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My Dr says I don't have to lose more weight?? but....

Thursday, October 10, 2013

If I don't lose more weight, I will still be considered Overweight on the BMI scale & waist measurement test. The scale at the Drs office showed me at 165 the other day (it could be because I ate breakfast and lunch and had a lot of water before the appt or who knows). When I was last there 2 1/2 years ago, I weighed 250. The Dr was amazed and said I don't have to lose more weight because I lost so much already. Honestly, it didn't bother me at the time, but now I am a little disappointed with what she said. She kept saying she was so proud of me & how did I do it. I told her about SparkPeople & my custom diet and exercise routine. I also mentioned my goal weight was 155 & she responded saying she will be happy if I stay at the weight I am at. But... I won't be as happy. Since I joined Spark over 2 years ago, my goal has been to reach and maintain at 155 at the highest weight. I will be disappointed in myself if I can't reach it especially since my weight keeps fluctuating a few pounds every other day.

Part of me is wondering - Are Doctors OK with Overweight now and only want people to stay out of the Obese category? I am so proud & happy with how much weight I have lost so far, but in my mind I am still "overweight". I would like to be NORMAL on the BMI scale. I don't want to be at the lowest end of 140 because I have so much extra flub/skin/yuck on my belly! But I would like to be 155 or even 150. I am pretty sure it is possible because I used to weigh 155 seven years ago. Just because I look like a normal size doesn't mean I am healthy enough!

I understand the BMI scale isn't truly accurate because it is based off of EVERYONE and not individuals. That is why I would like to be on the high end of their range. The scale is •Normal weight = 18.5–24.9 and I am at 26 right now. I don't see why trying to reach 155 would be impossible for me! I am not a size 2, or 4, or even 6, so I am not starving myself. I am still a size 8,10 or even 12 on pants depending on the brand.

Another way to test for being overweight is the Waist Measurement Test: •A non-pregnant woman whose waist circumference is more than 35 inches.
My waist is at 36 - so I am right at the borderline there. Maybe it is all in my head, but I just really want to be within the ranges - I am so close!

Is it wrong of me to not be 100% happy with my weight even though I lost so much? I really think I can reach 155. I was at 158 a few months ago, and I really think this 5% challenge will help me. My boyfriend is going to join me and do some of the goals I set for myself. He already gave up french fries & tortilla chips because I am doing it too. I am proud of him for wanting to do it for himself. It makes me happy that he wants to join me in making healthier choices!

This morning the scale said 161.8. Not too bad. I will have to weigh myself tomorrow morning and use that as my official 5% weight (I won't be around on Saturday morning to use the scale). One day I would like to be on the maintenance part of this challenge - but I have a long way to go because I get there!

I went to the Flyers hockey game with my boyfriend after the appt. They finally won a game! I am not a huge sports fan, but I do enjoy watching a hockey game. The games have a lot of action compared to football and baseball! A friend lent me a Jersey I could wear, and it was a size XL. It was huge on me! I felt so skinny in it haha. At least it kept me kinda warm because it was so cold watching!!!!!!

Anyways, my 5K race is rapidly approaching!!! 10/26 will be here before I know it. I am excited about this 5% challenge starting on Saturday. I have a few team buddies, which is a lot of fun already! I seem to work better at achieving my goals when I have someone cheering me on & I also like to help do the same thing. I would really like to lose the 5% this time! If I continue to make changes to my diet, I think I will get there. If not, I won't be disappointed - I will keep working towards my goal!

I need to keep Sparking over the weekend. It is always tough on me during the weekends because I have so much going on & I normally don't have access to a fridge full of what I normally eat. Have a great rest of the day!

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    I think you know what your body is capable of. Being at 150 will not require starvation, but it may take you awhile longer to get to than someone who is just starting at 160 (although I'm sure you know that already!). As people have said, your doctor is giving you encouragement, and that's great.

    You should NOT be disappointed in yourself... but I've been there. Most people experience it when it comes to major weight loss. You have done fantastically, and you should celebrate the positives! Here's a good start: at the hockey game, how did you fit in the seat? Isn't it amazing how different it is now? When you climb stairs, or just move in general, do you even think of it? Didn't it used to seem daunting? Revel in things like those while you're waiting to get down.

