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Tarot Card + Zodiac signs Meaning = WOW

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Hello everyone, I just received my weekly Tarot Card and it was interesting on how it related to my Zodiac sign..Let me know if you agree with what they reveal about you and your sign. By the way, I am an Aquarius and it is spot on for me.

My weekly card was..Ace of Wands (provided by Lotus Tarot)

It's a card of feminine strength and power. The symbols of faith and grace are very important aspects of this card: if we align ourselves with the greater good, we don't need to fight aggressively for what we want -- it comes to us gratefully and easily.

This is the essence of "following your bliss."

What does this mean for you and how can you apply it to your own life? I see the Aces as "Mars" type energies -- not the forceful, aggressive aspects of Mars, but the more creative dynamic aspects. With that in mind, here are a few areas that each of us -- through our Sun or Mars signs -- might funnel that Ace of Wands type energy:

Aries: High energy or daring activities, anything that gets your adrenalin pumping: martial arts, entering a marathon or climbing a mountain, para-sailing, sky diving, etc. pursuing a career in law (or law enforcement), military, politics; making and checking off a bucket list, taking risks, facing your fears, being "first" at something.

Taurus: Working in business, banking, payroll, finance; getting in touch with nature, craftsmanship: working with raw materials (minerals, gems, flowers, wood), decorating, remodeling, building, gardening, landscaping, singing or doing voice-overs, cooking, design, becoming an epicure or connoisseur, body building, endurance training.

Gemini: Sales, teaching, writing, speaking, stand-up comedy or improv, multi-tasking, working with your hands: magic, juggling, piano, etc.; fashion design, marketing, advertising, merchandising, social networking; working with facts and figures, mentor-ing adolescents and teens, getting involved in your neighborhood or community.

Cancer: Owning land, buying or building a home, taking care of loved ones, having (or working with) children, adopting or fostering a child, working with families in crisis; researching your family history, writing your memoirs,flipping houses, building a nest egg, taking a cruise, traveling via motor-home.

Leo: Creative pursuits: theater, drama, dance, music, performance art, etc.; getting involved in the entertainment industry (stylist, publicist, agent); designing jewelry or working with hair, makeup and fashion, taking on a leadership role, becoming a life coach or motivational speaker, empowering others; practicing self-love.

Virgo: Working with computers, internet or technology (programming, web design, repair), quality control; efficiency or service-oriented industries, health care: nursing, dietitian, mental health, studying astrology, numerology, tarot; going raw, vegan, organic; finding your "calling"; volunteering at an animal shelter, adopting a pet.

Libra: Creating beauty -- art, music, fashion, etc., forming a partnership; working with balancing head & heart, career & family, self & others; pursuing a degree in law, mediation, counseling or fine art; working in public relations, human resources or graphic / interior design. Teaching etiquette; finding your soul mate or "other half."

Scorpio: Playing the stock market, pursuing a degree in psychology or medicine (oncology, trauma, abuse, assault), estate planning, criminology, etc., hospice, working with domestic abuse or rape victims; research and analysis; getting in touch with your sexuality, learning to trust, forgiving those who've betrayed you; merging with another.

Sagittarius: Traveling to -- or living and working in -- other countries; studying religion, culture, foreign affairs; learning another language; pursuing a higher degree; embarking on a spiritual journey, going on a safari, communing with nature and the great outdoors; lecturing, public speaking, publishing, tutoring. Animal husbandry.

Capricorn: Starting a business, building a brand, delegating responsibility; studying history, architecture, archaeology, paleontology, physics; appraising property and antiques; working in construction and development, management or authority positions, as college professor, working with the elderly; dentistry, chiropracty.

Aquarius: Working with computers and technology, engineering, science, astronomy, math, quantum physics; social work; social justice, fighting for equality, devoting yourself to a cause; studying astrology or metaphysics; being a social activist; organizing group events; studying weather and earth changes; humanitarian pursuits.

Pisces: spiritual pursuits, volunteer work; working with those less fortunate; pharmaceuticals, drug testing, bartending; drug counseling; film-making; music, photography, poetry; meditation; psychic pursuits; animation, dream analysis; forgiving yourself and others; learning unconditional love; practicing random acts of kindness.
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  • no profile photo TOMAQUITRO
    That's interesting this one
    opo-diario-gratis/ is horoscopes spanish is a great web page for all of this thinks.

    522 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/1/2019 8:44:26 AM
    I loved this blog. So very interesting. I have several very good friends who are Aquarians, and very filled with vision, talented psychics who are very comfortable with their skills. Interesting and incredible people they are!

    I am a double capricorn with a pisces moon ANGELHEALER.
    I have a lot of Pisces in my chart, and I find my path seems to lead me always in that direction.
    I am the most unmaterialistic Capricorn I know.
    Although a lot of the qualities do fit, I am so not about business and climbing the coorporate ladder-I gravitate toward Metaphysical work and Art. I am very anti corporation.
    In Palmistry your astrology sign and aspeccts show all over your hand.
    As a double capricorn you'd expect to see an Earth hand on me, however I have a very elongated Water hand.
    Is all very interesting. I am lost when I read the daily/weekly horoscopes, Capricorn does not always fit.
    I'm not sure you can help explain any of ths away.....have you ever met others with a similar dilemna?
    2777 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3528530
    That's interesting, Angel, thanx for posting this!
    2779 days ago
    I am also an Aquarian and can relate to most. I also took the liberty to check my offspring's (Pisces, Taurus & Sagittarius) Zodiac and the meanings are amazingly close to their lifestyles and dreams.

    Thank you for sharing. It's so good to see you again. Hugs

    2779 days ago
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