to much weight around. We pay the price in so many different ways.

When we think about paying the price, the number one category that we think about is the cost of food, clothing, housing, transportation and medical care, you know the obvious stuff.

But what about the not so obvious stuff? You know things like our emotions and mental well being, which has an impact on the number one category.

What about our friends and family and social life or lack there of? What is the impact on the number one category?

And how about our jobs or careers? Are we where we could or should be because of how we look or our skill set? What is the impact on Number one?

You know I could go on and on but why flog a dead horse. We all know the answers to the questions, that's why we are all logged in here. The truth of the matter is that we all know that we have a challenge that we need help to overcome and if there is a better way than what we've done in the past and there is evidence of success, sign us up.

The success stories documented in the thousands upon thousands of SparkPages lay testament to the fact that WE have a system that works, as long as YOU WORK THE SYSTEM.

In my case I lost the vast majority of my weight in 20 months. The key to my success, commitment and dedication followed by sensible eating and exercise. Nothing complicated, no lotions, potions, pills, dangerous surgery or magic.

Simplicity at its most basic level. A plan that anyone can follow, who really means it. What I have achieved is not something that requires any special talent or skills, just a desire to achieve a goal and a doable plan, SparkPeople.

There are no excuses, the cost of doing the program is nothing because there is no sign up fee or dues, so what's in your way. You're reading this so I know you've got internet access. The invitation is ours the choice is yours.

Stay Healthy and Stay In Touch,

'Big' Dave,
We're In It For The Finish,
I Can Go The Distance
The Goal Is In Sight
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