I'm Back!

Monday, October 07, 2013

Hello all my friends at SP! It is so good to be back and be among you. I have missed being here, and have miss the accountability. However, I am grateful that I have not gained any weight during my sabbatical, but with that being said, I feel I have missed a month and a half of not losing as well. Being offline (which was not a decision to do so, but circumstances beyond my control that made it happen) drilled into me very deeply that I need SP! I can't manage on my own without being here daily.

I need to be able to track my caloric intake daily, and I am spoiled by having all of my favorites foods right there at the click of my mouse, and dwa-lah, the nutritional tracking pops right up. This is important to me because I no longer have a nutrition book in which to look up nutritional and caloric values on food. And I love the end of the day pie chart so I have a visual of what I have done that day. Yeah!!!!

I also love the weight tracker. The graph is great and lets me have a visual of what I have been doing. I hate to see that graph go up even one pound, and so it serves as an incentive to continue to work hard to keep the graph coming down.

The exercise tracker is so valuable as it allows me to see each day what calories I have burned for the week, and how much more I need to burn if I want a regular weight lose.

I also love to track my SP points. It has become a game to me. And while I love to post to the game rooms, it is in me to make sure that I have received enough points doing other things as if the game post were not even included. For me it is an easy out to post to games just to receive daily points. I do it for fun, not for the points. That is why it is important to me to watch videos, read article, and be involved in other things to get those points.The articles and videos are so valuable that you can't put a price on them.

I am a visual and hearing learner. I need both things to stimulate my brain in order for it to stick. That is what I love about the articles here on SP as well as the videos of nutrition, exercise, and whatever else is available.

SP is such a wonderful and fantastic site with so much love and dedication put into it so others, rich or poor, short or tall, Asian or Latino, over weight or wanting to stay fit can all benefit from. SP is a place for all people all over the world no matter their geographical location, their disability, or their ethnic background. SP is for ALL PEOPLE, EVERYWHERE! Where else can you find this principal in place? Very few places.

Thank you SP for bringing this venue to the world to help people all around the world to become fit and stay healthy. You are truly a life saver for many.

It is so good to be back!

Love and Peace,
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