    I relate. I have gained weight (not even from my goal, just due to not keeping to my healthy habits in a weird situation) and I want to beat myself up... but I know that I have done great, and I'm in better shape/health than I was a year or so ago. That's encouraging. I think one of the hardest parts in weight loss is learning to be nice to yourself.
    2764 days ago
  • no profile photo CD9394210
    Her comment was probably meant so that you could stay at that weight.
    So many people have too much of a hard time staying at a lower weight and then give up and gain it back.
    I'd say do whatever you feel comfortable doing and staying at a healthy weight,

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    2768 days ago
    Well I'm going to be the only one to comment to this part of your blog....."GO FLYERS!!" emoticon
    ha ha that is my favorite team!! Small world!! I actually have an old jersey from when Eric Lindros was captain!! I agree it's such a fast paced fun game to watch..good for you!

    Good luck with your 5K and 5% Challenge,,I know you'll ROCK both of them!! emoticon emoticon
    2772 days ago
    I understand...and I hate it when someone who has the type of influence a Dr has says something LIKE THAT. But I think what you are faced with is WHAT MATTERS MOST TO YOU.
    Is your Dr's approval/disapproval what you will follow?
    Is fitting into what the BMI scale says that important?
    Is what you see in the mirror, how you fit your clothes most important?
    Is the number on the scale the real prize?
    It could be a combo of those things. And the truth is it is up to you what you feel is best for you.

    I know for me I have been influenced by what people said...and it didn't always turn out good for me. At this point I have managing what people say, how they react to my weight loss (A PLAN) as part of my success. My voice inside my own head being the loudest one I listen to.

    Keep up the good work.
    I started at I KNOW how far you have come.

    2773 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/11/2013 1:24:59 PM
    I think it's great that you are deciding what is good for you based on health.

    Doctors are faced with many people all day and many have a lot of trouble losing weight. Some don't even try. For this reason, she's probably excited to see that you took the initiative and you've been successful. Also, many people are healthy at a little higher weights.

    Like you, I pay attention to the recommended waist measurement. I think you're being smart.
    2773 days ago
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    2773 days ago
    Look at it this way... your doctor is "satisfied" because you are so much healthier than you were before, and doesn't want you to feel like a failure for not getting to your goal (YET).

    You are shooting for "optimal" - the best you can be. More power to you! I'm sure you can do it.
    2773 days ago
    Just go for the weight you feel is good for you! You have lost so much already, that the 5% challenge is a good thing to focus on to go from "looking good" to "feeling just right!" Stick to your plan, girl!
    2773 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12380606
    I really understand what you are feeling here. I have such a long way to go myself, but everyone around me keeps saying "oh, you look perfect now!" when I know I'm not quite at an optimally healthy weight yet, you know?

    I sometimes think doctors might be getting used to how heavy our society is getting as well. My old doc was seriously concerned for me (and rightly so! High triglycerides, over 100lbs overweight,etc), but he's been the only one so far that's actually spoken to me and said, "Hey, you need to do something about your health!" My new doc just says "Oh, you are doing great! Good job!" without any sort of direction! LOL

    I know about the waist measurement thing, too. I have to do it every year as part of the employee screening for my husband's job. We have a health screening every year, and if we both hit the company's "healthy" ranges, we get a deduction off out health insurance. We never hit the goals, but I am closer this year! The place that chick takes my waist measurement is totally off, though! They are trained to take it 2 inches above the belly button, but not everyone's waist is there! It is wherever your body bends when you bend your waist. Mine is pretty high! So, my waist ratio is always off because she doesn't believe me about where my waist is :P I'm sticking by that!!!

