Almost had a heart attack....

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Almost had a heart attack when I opened the mail today.

Got the Benefits letter for my DH's medical insurance for next year. He is on Medicare so this is the secondary insurance which pays 20% of the 100% total.

Keep in mind that Medicare charges are reduced by a LARGE amount, so that what gets billed to the secondary insurance company is minimal at best.

Last year he paid $20 monthly for health insurance. Next year it's $160 PER MONTH.
Called the Benefit office and they said it's because of rising medical costs. Get real!!
Medical costs have always been rising. THIS IS ROBBERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can't wait to see what MY premium will be. Since I started working (and subsequent retirement) I have never had to pay medical insurance. Our company was self-funded and BCBS or UHC just administered the paperwork. (DH worked for the same company after all the divestiture, mergers, OK it's the old Bell System/AT&T.)

It wouldn't be so bad if we had to pay health insurance premiums for all those years, but this was something the company offered its employee in the "old days".

Waiting for Medicare to inform us of what their AFFORDABLE premiums will be.

Total premiums:
2013 = $230 per month
2014 = $530 per month and who knows how much higher.

We do we start to cut?
Cable TV
landline phone (which is tied to house alarm)
eating out
entertainment (which is minimal now)
lower thermostat in winter (already at 60 degrees and using a room heater and blankets)
raise thermostat in summer (already at 78 degrees)
vacations might be a thing of the past
cell phone (already on the cheapest plan)
already have one car that gets 50mpg
cut back on Christmas and Birthday gifts (never spend a lot anyway)

What will people do with skyrocketing AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE that have real limited income? Some months there is no "wiggle room", no matter how well you budget.

Hope they work things out in the Congress and Senate. WE CAN'T OPT OUT.
The little guys always get the short end of the stick.

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