A Little Bit Depressed

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

But not so depressed as to stop eating or stuff my face with every Nutty Buddy bar in the house.

Unfortunately, I have been slipping in my workouts. I have to get back into it slowly because of my hernia and asthma, but damn I think I've gotten a bit too slow. I have been doing a bit of strength training or cardio (not both) for most of the days of the week plus stretching. I have been eating better, and adding supplements where my nutrition is lacking. BUT, the lack of support from the person that matters most, my husband, is really getting me down. He's got health problems, very overweight (okay, morbidly obese at 280#), smokes, eats Little Debbies like I am supposed to eat lettuce, drinks three cases (yes, folks, three CASES) of Pepsis a week. He does the generic "very good" when I mention something about a compliment from my GS co-leader or how far I've walked that day. IDK, maybe I'm "too needy" for a compliment from him. I just see myself in the mirror and I'm disgusted. I wish that my husband would throw a compliment my way without having to use the cattle prod. All the people in the world can tell my I'm doing a good job or that I really look like I'm making progress (yes, it has only been a month so there's no real progress yet, but still...) but if the one person that matters most does not say a word, it doesn't matter. I could eat myself into a diabetic stupor, but because I am trying to impress upon the kids the importance of healthy eating and physical activity I will not. I will press on, not only for my health but also for my kids' health. And, maybe one of these days my husband will look at me and say "damn you look good!" ~sigh~
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    No depression for you, GF. It's not allowed. Seriously, you are too important to everyone.

    Where's that hubby of yours? I'm going to have to shake some sense into him! LOL. Men are notoriously like this. I don't think they even have a clue what to say 3/4ths of the time.

    Stay on track and take care of yourself and do this for you. Hopefully your hubby will come around. emoticon
    2788 days ago
    Try having a sit down talk with him. I struggle with support from my significant other but for different reasons. He has never had a weight problem (he eats all junk food ad never works out and still has a six pack- he's like a freak of nature) But we sat down and talked about the support I need. First of all he admitted he hates commenting on my weight because he feels like if he says I am looking good now then maybe I will think that he thought I looked bad before. Also he said that my diet, exercise and weight can not be so consuming that I am talking about everyday when we talk (he says I obsess sometimes - he is probably right). So we worked out a system where he and I set up little inexpensive gifts he can get me when I reach certain milestones to celebrate. But an open and honest conversation really helped us. Also perhaps your husband does not say much because deep inside he sees you changing and it makes him feel less good about himself. Keep doing positive things for you and your kids and try to have an honest conversation with him (be sure not to be accusatory- try the "I feel..." statements. Those are just my suggestions but most importantly keep your head up girl!!!
    2788 days ago
  • TIGGER2094
    You better believe it! I refuse to allow myself to go back to the completely sedentary lifestyle to which I have become accustomed. It is a struggle to find the time to work out, but anything is better than nothing. I am striving for ten minutes a day of strength or cardio, plus stretching. It would be better to do more, but it's something.
    2788 days ago
    The will power to do great things comes from within and we always hope to get motivation from without. WHAT YOU ARE DOING MATTERS. I completely understand the desire to want kind words from the most important person in your life. Whole heartedly, I understand. Still don't falter if this is important to you! Even if he doesn't say words of encouragement, don't let that stand in the way of becoming a healthier. Reach out to your family, friends and Spark friends for positive reinforcement if you are not getting it at home. The other alternative is to talk to him about it. Either way don't give up!

    emoticon emoticon
    2788 days ago
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