    And before anyone starts talking about how bunk BMI is and all that.. I COMPLETELY understand you there! You and I both know that it isn't the most accurate measurement of a human being, but it's nice to feel "normal," so I really want to hit the upper end of my normal BMI, too! For my height, it's 145. It feels difficult right now, and I know that the more I work out, the farther I'll probably be from hitting that number due to just.. like.. muscle density and stuff, but I completely understand wanting to be in that normal category.
    2773 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8522718
    If you want to lose 10 more pounds, do it. I would do what my plan is, not what the doctor thinks I should be at.
    2773 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12063550
    Just make sure to maintain a healthy body fat...the bmi scales don't measure that....
    2773 days ago
    I think doctors must be worn out from seeing so many people who are obese and either can't/won't lose weight, or lose it and then gain it back, that they get pretty excited to see a weight loss success story like yours. I think maybe your doc just felt like she would be discouraging if she said that she'd like to see you lose additional weight after you've already shed an astonishing 85 pounds, and she wanted you to know that you've done wonders for your health already. I agree with the other poster who said that she didn't tell you NOT to lose more, and I think your goal of 150-155 is totally reasonable, and you should go for it! Your doc will be even more impressed next time.
    2773 days ago
    The BMI scale is neither an evil scale, it is not irrelevant, it is not perfect. They wanted to come up with a simple way of measuring body fat that could be done in a doctors office. They came up with the BMI scale. It requires knowing only your weight and your height. These are both easy to measure..

    Ultimately it's up to you to decide if you want to loose some more weight or not.

    How do you feel, is your blood pressure good, are you eating right, are you exercising.

    Great job on your weight loss.

    2773 days ago
  • KIMPY225
    Thanks everyone. I originally picked the BMI weight as my goal because that is the last weight I remember before I started gaining a lot. I don't think 155 would be unhealthy for me & I definitely wouldn't be stick thin! My Dr didn't say I should stop losing weight, but I still have more to lose and I would like to continue to be healthy! Other people told me to stop losing weight because I "look good now" but that never bothered me. I figured a Doctor would have said that weighing less would be good but it wouldn't be too harmful if I stayed at this weight. I will try to reconsider my goal, but I really think I would feel much better losing a bit more weight. I still have some room for improvement in my food choices! If I am at this weight forever, I won't beat myself up too much for it because I am happy I have come this far & I know I am making pretty good choices. I just really think I can hit that goal weight. I am 5'6. I have a big frame, but I think I can still lose a bit more!

    Thanks for the support! The BMI isn't accurate, but I have this gut feeling that I can get a little bit healthier & smaller than I am right now!

    2773 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/10/2013 4:29:26 PM
  • FRAN0426
    Congrats on a job well done thus far. I don't think your doctor meant you shouldn't lose any more weight, she is thilled with how far you have come. If you would feel better losing a little more weiggo for it. Best of luck to you with the rest of your journey.
    2773 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12112311
    You are simply amazing! emoticon
    Do what makes you feel good.

    2773 days ago
    oh my good ness that is totally fab - you wonderful person - my dream for the doc to say - " stay as amazing as you are" haha - but im so far from that point emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2773 days ago
    First off congrats on your weight loss so far!!! What an amazing accomplishment! Secondly BMI charts are absolute garbage they are meant to be used as a general guideline they don't take into account body composition at all they in no way differentiate between muscle mass and fat! My sister and I are the same height but she is stick thin with what I tease her is a gymnast body where I am curvy I have wide hips and a large chest she weighs 98lbs at 5' and my goal weight is around 135ish for me that would be a healthy size even though its technically still considered overweight for my height but I have weighed less than that in the past I know it's not a healthy weight for me I didn't FEEL good when I was that small but a BMI chart doesn't differentiate between her and I it gives us both the same range even though we couldn't be more different. BMI charts, weights and even pants sizes really don't tell you the whole story. Even at my smallest at 115 I couldn't get bellow a size 8 pants its just the way I'm built did that mean I should have kept losing weight until I could get into a size 4 or 2? There's just no way my butt would ever be that small! Should you stop losing weight? I don't know I don't think you should ever stop trying to be healthy and if losing weight is a by product of that then great. But I think at this point maybe you need to stop focusing so much on the scale, it's just a number. I say hide the scale work out eat healthy feel good and enjoy life :)
    2774 days ago
    Wow! Impressive weight loss! emoticon Sad that your Dr wasn't more supportive of your goals.

    I agree that you should keep that goal of 155 front and center. emoticon emoticon

    Looking forward to the 5% Challenge starting!

    2774 days ago
    I agree with the previous comments... you should do what would make you feel successful. I think people (like your G-ma) just want you to be healthy and happy, they don't realize the subtle sabatoge they may be doing.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2774 days ago
    definitely go with how you feel and what you think your body can do! It will be so amazing to see yourself succeed! Great job!
    2774 days ago
  • no profile photo CD14148396

    I think that some doctors expect too much, and some, too little.
    "Go with your gut" is my advice, LOL. You know your body best.

    Definitely unrelated, but when I get in a certain weight range, about 10 pounds lower than I am now (in the 150's and I am only 5'2) people begin to warn me about losing "too much weight". I wonder if there's some subtle sabotage there. They don't want people to become "too successful".

    Keep doing what you do, Kimmie baby!!

    Love, Ginger
    2774 days ago
    Forget the doctor! You need to decide what is right for you. I am happy with my own weight at 160, but in maintenance I fluctuate between 156-160# I like it here. My orginal goal was 175, then 170, then 165. You will know when you get there.

    2774 days ago
  • DALID414
    My previous Dr (when I had insurance years ago) would down play my weight by saying I was barely in the over weight category. I'm guessing if you're healthy (not on daily meds or in some sort of pain) they don't really bother telling you to worry about your weight. I took it upon myself to lose the weight anyways. Do what feels good to you, make yourself happy with you.
    2774 days ago
    You have done an amazing job. Don't focus on the scale or a number, just live a healthy life. :)
    2774 days ago
    Now, did the doc say that you *shouldn't* lose more, or that she would be satisfied if you did not? There's a bit of a difference.

    My interpretation from your blog is that the doc seems to feel you have met the "minimum standard"... if you lose more, cool, but you don't HAVE to in order to be healthy.

    Does that tape test take height or body structure into account?
    2774 days ago
    You've done amazingly well and it's awesome that you have your eyes on a goal. Just remember, that the BMI scale is not an exact science for indicating obesity. Sure, it's a guide but it isn't perfect so try not to focus TOO much on something like that. Instead focus on how you feel and being the healthiest person you can be. Your health and happiness are what matter here and not a BMI rating!
    2774 days ago
    What is your waist size? Edit: Oh geez lol I read your blog better LOL Anyhow, I've heard that in order to not be in medically in danger know health wise (for heart disease, diabetes, cancer, other problems due to weight) then you have to be under a 37 inch waist. You look skinny in the face so if you are under a 37 inch waist, which you say you are 36 inches, maybe the doctor's are satisfied with that even though you are still overweight you are kind of a healthy overweight medically speaking lol

    But I say if you want to try for 155 go for it.. why not if 155 puts you at a good weight on the BMI scale.

    I'm a 44 inch waist.. so I have a ways to go still for my personal goal and to meet that medical goal.
    2774 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/10/2013 11:57:39 AM
    You have done an amazing job of weight loss! emoticon You get to decide when you are on maintenance mode. Enjoy the Fall challenge! We are here for you! Hugs, Laurel
    2774 days ago
    I'm not so sure that everything a doctor tells you should be etched in stone. I've heard my own doctor tell me things that are contradictory to my own research and experience. I respect them, but realize they are not infallible.
    From your words above, I think you've got a good idea of what's right for you. Go ahead and continue to lose that few pounds, you certainly aren't going to me emaciated by doing that.
    Good luck.
    2774 days ago
    I don't know if I'd say it's wrong that you're not happy with your current weight. As long as you're being realistic and not thinking that 155 is some magic number that will make all of your feelings fall into place, then, hey: go for it. emoticon
    2774 days ago
    The BMI scale is evil. Do what makes you feel happy and healthy.
    2774 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7773457
    I dislike weighing in for figuring BMI for the fact it doesn't take my muscle mass into play. You can be a body builder, by BMI standards be obese and yet have a very very low fat ratio in your body.
    Years ago I had a similar talk with a Dr. and looking back I think he was trying to get me out of "dieting" mode and into just living healthy. The waist size could still be off due to extra skin from dieting. What kind of measurement do you get when you suck it in. Years ago I had an appointment with a dietitian that had me do that and also did the test with a machine to figures my body fat. ( The best way to test is still the water test.) I thought at the time I was still a bit heavy but in fact I had a very low fat percentage.
    Focus on eating healthy/balanced, improving your running and work outs. Don't let a number of the scale take over your life. Enjoy your life and racing. emoticon

    2774 days ago
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